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  1. StarScream911

    S1, NWAF - AOGM + attempted rdm

    Greetings, everything happened as @RebelRP described it. I met up with my friend at NWAF and shortly after we saw Rebel running down the airstrip, we had a miscommunication with my friend and he initiated on him in a very stupid way. I was sitting in a bush behind Rebel and got distracted by something that happened IRL while my friend was talking to Rebel, this is the moment my friend initiated and after he got shot down I shot one bullet at Rebel in panic which instantly lead to me going down. @Onyx @RebelRP I completely understand that this was against the rules as we are not a part of an official group and I apologize for my mistake. With that said I wish that robbery would have went better than it did, we fucked up. I am fine with taking the punishment for this rule break. My friend @Tringo is currently at work but I will pass this on to him once he gets back.
  2. They call me a Traveller Left to die when I was only three years old by my own mother Against all odds found & nurtured by a local hunter who heard my cries in the forests of Myshkino Ever since I lived with this man, his name was James. Growing up and living in Chernarus wasn't so bad, James always told me stories about his hunting trips during the evenings and I can't remember a moment where we didn't have something to eat as the forest James hunted in was filled with wildlife. When I turned 15 he brought me on our first hunt together. I was taught the essentials of survival in the depths of a forest and navigation in the case that I got lost. Even though sometimes I'd think back and wonder why my mother left me in that damn forest my life was great, until one day. Sometime in July 2017 we went on a hunt, we were going around the usual spots where the animals gathered but didn't find anything. The only thing we saw was a man, he was middle aged and wearing dark blue clothing. As we approached slowly wondering why he is sitting alone in the middle of no where, we heard him making weird sounds. Thinking he was drunk James approached the man and put his hand on the man's shoulder while asking if he's alright. I call this thing man, fuck if only I knew what would happen next... The man's head turned at incredible speed and James was bitten, in shock he fell onto the ground barely able to move. The man's body was covered in blood from him chin down to the knees. Right after James fell, it didn't stop... It kept eating him alive, by the time I pulled the trigger of my hunting rifle it was far too late. James was barely alive bleeding heavily, we were miles away from a hospital and that's when I knew it was over for him. I covered his wounds with cloth as best as I could and waited, we spoke about how great these past few years have been. Eventually his eyes shut and as I was trying to get some kind of cell service I started hearing noise coming from the body behind me. I could hear quiet grunts and growls coming from him, they sounded identical to the growls and grunts of the man we found. Curiosity made me stay there and wait until James's eyes opened, but it wasn't James anymore. Whatever got inside of him during that bite changed him, he stood up and as I was slowly walking back telling him to back off while he approached quicker and quicker I had no other choice but to.. Pull the trigger. The sound of the bullet ripping through his skull will forever be embedded in my own, somehow different from the sound of the countless others that I mercifully put out of misery. After James’ untimely demise, I was left to wander. Chernarus eventually became my own personal hell. The infected increased in numbers over time. In their faces all I could see was James’, reliving his final moment with each bullet I let loose from my rifle. It became my purpose to end them; to end this suffering as I would an animal during our hunts together. So I wander this land, taking shelter among the buildings I find along the empty streets when I become tired, sifting through wreckage for supplies and bullets to continue my mission. A Traveller in the apocalypse.
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