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  1. WoooW... with 4 players on the server including me, i was killed. on the server was (taken from gametracker) Kyr, Baldrick and [LP] Grautier, I was one shotted at Balota Airstrip, KoS...
  2. iamlsn

    DayZRP Standalone Friendly list.

    iam LsN aka Brian Hightower
  3. Hello there. I am new to the site, but playing RP on the server. I just arrived at guba yesterday. My Mic. Wasn't working at that time so fixed it. Just to see that guba was attacked an hour ago or so. There was one friendly guy there, didn't get his name. I go by the name of Brian Hightower. Please let me know if you relocate as I want to be part of it.