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  1. Lorraine Miller, (Rain for short) is a happy young woman that was living with her Fiance, James Warden, in the sunshine state, Florida. She was in college studying to become a registered nurse but decided to take a year off to plan and prepare for her wedding with James in France. James had very wealthy parents who were able to fully cover the expenses of the wedding and sent a private jet plane for her and James to scout the perfect location in France for the wedding to be held. During the flight to France, something very unexpected occurred, the jet plane ran out of fuel, mid air. The plane crashed in Chernarus, but luckily Rain survived the accident. A piece of her was gone forever, as she realized her Fiance did not make it, the pilot also passed. Rain was stranded in Chernarus, not knowing what to do. She walked miles, injured, until reaching a town, only to find out that the town had been destroyed. Blood everywhere, vehicles wrecked, and no signs of human society. Very confused she came across a person limping, making strange sounds. As she approached, the person turned around, and in that moment Rain realized exactly what was going on. She has seen them in movies, and she has seen them in shows, zombies. She ran from the zombie and hid in an abandoned house. Crying and in disbelief, Rain is now alone in a zombie apocalypse. She may have lost her Fiance, but she still has her family back in Florida. She is a strong woman, who is now in survival-mode and will do anything in order to stay alive and find a way back to her family.
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