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  1. Aspen


    I completely understand for keeping 3PP an option for the ability to look at your character. I love 3PP when I'm focused on PVP so I can peak corners accurately. But I've been in a couple situations where they let 3PP dictate how they RP. For instance, If I'm holding a door and I'm aiming down sights, you should not RP that you see me unless your character has peaked. I get why people want to have 3PP as an option, but its not ideal overall.
  2. Aspen


    Titles says it all, if DayZRP is a hardcore RP server why not eliminate the possibility of 3PP? This will make RP a lot more realistic. Change my mind.
  3. I never said that there shouldn't be any PVP, there is always going to be consequences for your actions. I personally don't like the idea of there being montages related to deaths, I don't know, I might take it more seriously because I know if I get killed its a PK.
  4. +1 The whitelist should be way harder than it is currently, I've already ran into a lot of people who don't know how to RP whatsoever, giving badRP. When there is montages for kills in an RP server you know something is wrong.
  5. Aspen


    *Shifting through the many items in my bag, I finally find the radio I barely use. Clearing my voice before sending a broadcast.* "Hello survivors of the outbreak, I broadcast myself as a way to express my needs. I need shelter... I ended up finding a place to call home but It's not enough. *The stranger lets out a deep sigh before continuing* "Many of you have already meet me, you can acknowledge me as the "Pastor". I have two types of skills that I would like to offer, superb marksmanship and the ability to help other people medically. One skill that is not used as often is being a ground mechanic. If you think you have work for me, contact me. I'll be at Novaya Petro..." *The radio cuts off before the last word is fully said*
  6. * Right before Henry goes to sleep, he cuts on his radio and hears a clear English accent cut through the frequency * *Your radio sparks to life as you hear a somewhat crazy English guy talking on the line* " I wish you luck stranger, there are still people to be trusted in this country, but I do agree, be careful. " *As the last words are said your radio cuts out*
  7. Aspen


    High quality! Love it
  8. Aspen


    Welcome back! Quite new here for me but I hope to see some quality roleplay with your return
  9. I am one of the new members that took what he said in the original post to heart because this is how I play. With sympathy for my character. I know from experience for the Military that picking up a weapon and shooting someone with it takes a toll on the human brain. I think if people played for the emotion of the roleplay it would be so much better, because lets face it, a lot of the players here would probably freak out in real life if they either shot someone or robbed them. Newer people does not mean that there is a lower standard, I have been playing in the "serious" roleplaying scene for a while, you might have bumped into me a couple times who knows. But the point of it, your player interactions are always going to be different, maybe there is a reason why your hostile RP has been more decent than others?
  10. +1 Would teach a lot about what kind of roleplay experience has been played in the past.
  11. While we are on the train of showing ourselves
  12. Ah well, I did seem to quote the wrong person. Now that I see it, I addressed a compliment!
  13. Thank you for your service! I am also in uniform. I am your authorized paper pusher.
  14. Keep on growing! It was nice meeting you and if you do get whitelisted I look forward to seeing you in-game! Adios until then.
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