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  1. ugh, alright i guess that makes sense Thank you for the help!
  2. Hey there i was just wondering I've taken a small break from dayzrp. i played about a year ago maybe a bit longer, it was still mainly on the mod at the time. I see now everything has moved over to standalone. since i was a member/whitelisted then do i still have to re do my whitelist application? because currently i am not white listed and am thinking of getting back into since its played on standalone now.
  3. ok well the application is closed, but i'm a donor so shouldnt i still be able to re apply?
  4. So i have been apart of the DayzRp community for awhile now, but never standalone. the inner Role player wants to start playing but the whitelist applications are closed. would i still be whitelisted on this server if i was on the previous servers, like the servers before DayzRp went standalone?
  5. ok sorry there was an error the error is "No entry 'bin\config.bin/cfgworlds/chernrusilsposition'. sorry to keep bothering you like this but you've solved most of my problems No problem bud, happy to help Have fun Also can you just click ok to get past that error? no because when i click past it i get kicked, i thought maybe i should try opening arma 2 OA to see if that would fix everything. but in doing so i stumbled across another problem which is arma 2 starts loading up and everything's great, but when i get right before the main menu it goes into a black screen mode. shuts down gives me this error "Cannot load world 'ca\chernarus\chernarus.wrp"
  6. now i got past that the only thing is it shows me in the lobby i see peoples names, but then with no error it just takes me out of the lobby? ok sorry there was an error the error is "No entry 'bin\config.bin/cfgworlds/chernrusilsposition'. sorry to keep bothering you like this but you've solved most of my problems
  7. OK so i watched the video and everything went fantastic, until the end. when i verify the game cache and i wait for it to finish i get this error when its done "1 files failed to validate and will be required". any ideas?
  8. so here is my life story, i signed up for dayzrp awhile ago and never really had the time to play it. i have now had some free time to enjoy this wonder part of life, but sadly when i try to run dayz from the "dayzrp" launcher it loads the dayzrp loading screen the shuts down and gives me the error message " Bad serial number given in setup" its been a couple of days of me trying to fix this, if anyone could supply me witha fix that would be fantastic!
  9. i i get accepted into dayrp and i go to launch the server. i get in all fine play for a second and a half then get off. then a second and a half later i tried going back on but when i clicked the server in dayz commander it loaded the same as it always does but when it gets to the last 2 little check marks it says "Arma 2 OA has stopped working" please help so i can get in a soon a possible
  10. you guys pretty much answered my questions so should i just delete it since i dont know how to move it?
  11. If i were to donate will that speed up my white-list application or should i wait to donate. i would like to donate just dont want to then not get in kinda thing.