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  1. They call me a Traveller Left to die when I was only three years old by my own mother Against all odds found & nurtured by a local hunter who heard my cries in the forests of Myshkino Ever since I lived with this man, his name was James. Growing up and living in Chernarus wasn't so bad, James always told me stories about his hunting trips during the evenings and I can't remember a moment where we didn't have something to eat as the forest James hunted in was filled with wildlife. When I turned 15 he brought me on my first hunt together. I was taught the essentials of survival in the depths of a forest and navigation in the case that I got lost. Even though sometimes I'd think back and wonder why my mother left me in that damn forest my life was great, until one day. Sometime in May 2020 we went on a hunt, we were going around the usual spots where the animals gathered but didn't find anything. The only thing we saw was a man, he was middle aged and wearing dark blue clothing. As we approached slowly wondering why he is sitting alone in the middle of no where, we heard him making weird sounds. Thinking he was drunk James approached the man and put his hand on the man's shoulder while asking if he's alright. I call this thing man, fuck if only I knew what would happen next... The man's head turned at incredible speed and James was bitten, in shock he fell onto the ground barely able to move. The man's body was covered in blood from his chin down to the knees. Right after James fell, it didn't stop... It kept eating him alive and by the time I pulled the trigger of my hunting rifle it was far too late. James was barely alive bleeding heavily, we were miles away from a hospital and that's when I knew it was over for him. I covered his wounds with cloth as best as I could and waited, we spoke about how great these times we spent hunting together have been. Eventually his eyes shut and as I was trying to get some kind of cell service I started hearing noise coming from the body behind me. I could hear quiet grunts and growls coming from him, they sounded identical to the growls and grunts of the man we found. Curiosity made me stay there and wait until his eyes opened, but it wasn't James anymore. Whatever got inside of him during that bite changed him, he stood up and as I was slowly walking back telling him to back off while he approached quicker and quicker I had no other choice but to.. Pull the trigger. The sound of the bullet ripping through his skull will forever be embedded in my own, somehow different from the sound of the countless others that I mercifully put out of misery. After James' untimely demise, I was left to wander. Chernarus became my own personal hell. The infected were increasing in numbers and in their faces all I could see was James', reliving his final moment with each bullet I let loose from my rifle. It became my purpose to end them; to end this suffering as I would an animal during our hunts together. So I wander this land, taking shelter among the buildings I find along with the empty streets when I become tired, sifting through wreckage for supplies and bullets to continue my mission. A Traveller in the apocalypse.
  2. He really wanted to know where I was going.
  3. Greetings, I connect to the server and go looking around town to find this base fully open and as I walk in I find 2 decent sized loot piles that were despawning on the ground which looked like griefing to me so I found out who owned the building, sent him the screenshots and then went my own way.
  4. @Fae The evidence provided is a 30 second shadowplay clip provided to me by @Tringo, he saved it right before @Not Pdizzle went to the helpdesk in case we'd need it later on. Unfortunately this is the only clip of the situation that we had.
  5. Server and location: S1 / Novaya Petrovka Apartments Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-11-05, 21:37 Your in game name: Connor Cain Names of allies involved: @Jean @Tringo @Not Pdizzle Name of suspect/s: @Ryan Shepherd @KennethRP & many other people I don't know the forum names of. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None/Unknown Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We were hanging around the apartment waiting for somebody to show up when a few men came up and started talking to @Not Pdizzle asking questions about the place and who we were. After talking for a little they started insisting on us letting them in, we declined their requests several times telling them why they can't come in after which they started getting a little aggressive towards us. During our talk one of the men below was attempting to guess the codes from the front gate as it was only a 3 dial lock, which I believe @Not Pdizzle asked him to politely stop trying to guess the code, he ignored the request and kept going at it. When one of them gave up on trying to guess the codes somebody started sawing off the lock from the front gate which is when @Tringo says "Would you mind not sawing the lock my friend?" and the response to that was "Would you mind shutting the fuck up?" At this point we were discussing if this was baiting or not as they clearly knew we own the place, they were told to stop trying to get in several times ignoring every request, they wouldn't initiate on us forcing us to initiate on them before they would cut off the lock to the front gate which would provide them cover inside the apartment from us. After @Not Pdizzle went to the helpdesk to try and get a clarification on the rules, he was asked to provide evidence so we decided to go along with the situation until it was over. Since it didn't seem like they were going to initiate on us, we initiated on them before they could saw through the first gate, this situation ended in all of us being killed at the end. I should point out that during the whole chat with the suspects, their allies were taking positions on the nearby apartments/behind corners and it seemed like only more of them kept coming up to the apartment. They mostly had us surrounded with people everywhere around our apartment by the time we initiated on them. This is just another point that leads me to believe they had hostile intentions planned but chose not to initiate and forced us to do so. The way I see this is the suspects were baiting an initiation from us in order to get an advantage with defender rights as they had many people in the area outside who I assume were not all part of an official group. This leads me to believe that they were breaking rule 4.7
  6. Greetings, was travelling the town coming back to the base when I saw 2 people coming down the road. Stopped to talk to them and then heard that someone is breaking into the walls in our base. Went to check it out which is when @Jean gets killed I think and I initiate on the people in the apartment. I get shot by @Ronnie from the side and run into an apartment to bandage, then I crash which is when I assume @Ronnie killed me.
