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  1. Ignore that last post from me, I figured it, I just didn't have the "[" selected for optics. Simple. Anyway the only thing bothering me now is that I don't know how to get the Turbo input as "-[NUM]++ [NUM]" What do I need to press to get that?
  2. I'm very new to DayZ and Xpadder having just bought the standalone yesterday and I'm having a lot of fun using my Xbox controller instead of K&M, being a console gamer it's a lot better for me. I love the setup and most things seem to be working fine but I do have a few questions. For the brief period that I had an M4 before getting killed whilst spawning in, I tried to test the aiming controls and found a few things that I'm not sure are right, when I held in the left trigger the gun did not aim down sight and came up with the reload menu thing instead, I've retried the setup on xpadder and haven't been able to find a gun since changing it, so I'm just wondering if the setup looks correct to you? Thanks in advance for the help