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  1. My life wasn't meant to be like this. The zed apocalypse, contrary to any belief, made it better. I was raised by my uncle’s side of the family in a small brick house near Solnichyi factory. My childhood was harsh, daily life was a struggle, while my uncle spent all day long working at the factory. We were poor but he did his best. Through all the years I saw more and more despair in people's eyes. Nobody was happy; nobody was able to afford any of goods that we could watch on western television broadcasts. Communists and local supporters at administrative posts were wealthy, corrupt and continued to intimidate local folks into giving them their fortunes. Western television showed me another world, a paradise where everyone can afford cell phones and a computer. The world was so different than my motherland. I made myself a promise, a promise to change my neighbourhood so my home town folks no longer would suffer from oppression and could live their calm lives without fear of the corrupted officials. I studied in Elektrozavodsk, working hard at the factory at nights. I don't know how but with the help of my uncle and friends I gathered enough money to start a business abroad. Everyone wanted me to run away, lead a calmer life in the wonderful countries in the West. I was ecstatic but I could not simply leave them. With the money I gathered I started a campaign - ran for the post of ‘Village Mayor’ at the Solnichyi office. Everybody knew me; I didn't need to spend much. Surprisingly the officials didn't interrupt my campaign. The posters, speeches and meetings with the locals were perfect! Everyone seemed to support my cause and programme. I thought everything would be going in the right direction from now on. I could never have foreseen how wrong I was… The elections had been rigged. Some false naturalised Russian won, nobody knew him or what his programme was. What counted was he was blessed by the Mayor of Elektrozavodsk... the Russian loving rat! Russians can buy everyone, and citizens just sell their souls like cheap whores. I was outraged; I had little time before the police took me into custody. They gave me an ultimatum, either I leave the country or they will make my uncle's family and my lives a struggle. I could not risk the safety of my family... I had 15 minutes to pack my belongings, under the watchful eyes of armed guards and leave Chernarus. Their transportation took me to the border and I took the first bus that departed. On the side, in bright white letters, I could read the destination. “London - England ". I had already seen western customs on a trip there but that country just confirmed my concerns. The West is spoiled; the goods I dreamed of were treated like nothing. All of them treated each other like wolves, like enemies. There is no compassion between those people. The wonderful world from my childhood was misguided childish dream. I felt I had been deceived my entire life. It was too late to turn back, nor did I have any money to do so. I took a part time job at some lousy bar, learned their language, enrolled at the nearest university and spent the longest 8 years of my life, earning money and getting a degree. Western people disgusted me; they lived knowing how much suffering and injustice takes place in my motherland yet none of them cared. The only things that kept me sane were letters from my friends and family. But they also had a rough time in my absence. 'Zero' was mentioning that officials were putting more pressure on the regular folks. Poverty was spreading. To avoid it many were joining local gangs or army movements - they had no other choice to feed their families. Civil war was on the horizon. ‘Zero’ made a similar choice, he joined the CLF. A radical group fighting to cleanse the nation of all Soviets and spoiled people from the West, who had ruined our country. In his last letter to me he wished me luck and a better life abroad while he wrote of his dreams for the future. My aunt and uncle also suffered from the local corrupt officials. Their promises were kept for a couple of years, but their recent actions had led to items being confiscated and further oppression when they had not voted for the 'main candidate ‘at the national elections. A few weeks later, war erupted in my beloved motherland, a civil war. I feared for my close ones, but another part of me was glad. Some villains would pay. A change was still possible. At the end of the war I couldn't stay in Britain any longer. I packed and flew to return to the Chernarusian border. It was a stupid move; I knew I could be detained upon my arrival yet no other choice seemed more logical, I had to come back as quickly as possible. The small bottles of alcohol on board the flight were a blessing, the tiny vodka bottles made me feel numb. Lidka – the stewardess - made my trip even better. I felt like a naughty kid staring at her pendulous breasts when she was pouring another miniscule amount from the shrunken bottle into my plastic glass, heaped with foul tasting ice. Finally I could relax and clear my mind. I soon fell asleep. When I awoke I heard whispers and prayers. My head hurt, as the poor quality vodka was terrible. Those tea drinking fuckers knew shit about good alcohol. I realised we were flying pretty low, definitely trying to land when we suddenly jerked back upwards. Through the small window I could see a lot of smoke. Many buildings were on fire. The pilot announced that he couldn't land on the NW Airfield, trying to sound calm; that the flight was redirected to Krasnystav. Something bad was going on. The pilot managed to perform an emergency landing on the airstrip. There were no other planes, but tons of people and small civilian cars. It was an odd sight but I could see this mass slowly begin to walk towards the plane. The slow walk suddenly became a sprint. I stayed inside the plane unable to stop myself from watching the slaughter. Those people were mad, ripped flesh from the passengers who had exited the plane and ate them alive! What the hell was going on?! The few remaining passengers still on board sat in silence, not to attract more of the beasts to the plane. Several hours later we understood what was happening. Lidka, the stewardess, had been attacked as she was guiding the other passengers to safety earlier had had her arm ripped off in the attack. Yet I watched her come back to life. She stood up and tried to roar. Without half of her throat all we could hear was a frightening hiss. It was no longer Lidka, whatever it was now it shambled away towards an illuminated control tower. Hey dress in tatters with her assets in full view. I no longer felt like the naughty school boy from earlier. The sight was enough to bring a retch to my throat, which I struggled to stop. It took us 2 days till the airport was fairly clean of the infected. At night, I took whatever was left to eat and ran towards the East, towards the coastline. Following the coast down South I would eventually reach Solnychi. I travelled by night only. During the day it was too risky to get spotted by the infected. I watched tons of them shuffling around inside Berezino, small arms fire could be heard in the distance. The last of the sane people trying to defend themselves from this horror, most likely. On my way I managed to scavenge an SA-58. A 7.62mm rifle, reliable with enough stopping power to deal with anything that bleeds. It will take couple of days to get to my home. It takes a lot of patience to sneak around infected and avoid the other survivors. I can't take any chances before I hit Solnychyi.
  2. Goz

