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  1. Thank you for warm welcome. Atm playing on your Standalone server hope to meet some one there. Trying to fix VOIP because its not working properly...
  2. M8Malin

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    I was playing yesterday on this server. I think its only day server or i am wrong? Also encountered KOS situation... military base south from North West Airfield) what was sad because could not interrupt (strangely my VOIP don't work properly, still wondering why). I was behind wall when i heard guys shouting "FRIENDLY" one of them putted down weapon then second one killed him with cold blood. When i ran to encounter killer he logged out... I am heading to Guba bay, i hope to see friendly faces. See you there.
  3. Hello there. I am Matt and I was looking for nice community to join and share my DayZ adventure. I'm back to DayZ since SA came, was playing mod so i am not newbie. I also play BF4 but DayZ gives those real adrenaline rush!!!