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  1. Being born into a fanatic cult known as "The Church of the Dark Maiden", located somewhere in Northern Germany, Erwin never had much freedom outside of his studies and training. The church believed that the Maiden would one day bring about the end of days, where only the strongest and most staunch believers in her ways would survive. Her followers would study traditional Germanic Paganism, and much of the Nordic and German histories, along with keeping themselves in peak physical shape from a very young age, along with attempting to press cannibalism on the more fanatic of believers, with mixed results. Over time the Church became more and more militant, keeping to themselves mostly, besides a few disappearances from local towns (mostly farmhands and young children) but becoming very well armed and quite well trained, though with outdated Soviet and German equipment ranging from the early 1930s to the Late 1970s, anything newer is foreign to them. Erwin over time, grew weary of their isolationism, and though being a very firm believer in the Maidens teachings, decided to bolt on the night of his 21st birthday, taking nothing but his early model Kalash, and a backpack full of foodstuffs and camping gear. Erwin had always been quite kinda hearted and loved to help people when possible, but he was always quite torn between his "Mother's" teachings, and his good heart, with many times the evil side winning. He was never outright violent, but given an opportunity, he may slip fully into such a fanatic state, becoming more and more fanatic as the Maidens "End of Days" prophecy becomes true in his eyes. He made his way to Wilhelmshaven, and stowed away on a cargo ship, unaware of the current world on-goings due to such isolation, with the intent on spreading the Maidens teachings wherever he ended up. Little did he know, he was about to come face to face with what possibly be the Maidens so called "End of days"
  2. I'm quite new and I just wanted to say hello! And that a new religion may possibly be on its way to the shores of chernarus..
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