    [Settlement][WIP] The Haven

    Hell no. Let this shit die as it was supposed to. FYI, it would've been nice to ask for permission before putting up in public.
  3. Goz

    How will you: Get Permabanned

    Most propable cause of a perm for me would be leaking secret stuff or being too cocky while speaking with highly mighty staff folks. But that aint happening - enjoying break from RP like a baws.
  4. Goz

    Official CS:GO Thread

    This DH seems to be a massive fail. Srsly, prepare a tournament with all fancy lights/djs/top casters for best streaming experience but don't test/secure internet link to handle all viewers Even the arena at start was half-full at best.
  5. Goz

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Dayum, good thing I didn't bet on fnatic as I was too busy working I would have cleared my inventory big time.
  6. Goz

    Official CS:GO Thread

    And I was too convinced that Fnatic would not be able to pull same stunt on cache again. Srsly, 12:3 -> 14:16 twice. Especially with that last round picked up by fnatic by end of first half... Odds were too good not to bet on VP, but oh well - in the end I lost nothing today ( LDLC lolz)
  7. Goz

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Well, I'm pissed I didn't make it to bet items from inventory on fnatic vs NiP... even lounge destroyer didnt help. Only made a bet with some shitty skins for shitty profit. FFFFUUUUU...
  8. Goz

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Fnatic is 2 stronk, I'm 95% confident they will take down NiP. Can't find map combo for NiP to win.
  9. Goz

    Official CS:GO Thread

    As far as I remember this recipe always got me cash : - Really nice odds, check - Online, check - OnlineSports as underdogs, check Betting on mouz What he said. Well, after first map... d2... my thoughts : http://x1.fjcdn.com/thumbnails/comments/4006277+_3886aae62806114f9528e55c3082f330.jpg[/img]
  10. Goz

    Official CS:GO Thread

    As far as I remember this recipe always got me cash : - Really nice odds, check - Online, check - OnlineSports as underdogs, check Betting on mouz
  11. Goz

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Same, I was hoping to see them go big.
  12. Is staff ok with the name of UPA ? *Look at my previous post in this thread for reference.
  13. Nah, you misunderstood me - by my fix I meant that current shitstorm about some radical islamic organisation ransacking Iraq would not have occured if Murica & allies havent illegally invaded. TBH, ISIS havoc is kinda a kick in nuts for USA foreign policy in that region which is nice (only in geopolitic terms) but it's shamefully paid in price of all innocent Iraqi (and citizens of other close countries) blood. If Hussein was in power this would not have happened. Okay actually, a question. Explain to me exactly how us invading caused all this shit to happen. No disrespect intended, I'm just curious, because when I ask most people this they just give me some bullshit "Fuck America" answer that has no intellectual meaning whatsoever. Because to be quite honest, ISIS isn't even fighting us, they're, well, killing Christians and those who don't convert to Islam(Well, their version of it). Idk how WE caused that.. Well, that is a weird question indeed but mkay - Illegal invasion made by USA & its allies pretty much annihilated Iraq military forces and government there was right ? Iraq beforehand had some personnel to defend itself, of course when compared to invading forces it would crumble like it did but against some relatively lowtech terrorist organisations they would highly likely stand their ground. Defending forces would not allow for ISIS to spread all over and do what they like as any failure to stop them would directly affect stability of power Hussein had which he would try to maintain at all cost. USA & Co are effectively shrinking their personnel numbers each year + their nature of mission has changed - from combat to more of a peacekeeping nature. Currently USA & Co have ISIS problem, as they were supposed to leave the area due to financial & political issues. They tried to 'prep' local forces but it seems to be a failed task due to their low motivation. Allied soldiers can't be directly involved much longer while lack of support would leave Iraq in flames & ruins with ISIS rolling around which would be a disastrous political failure. Furthermore what makes the situation worse for puppet USA & Co state authorities & their overlords is fact that citizens of Iraq give support to ISIS(they perceive ISIS as more suitable ruling power rather than officials founded by America& Co) which would not be the case when Hussein would be in power. I believe Hussein with his loyal forces would not allow for ISIS to roam freely in his country. Of course we could argue what would be better - Hussein still in power or American & Co invaders. In my opinion a stable (to some extent as Hussein was involved in brutal civil opressions against opposing islamic group) country is a better way to go rather than annihiliation of all government structures & their replacement under 'freedom' banner. But we are talking here about ISIS and their main interest are christians, I found these on web, not much convincing for me but always something : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christianity_in_Iraq http://www.christianheadlines.com/articles/iraq-worse-for-christians-now-than-under-saddam-hussein-11578523.html
  14. fixed it for ya I agree in some regards, but I think you're forgetting the fact that there's been reports of the Iraqi Army literally dropping their shit and running upon being attacked.. Not only that, but when we finally give control back to them and stop trying to help, well, this happens and they let their own country get essentially taken over again. I mean I guess we don't need to intervene, let's just let the place burn itself to the ground. Seems to be the opinion of most people Nah, you misunderstood me - by my fix I meant that current shitstorm about some radical islamic organisation ransacking Iraq would not have occured if Murica & allies havent illegally invaded. TBH, ISIS havoc is kinda a kick in nuts for USA foreign policy in that region which is nice (only in geopolitic terms) but it's shamefully paid in price of all innocent Iraqi (and citizens of other close countries) blood. If Hussein was in power this would not have happened.
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