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  1. I was born and raised in a small town in the countryside of Finland called "Onion" which just so happens to also be the nickname for Russians living in finland since Onion has always been known as the area with the most Russian citizens. Therefore growing up I had a lot of close friends and people who I'd consider family, hanging out with them and going to the Russian school in town I got to learn quite a bit of russian, even though, I was always known as the "wannabe ruskie" since I could barely keep a conversation going in russian without fucking up close to every sentence I every spoke. Back in the school days I used to fantasize and talk about the future with my two closest friends Ivan and Prest. All the years we spent together we always knew what we wanted to do when we finally hit the oh so great age of 18, we wanted to go out into the world, leave all of the issues we ever had back in that previously tiny world of ours and never go or even so little as think about little old Onion. But, like many kids, we forgot our dreams as we grew year by year and started to accept the world we were given, we tried to make the most of it, but once again, like many people in that kind of situation, life had other plans for us. In the summer of 2018 when Ivan, me and Prest were away from the Onion along with our parents having our yearly 3 day camping trip, something awful happened. After the 3 of us woke up on the morning of the second day there, we could not find my father or Prestis father where ever we looked, after a couple of hours of everyone simply jumping to the conclusion that they must have woken up early and gone out to fish so we could make some stew when they got back, Ivans little sister who was only 7 at the time came running back to the camp, crying and screaming hysterically. She had always been a quiet girl and rarely ever cried, so as soon as we heard her, we knew something had happened. She was in shock and was simply not capable of speaking understandably so after a couple of minutes of trying to calm her down, Prest pulled me and Ivan aside and convinced us that we should go back on the shore on which we saw her running away from. After following the coast for only a couple of minutes, we found something worse we could have even imagined, on the coast we saw 2 bodies in clothing we recognized as soon as we noticed them. A few days later we found out what truly happened to our fathers when our moms sat us down and decided to have a "talk" with us, turned out our fathers had started drinking the night before when everyone else had gone to sleep, Ivans Father had gone to sleep but the two insisted on staying up and having more to drink, we all knew they could not be left alone with alcohol or they would hurt themselves. It was never bad injuries but they had happened enough times before and we knew how reckless they were and on that night they were more reckless than ever, they had gone out on a boat and fallen out of it in the middle of the freezing lake, and thats all we really know. After that incident Prest and I lost any hope in life and realized that what ever we were doing was completely pointless, whilst talking to the boys one day we remembered the dreams we had of travelling the world and forgetting all about our current lives, Prest and I knew exactly what we were going to do with our lives from that point on. Ivan was not exactly excited to forget the life he had until that point forward, but he wanted to support us and come with us no matter what and maybe he was the anchor that we needed to keep ourselves down to earth and not forget about our families, but we still wanted to leave, at least for the time being. So there we were, 8th of October, the day of my birthday, the day I turned 18, from that point we agreed to do some one time jobs for anyone we could find that needed a hand and put aside the money and not mention a thing to anyone else, some months later we had planned everything except for where we were going and when we would go, we decided to let the universe decide those "small details" since it had taken us that far, and we were living our true dream lives. On the 30th of January we were doing an odd job for some shady people we had met who had told us that we could make a lot of money if we simply took this "package" to a house on the edge of town, when we got there we did not think much of it and just wanted to get it over with, get the money and leave. So we tried to act cool and calm as we walked into the apartment building where they had sent us, as soon as we got to the third floor as they had told us to go to, we heard loud bangs what we thought were gun shots from the door we were moments away from entering ourselves. We booked it out of there so fast we could barely even remember how we got out of there, when we got back to our neighbourhood we still had no idea what exactly had happened, but we knew we were not going to let this ruin our plans since we were sure enough people saw us go in there and if anyone wanted to stick what ever happened on us, it would be awfully simple for them. So we went through all of our places, grabbed our things, and left letters for our families saying we would contact them in a couple of days and they didnt have to worry about us not coming home for a few nights. So there it was, the universe had decided when we left, and once again with more than enough drama as per usual, now the only thing left to decide was where we were headed. We went to the small airport of Onion and payed the first pilot we saw to take us with them, at the time we had no idea where we were headed exactly, but the flight was long and we got along quite well with the pilot who's name was Rob and he told us if we needed to get back at some point, he made this flight every month at the same time, he also told us we were going to some place called Chernorussia... we still had no idea where we were headed, but we thought that might be for the best and only make the trip more interesting, but we were glad the place had russia in the name so at least we could talk their language and wouldn't be left hopeless. Soon after getting here, we thought it would be nice to get some food and supplies and simply go out and camp somewhere for a while since Rob had told us that the countryside around here was beautiful. So that is exactly what we did, we looked at the closest map we could find, chose a place with as little people around as possible, and headed out. We chose to go just north of Novodmitrovsk and stay there for a while, something I know now but only wished I knew back then, is how full of wolves and god damn bears and fucking forest is. After about 4 days of being out there I got attacked by wolves when I went to get some water and left the others at the camp, that is the first time in this country when the words "this is the end" went through my head, and I truly wish it was the last time. Just before I was about to give up fighting back and just let it happen, I heard those same bangs I had heard back in Onion just before we left, I thought that was my instance of my life flashing before my eyes until I realized, some of the wolves had fallen to the ground and the others were fleeing. I blacked out from blood loss but a few days later when I came to, I was in a bed, a very old bed I remember, when I stood up to see what had happened and where I had ended up, I fell with a loud bang and blacked out again, the next time I came to was just a couple of hours later this time and there was an old man beside me. He told me what had happened and how he saved my life from the wolves in the forest, I barely remember it all and its all very fuzzy now that I think back to it, but Im sure it happened. The next thing I can remember clearly is waking up in a house similar to the one of the old mans, with two bodies on either side, I remember it so clearly Ivan on the left and Prest on my right and writing in blood on the door of the room I was in saying "stay in line". and there I was, with one hell of a headache and no memory of the past who knows how long it had been, stripped naked, and with no clue of where I was, how I had gotten there or who the fuck had killed my friends. And that, is how my current life began.
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  3. My POV is pretty much the same also. We were waiting at the apartment for someone when a we see a huge group of people comes up on us out of nowhere and instantly starts taking positions around the apartment and on the roofs of the apartments next to us. Its quite obvious that they are not there to just chat and just want to break in and are there pretty much just for gear just like our other recent encounters with some of these people. After a while of just talking and having them be rude against us we start being rude back with the exact same lines they used, which I guess is what @AndreyQ meant by "talking shit". And that was after they had already tried to guess our codes and were just screwing around. Shortly after is when they started sawing the lock and thats when I nicely asked them to stop as seen in the video. Shortly after is when we got pretty much forced to initiate on them and from there my POV is just being cautious and peeking out to shoot every once in a while. Thats when I killed @Realize and traded shots with @APositiveElmo as seen in his epic clip. Ended up getting killed while peeking out shooting at someone and thats pretty much it.
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    S1 - KOS

