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  1. Aspen


    I completely understand for keeping 3PP an option for the ability to look at your character. I love 3PP when I'm focused on PVP so I can peak corners accurately. But I've been in a couple situations where they let 3PP dictate how they RP. For instance, If I'm holding a door and I'm aiming down sights, you should not RP that you see me unless your character has peaked. I get why people want to have 3PP as an option, but its not ideal overall.
  2. Aspen


    Titles says it all, if DayZRP is a hardcore RP server why not eliminate the possibility of 3PP? This will make RP a lot more realistic. Change my mind.
  3. Christopher is an only child, born in Tucson, Arizona, orphaned at the age of 7 when his parents died in a car crash. He joined the foster care system and hated it with a passion, cutting himself off from all the other children and most of the people at school - and very few of those left were people he would really call friends. He moved over to Chenarous at 18 with his childhood best, and he'd say only, friend, because there was nothing really there for him in Tucson. However, his friend died about 18 months ago after joining the Army and he's not sure he's over that yet. To be continued
  4. Aspen

    Please, Dear God, Increase Whitelist Difficulty.

    I never said that there shouldn't be any PVP, there is always going to be consequences for your actions. I personally don't like the idea of there being montages related to deaths, I don't know, I might take it more seriously because I know if I get killed its a PK.
  5. Aspen

    Please, Dear God, Increase Whitelist Difficulty.

    +1 The whitelist should be way harder than it is currently, I've already ran into a lot of people who don't know how to RP whatsoever, giving badRP. When there is montages for kills in an RP server you know something is wrong.
  6. Aspen


    *Shifting through the many items in my bag, I finally find the radio I barely use. Clearing my voice before sending a broadcast.* "Hello survivors of the outbreak, I broadcast myself as a way to express my needs. I need shelter... I ended up finding a place to call home but It's not enough. *The stranger lets out a deep sigh before continuing* "Many of you have already meet me, you can acknowledge me as the "Pastor". I have two types of skills that I would like to offer, superb marksmanship and the ability to help other people medically. One skill that is not used as often is being a ground mechanic. If you think you have work for me, contact me. I'll be at Novaya Petro..." *The radio cuts off before the last word is fully said*
  7. * Right before Henry goes to sleep, he cuts on his radio and hears a clear English accent cut through the frequency * *Your radio sparks to life as you hear a somewhat crazy English guy talking on the line* " I wish you luck stranger, there are still people to be trusted in this country, but I do agree, be careful. " *As the last words are said your radio cuts out*
  8. Aspen


