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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: Verdict is fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: just frustrated with certain people and so i started roasting What would you like to achieve with this appeal: be able to access the discord server again What could you have done better?: maybe take a break cool down and not have the situation escalate like that again. also dont flame everyone.
  2. its not an opinion just letting people know that with bright colors isn't a good idea.
  3. No point in wearing this stuff you’ll be seen from miles away
  4. Like I said before I’ve been able to find aks and m4’s where ever I go
  5. For the love of god, please elaborate on this statement 😂





    1. wirpy


      waiting for a answer

  6. My character is suppose to have a huge beard and it’s ridiculous because He has pubic hair on his chin for almost 3 weeks now
  7. See I’ve never told anyone in game that I’m part of The Mafia but I show up to polana or any big gathering and they ask for my name so I say my characters name and all of a sudden they know I’m in Mafia and start to initiate which is so fucking annoying Didn’t district get wiped out by black roses ?
  8. i think the spawn rates rn are perfect dont change a single thing
  9. I want to see a double barrel shotgun
  10. aJoogie

    Halfway done!

    you got issues lol
  11. aJoogie

    New map

    I’d love to see a new map but currently comfortable with what we got
  12. I feel like it should at least be put up to 60 slots
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