  7. Greetings, @Jean @Tonni some kid called John and I were getting ready to leave in a car as we heard a couple of shots right next to us and soon after two men came up to talk. These two both had heavy weapons and looked like they were in town to cause trouble so I stepped away from the conversation when I got the chance and contacted @Tringo on the radio so he would start heading to town just in case anything happens. Couple of minutes later as I took a defensive position in one of the buildings I saw that John, @Jean and @Tonni all had their hands up and the two men were pointing their weapons around, I immediately let @Tringo know over the radio and right after that I heard "put your hands up" coming from behind me which is when I ran inside of the building and took a defensive position upstairs killing @Ryan Shepherd as he attempted to throw a grenade inside and then dying to @Lucas from a window behind me.
  8. +1 Seen plenty of people die to this.
  9. Server and location: S1, Southern Summer Camp Below Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-08-12, 03:27 Your in game name: Connor Cain Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I heard IC that some people were planning to raid our neighbors in the southern camp below Severograd, decided to make a trip down there and see if they've raided them. When I arrived I saw several camo netting under their fences which was taken off recently, I jumped into the compound and when I reached the main stash most if not all the tools/weapons along with camo netting which was again taken off their walls on the ground. I looked through what they had, took what I needed and went on my way. Decided to make a report about this as this seems like griefing to me, there was plenty of space to store most of those tools or weapons in the boxes when I looked through them.
  10. Character Name: Connor Cain Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Rifleman Which Lore Faction?: CDF Lore Faction staff?: No Group Name: Little Green Men Primary Phase: Phase 3 Reserve Phase: Phase 4
  11. Greetings, same situation: @Jean @Not Pdizzle and I were running back to our camp through Severograd, as we got close to the railway on the south side all of us got shot. We were all hit at least once & the rest of the shots they missed. The server restarted shortly after we took cover and we couldn't find them after it came back up. Would like to know who was shooting at us as they were clearly trying to kill.
  12. Greetings, we've been building this base up for about two days now. The watchtower bridge part was approved by someone from the staff team which I contacted prior to building said bridge. Not sure what I can say about the duping accusation besides we've never done/attempted it? All this gear was brought to the base during the days from running efficient routes. We stockpile a lot of gear and like to give it away/trade. We first brought in most of the weapons and when we didn't have a need for those anymore we started bringing in literally every attachment possible & fully modding every weapon. The barrel full of 5.56 was from unloading m249 mags which spawn with close to 200 rounds often plus the random 5.56 boxes we found. Everything was sorted in the tents, each floor had it's own loot. Let me know if you need me to clarify anything else.
  13. Greetings, I was leaving Stary as I noticed these 3 people that robbed @InactiveNate Their voices sounded very familiar to me so after I was done talking to one of the guys in a cowboy hat due to his friend being shady I ran right out of there heading into the Kabanino forest, as I was about halfway across the field these 3 started chasing me which I assume was a planned robbery but when they noticed I had way more stamina they stopped in the field. I ran into the forest and kept going to Pustoshka. Never saw this robbery happen and I don't think I was close by the time it did.
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