    Just read this again @Kordruga.
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    S1 - KOS

    I used quite a bit of dex to get out of the area as fast as I could since I didn't want to get caught like @StarScream911 and @Not Pdizzle and as I said, I got to the apartments moments before the cars pulled up. If you dont believe me you can simply ask for position logs.
  6. Tringo

    S1 - KOS

    I would like to continue the report.
  7. Tringo

    S1 - KOS

    Actually I was pretty close to them before the initiation at Myshkino happened. We were a little split due to restart and the fact that I had to walk my dog but I was with them less than 20 minutes before the initiation and when I got back in and was moving towards them I was getting info from them about the fight going on at Myshkino the whole time. A bit before they got initiated they told me they were gonna try to leave because they thought someone saw them and if they went quiet I should just leave and get to a safe spot. While I was waiting at the meeting spot I couldnt get a response from either of them on the radio and naturally expected the worst and decided to leave since I was very close and had heard that there was a lot of them so fighting was obviously not an option. Very shortly after arriving at the apartment is when I also heard the cars pull up with some familiar voices. At that point I had already heard from StarScream over the radio before they got caught that there were people with orange armbands around there so after they showed up with my friends as hostages my mind instantly took them as hostiles. And if you say you were there for the initiation on my friends then that means I had defender rights on you in the apartment since the initiation happened just under 2 hours before we traded and I was with them minutes before it. So if you were there for the initiation and pretty much until the point when my friends got executed then how are you going to hide behind "I didn't initiate with the rest on the apartment so I wasn't part of this at all" as you pretty much said in the helpdesk?
  8. Tringo