    High quality! Love it
  9. Character Background: The thought of a normal life haunted Henry, he knew he couldn't have the life that all the other people in the world had... until one day, a very gentle being crossed his path. Henry's eyes light up at the sight of this beautiful girl, her name was Kate. As time went on the two people got to know each other and eventually down the line, they got married. Everything seemed to fall in line but years later down the road Kate was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and ended up dying several months after. Henry was absolutely tortured by his wife's death, he continued to work at his job as a DoD contractor for the U.S Army. One day when he was at work, a mass emergency evacuation was declared by the U.S government to get all authorized personnel on helicopter flights out of the U.S. A worldwide outbreak caused chaos in all countries, Henry was scared for his life, upon entering a C-130 they traveled across the Atlantic. Ten hours into the flight there was a catastrophic engine failures causing the C-130 to crash land in Chenarous. Henry barely survived the landing. Introduction: After landing in an unknown country, Henry grabs a handful of supplies and stuffs it into one of the small backpacks that another person had brought with them. Looking around he noticed that he was the only one that survived the landing. After collecting himself, opening cans of food and repairing the damage on his knee, he sets off to find other survivors of the outbreak... Chapter 1: After walking endlessly around Chenarous, Henry runs into a party of 3 people heading out of the wood line. Without stopping for a chat, one of the males in the party pointed towards the direction they came from and shouted "PLEASE CHECK ON HUTCH!!" Without hesitation Henry runs through the forest and finds a castle, loud chatter could be heard from inside the walls. A massive gathering of people from all over show up for the wedding of two younger survivors. Henry approached who he assumed was the event organizer for the wedding and asked if there was anything that he could do to help, the older man instantly said that a pastor was needed to wed the couple. Even though Henry never married anyone in his life, he volunteered. As the minutes rolled by the groom and bride were slowly getting ready, they both approached Henry and the wedding got started. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join (name) and (name) in matrimony, which is commended to be honorable among all men; and therefore is not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly, but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly. Into this holy estate these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." The couple better known as Robbie and Penny say their vows and slide their blow pops onto their fingers. Henry says the final line "You may kiss your bride". They sign the paperwork at the end for the marriage certificate and it becomes official. About 30 minutes passes by and two cowboys roll up stating they are with the "Mafia", they get held up because of how hostile they were being and gunshots start to fly. During the event Henry noticed that "Hutch" had attended and kept a careful eye on him. Hutch was having several conversations with random people that Henry has never meet before hoping to find a moment when he can talk with the old man. A shout could be heard from inside the walls of the castle asking anyone if they had medical supplies, like an idiot Henry offers his only saline bag and field dressing to help out an older man named "Fydr." Without second guessing his intentions he offers aide, making sure that he was assisted back to a place called "Camp Eden" where Fydr recovered quite nicely. In the meantime Henry was able to make contact with Hutch to ensure him that he was only there for his well being. After that conversation Henry then decided to make friends with the rest of the unknown group and another called "The House". After several amazing interactions Henry decided to go to sleep for the night in Eden... TO BE CONTINUED
  10. Aspen


    Welcome back! Quite new here for me but I hope to see some quality roleplay with your return
  11. Gender: Male Name: Aspen Colt Previous Occupation before the Outbreak: Aspen Colt was a dedicated man, he had a girlfriend that he had lost to the disease... He loved her with everything and would kill to make her happy. This didn't make him a violent man, but he did protect what was his. Aspen is not controlling but will do everything within his power in order to make sure the people in his life are protected. Aspen knew how to drive at the age of 15 and took up his first job in a farm when he was 16. Appreciating everything that comes in and out of his life, he looks at everything before making a decision. Growing up quickly he went from the farm that he helped grow to moving to a bigger city. Aspen wasn't the wealthiest man and his family was moderately poor, in hopes of moving to the city he picked up a job behind a desk shorting paperwork for workers. He spent the rest of his years until he was 20 filing paperwork until the outbreak let loose. What will Aspen become now? Moving to Chernarus: Aspen was sent out to this land in a helicopter that crash landed in Chernarus. With mild head injuries he notices he is in a farmlike location next to the beach. He was traveling with records on how to end the outbreak, but those were lost in the crash. Paperwork is all Aspen knew, now struggling to survive where will Aspen locate himself next? Accomplishment on Server: My character Aspen, will provide rich roleplay experience for the community, using only voice chat to communicate to the many other groups within the server. The goal is to not make enemies but to help the story of other people grow and expand. Aspen cares for himself until his loyalty with others is guaranteed.
  12. Aspen

    Hostile RP Observations

    I am one of the new members that took what he said in the original post to heart because this is how I play. With sympathy for my character. I know from experience for the Military that picking up a weapon and shooting someone with it takes a toll on the human brain. I think if people played for the emotion of the roleplay it would be so much better, because lets face it, a lot of the players here would probably freak out in real life if they either shot someone or robbed them. Newer people does not mean that there is a lower standard, I have been playing in the "serious" roleplaying scene for a while, you might have bumped into me a couple times who knows. But the point of it, your player interactions are always going to be different, maybe there is a reason why your hostile RP has been more decent than others?
  13. +1 Would teach a lot about what kind of roleplay experience has been played in the past.
  14. While we are on the train of showing ourselves
  15. Ah well, I did seem to quote the wrong person. Now that I see it, I addressed a compliment!
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