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  1. Tim trained to be an air traffic control in the military academy he attended; After graduating in late 2009, he moved to Chernarus with his brother on a mission to help those who were injured and, for Tim, often directing traffic at either the northwest or northeast airfield. At the height of the outbreak, he was separated from his family, and moved to Balota while they remained at their home near Kamensk. -It should also be noted that in the academy he was trained for medical and hostile emergencies, and solo navigation and gun maintenance are hobbies of his.
  2. Frank was born and raised in a small town in Israel. He went to school for dentistry, but ended up studying economics and real estate in cooperation with his younger brother. After hearing of the civil war in Chernarus, he and his brother (and their little sister) decided to head there in attempt to monopolize. Needless to say, they had no idea what was to come to Chernarus as the entered the country. Also, it doesn't really matter, but Frank spent 16 years practicing the Chinese yo-yo. It was a complete waste of time.
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