    S1 - KOS

    Okay, so yeah if you look at this in a "ruleplay" way then yeah I killed you without rights. I dont know what kind of response you were wishing for in the help desk but I obviously understood why you called KOS and was not gonna act like I didnt understand so please if you dont mind, tell me what kind of response you would have wanted from me in the helpdesk? Secondly ever since I heard the people come up on the apartment with @StarScream911 and @Not Pdizzle, I took a few peeks and saw people with orange armbands which you were also wearing. Right after both my friends were executed everyone went quiet and I only heard the same voices say one or two words every once in a while since im guessing they all went to radio comms, but hearing those voices and hearing the same footsteps running around the whole time without hearing them talking to anyone new who had turned up I was 100% sure the people left in there were the same people. So if you were with them for most of the situation before you crashed and after getting back in you still kept going with the raid itself and just acted to be one of them the whole time then you making this report is simply ruleplay and nothing other than you dying in a pretty BS way I get it, but this is one of these things that should not go into a report. And to your comment about me not making myself known when my friends were being held hostage I ask you this simple question, why would I? There is nothing good that could come from me letting those people know I was there, they would have threatened their lives for me to let them in and things could only have gotten more heated than they already were. So if there was a threat towards "everyone in the apartment" from a person in the group and everyone there was very obviously together then why are you gonna go ahead and start pointing out rules as soon as you die. Doing this completely ruins any RP and makes it so no matter what you do you have to think about rules like this and it ruins all immersion in any hostile RP situation. I don't argue that yes technically it was KOS, but this is such a bad case of ruleplay. PvP groups like yours should never make reports about anything like this. It could be abused so badly if groups kept doing things like these to other groups just to get rid of them by getting them banned. Also, did you do a bit of AOGM by chance and use the "bug" with the pliers to undo a gate to get the codelock off. There was a 2 wooden fence high wall on the roof and im pretty sure most if not all of the other people had left or "fallen off a building" by the time I heard the first footsteps cross that border. So the only way to get past that gate is either sawing the lock or boosting with a bunch of people, I heard them mention that they were out of hacksaws quite a while before this and I also heard no sawing so im just wondering about that. I could've sworn I heard the noise you get from creating a fence right about 7-10min before we traded. Would be great if admins could get logs about that if possible. Nothing to do with the report but just wondering and dont really wanna make another report about a bunch of other things I "think" may have happened.
  9. Why the verdict is not fair: There is no limits or even mention of anything saying how far you can be to get defender rights on someone that has initiated on your friends. It also says "recent roleplay" and there should be a specific time limit mentioned in the rules since the initiation happened 37 minutes after I had last seen my friends and since time flies by on DayZ that is VERY recent for me and unless you follow all the recent reports you really can't know what the staff team considers recent and therefore cant really know if you're breaking the rules? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I would also like to mention since I forgot in the report that the only reason I was so far from my friends in the first place was because I was running to our next destination to meet them. As they said they were going to take a car and since there was 5 of us, I decided to get a head start and get moving a little earlier. And by the time they got initiated on I was already so far since the server was crashing and they were being delayed by people getting back in the server and they couldnt get the car ready by the time we originally thought. And that can also be considered active roleplay if you ask me, its not about the words you speak and physical interaction, its about the journey you all have to go through together. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Honestly I would be fine if the rules were updated and there wasn't as much confusion in the future but ofc it would be great if I atleast got a shorter ban since there was really no way I could have known that would be considered a rule break. What could you have done better?: I could have explained the situation better and been more careful when entering Severograd and tried to roleplay it a bit more.
  10. So first, you can see me on the stream around 04:02:30 at the police station which is just under an hour before i shot my first shot and killed @Lucas. And yes as you expected I was in radio contact with @StarScream911 up until the point he got shot. So my POV. I was a bit away from Severograd when Connor radiod me about 2 men armed with FALs turning up around Severograd at which point I realized there was gonna be trouble and started heading back. Right around 12 minutes before I took my first shot is when Connor goes silent on the radio which only made me hurry back faster. When I arrived in Severograd I went straight towards the hospidal since I heard this is all happening at the garages and know there is a good view of the whole area from there. After being there for a moment looking around I see a man @Lucas going through a bunch of items on the road next to the garages which at that point it was obvious was things from all of the hostages. Without even thinking twice I take him down and at that point I still thought there was only 2 opponents so I held my position on the hospidal until a few moment later I see a man behind the hospidal who was hunting for me, having trouble with some infected and ofc i used the chance to try and take him out but sadly his armor took the bullets for him and he lived, then a second later I saw another person with him at which point I knew I was in trouble and possibly heavily outnumbered. As soon as I heard the person below me in the hospidal I took the chance and slid down the ladder (hence you didnt hear me climb since its a lot more silent). At that point I figured it was an awful idea to stay around that area so I went all around to the other side of town with a very good view on the main streets and saw one of them run into a house and out of it multiple times so I thought thats probably where the hostages were so I just sat there waiting for a clear shot and just info about how many of them there were. After a bit of waiting I saw them exit the building with the hostages and as one of them was being quite stupid and walking slowly right towards me I took 2 shots at his head as I hoped the hostages would try to make a move in the confusion and get away. That was the moment where I guess i killed @LifeLight. A moment after that is when I heard a person behind me and then all of a sudden there was no trace of him so I thought he logged, as I expected of their kind. After that I continued to scout the town and run around it for about half an hour until I heard the red car start up and saw someone take off in it, I didnt take shots at it since I had no idea who the man driving was and I wouldnt want to kill a bystander. After that I thought they were gone so I carefully moved around the town trying to find @Jean, since there was only 1 person in the car I knew there might still be someone around but ended up not seeing him. And pretty much from there on nothing really happened and I left the town to make sure they were not simply sitting outside our base waiting for us there.
  11. Character Name: Jaakob Mets Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Sharpshooter Which Lore Faction?: CDF Lore Faction staff?: ? Group Name: Little Green Men Primary Phase: 3 Reserve Phase: 4
  12. Hey! Not sure i can add much else since Starscream already covered it all but yeah most of our gear is either from the first days of the newest wipe when every place was full of guns or we traded for them. Also a few runs on server 2 have brought in a little when ever server 1 is full and we cant be bothered to wait in que for half an hour, saying this since server 2 also has many many guns all over the place. Also a lot of the guns have exactly the same attachments because i like having everything organized and i like those specific attachments on said guns . If there is anything else from me you need then just let me know.
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