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  1. Husky11

    Battle of Altar Hill *Working on it*

    Chernarussian Forces: Name: Daniel Ryder Clan: None Nationality: British/Russian Grandparents PLEASE NOTE: Chance of Death, Do you consent?: Yes
  2. Name: Daniil Vasily Raikov Rayder (Даниил Васюки Райков Райдер) Eng: Daniel Ryder Nickname: Husky (Хуский) Clothing/appearance/misc.: Park Ranger Jacket, Short Beard, Bandage Around Knee, Sometimes a Park Ranger Cap, Backpack, Black Boots, Blue Checkered Shirt, Brown Dress Pants, Finger-less Gloves. Hometown: Zelenogorsk Age: 28 Height: 6'5" Weight: 62kg Eye Colour: Heterochromia. Left Eye: Green, Right Eye: Brown Hair Colour: Brunette Other Pre-Outbreak Profession(s): Detective In The United Kingdom Demeanor in Three Words: Friendly, Shy, Survivalist. Job before the outbreak: Park Ranger in Chernarus (2 years before Initial Outbreak) Daniil Vasily Raikov Rayder was born to a Russian family who lived in Zelenogorsk (Зеленогорск) his father, Adamska who is a member of the Chernarussian Defence Forces. And his mother Ludmila, a tailor for the locals. As a teen his father taught him how to shoot bolt action rifles, specifically the Mosin Nagant, when his father left, Daniil looked after his mother and took up animal hunting with his friends and took the fur to his mother for coats. After graduating from Elektrozavodsk University, Daniil was forced to move to the United Kingdom due to his family being harassed by a corrupt group of Russian Soldiers, Daniil vowed to become a Police Officer in the city of Birmingham to try and bring law upon his return. It was here that he translated his name into English so he could be Daniel Ryder for his own safety, he became a vital asset to the Police Constabulary when a Russian Gang started a spree of Murder, Extortion and Theft, for this Daniel was promoted to a Detective Sergeant and was the primary interrogator for the Operation. It was here where he left the force due to stress and moved back to the Motherland to be a Park Ranger in Chernarus, where he got the nickname of Husky for saving people from avalanches in the winter. Daniel was present in the woods when he was sent to investigate a report of people eating live deer, this was his first encounter of the Living Dead, he rushed back to the Ranger Station and noticed it was empty, His father's Mosin Nagant that he kept in his office was stolen, all the Ranger Patrol Vehicles had been took, So now Daniel must trek into the newly christened wasteland, alone, in his journey to find his family.
  3. My girlfriend ordered a professional gaming headset for September (My birthday) so that's why I should get it by then.
  4. Hello i'm Husky, DayZ veteran. I just got bored with the Killing on Site and no Post Apocalypse RP IGN: Daniel "Husky" Ryder I hope to be whitelisted, as i'm a seasoned roleplayer and RP on games spanning from Star Wars Galaxies, GTA, Starbound ETC. Only main problem: My microphone does not work, should be fixed in September. I've noticed multiple videos showcasing DayZ RP and they have got me excited in many ways. Kind Regards -Husky