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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: the verdict cant tell if i logged out or the game crashed so they assumed. i have a witness also. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: me and a friend @Games Dean were running towards our base location in kozlovki when i disconnected assuming it was a server crash. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: to be unbanned and my warning points taken away What could you have done better?: try to have better rp and better timing
  2. The name's Brody Hendricks. So when I was young, my parents split, and they got split custody over me and my brother Beckett. Him and Dad moved to England, while Mom and I stayed In New York. It was extremely difficult to deal with at such a young age, but I always stayed in touch with them, and our parents remained good friends over the years. Fast forward to a couple years ago: I went to visit my brother for a couple weeks in England. I even made a few comments about moving which I couldn't have been more excited for. Then, the outbreak occurred. We were lucky enough to survive the initial onslaught of infected hordes, escaping populated areas and searching for places to hole up for a while. We always stayed on the move, on our way east in hopes of finding anything that still had some semblance of civilization. Over the years, the bandits have gotten worse, the resources have gotten thinner, the infected don't seem to be dispersing at any noticeable rate... On our journey, we've not met many friendly folk, but as we've ventured farther this way, we have heard chatter of Chernarus, that it's a relatively decent place to live with a handful of great people. So we're getting close, should be there any day now..
  3. i literally was eating raviolis when it was going down i accidentally shot you. i wasnt gonna ooc and say i hit my mouse and shot you , so i said it was a warning shot and keep the rp going. which you decided to keep moaning on the ground after you were conscious and we tried to apologize
  4. POV: Me and a friend Games Dean we’re running from the military camps when we seen 1 guy being chased by a big horde. That guy being chased ran towards the guy we helped earlier. They both started running but the guy that helped us couldn’t make it and eventually got killed by the horde. On the other hand the 2nd guy kept running, me and my friend still watching as he ran all the way up to the hill, once he killed all the infected he eventually came down to look for his body. That’s when we made are move to hold him up cause from our perspective that guy just killed our new friend. So we told him to kneel down and say a prayer cause that’s what our group does if you kill another player. So after the prayer we were gonna let him go but I accidentally shot and healed him up and made sure he didn’t die. At this point I couldn’t tell him I was moving my mouse and clicked it so I told him it was a warning shot. And my friend I was with I have no control over what he said so don’t hold his duck tape methods against me. But we asked him multiple times if he’s ok and I kept bandaging him up to make sure he doesn’t die. Once he was ok me and a friend took off because he wasn’t talking. We left him with food and water plus his pistols and ammo.
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