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  1. Changes changes changes, hope for the best! On the other side, hmmm... this potentially allows for even bigger CLF staff bias than ever before... interesting
  2. Few pics of mine down the memory lane... No 1. - Alfie White passport (one of about that were 100 issued), No 2. - Derp with HeliDerp, No 3. - CLF flag at "Haven" (damned place), No 4. - Litlle bit of taste of old forums lulz, No. 5 - Preview of (unfortunately) never accomplished project of organising proper DogPig olympics
  3. I'll keep it short, I consider myself lucky to have taken part of something, to get to know people that prooved and proove once more so difficult to say goodbye to. @Hofer About time to close this book, don't you think ?
  4. Speaking of sandwiches, in Poland we don't fare too well - so a bread sandwich is quite popular (pic attached). But If I were to make my favourite- it would be a baguette with yellow cheese, salami picante, few olives. Whole thing grilled in a panini sandwich grill- but not to much - the cheese can't melt fully. You open the sandwich and place some fresh veggies (salad/rucola at bare minimum) and a tiny bit of thinly spread pesto. P.S: Those Polish words in image, resemble the known commercial catchphrase "Fuel to Power Through /Bread sandwich"
  5. Tbh, hopped on the 2012 dayz hype wagon. Enjoyed the idea - but found it to be a wasted potential in it's state. While I was lurking through official dayz forums I've stumbled upon dayzrp mention. Checked the site out - registered, and started playing. Bumpy ride, but still worth the while.
  6. Yesbogdan

    1. Goz



  7. You (You know who I mean) are fuckin mad I might keep tabs on this... till then, have fun and give'em he...liberation
  8. Well... to start with I would like to express my words of gratitude for @Hofer for reaching out to me, after long years of absence in dayzrp community, to restart CLF faction. It was a blast to restart the idea, and I had my fun moments. I specifically remember, when my jaw literally dropped becouse of RP interactions I've experienced... I remember my words "Dude (@Hofer)... this was the thing we've always wanted to have back in the days" (mind I've started CLF in 2012/2013). The amount of change IC behaviours in playerbase was VAST. This being said - a shout out to @Roland for having the dedication to keep this old game alive - dayum man, good job! Unfortunately, my RL responsibilities held me back from being too active in game. On the other side though, maybe it's ok - this would grow too big attachment to the 'idea' since some things didn't change that much from the old days. As we've joked in the past, "dayzrp - the true survival is on the forums" is still kinda valid ? By being more specific - the amount of 'self-importance' and feeling that others are 'obligated' to deliver some kind of 'experience' according to their taste is quite noticable... Some folks forget, that on the other side of those internet cords are humans that put their hours, dedication and emotions to, while having (hopefully) fun, try to deliver some of the content to please the members and goals of their group but also 'what is expected' by a bigger audience and fit the theme that creates the big picture - just so that in the end everyone can take their desired roles and have fun - that's the goal right? ? Often, the amount of strain that is required to fullfill this is tremendous, requires many hours of personal time one could dedicate for business, family or simply any other hobby that doesn't bring the risk of so called 'drama' - this in the end is just a game, right? Let's be kind to one another. Unfortunately, not everyone gets it but fortunately they are in minority 'nowadays' ;). Given that I've been in Hofer's position in past, I didn't sign up for the redo of CLF full time - this time I was looking at it from 'back seat' . To some extent I regret I wasn't able to participate in bigger capacity, on the other hand - I'm looking forward to what future can bring, there are other ideas within dayzrp or other games out there. Concluding my already too long and too 'sentimental' post: @Hofer, once again - my words of praise for your effort, kindness (you are reading it right you d*** ? ) and dedication to lead and work on this project. Your positive attitude was what hooked me up and I had a blast to revisit dayzrp when I had the opportunity. @Bryan, thank you for positive and kind attitude you've shown at every given moment. It's quite astonishing, when I think of it, that you never once got straight pissed at me ? (dayum that's huge) and had the will and found time to play&lead the group. @Stagsview, thank you for showing me the quality IC behaviour one could aim towards. I remember being not once, not twice blown away by your actions. Thanks for those moments and your dedication shown towards the group as a whole. @PaulB, @Burak, @McSheepface, @Murray, @AndreyQ, thank you for being out there in the group, showing me the ropes and such both OOC & IC - I value the time and conversations we had. I would like to give a honourable mentions to many other former or yet current members but then the list would be quite long, and post unbearably long :). I would simply like to express and kindly ask to accept my humble but sincere words of gratitude for the time we've shared together in game as CLF. This also applies to our adversaries, 'neutral' factions/people I've met and allies - without you there would be no 'Us'. I have an opinion, that in games - it doesn't matter that much how it ends - what matters is how we've enjoyed the ride. In my limited time, mostly as Bogdan ;), I've enjoyed the ride greatly - thank you.
  9. Hell no, I have bad memories of Haven ? Especially when it comes down to the whole 'organisation' effort, but rules were nice ?
  10. Teamspeak is a beast, would love to see it back
  11. Cant find the proper photo of Roland the Pigeon in CLF uniform from years ago. So his photo before long trip with dr. "Sumo" must suffice. ?
  12. I would like to clarify, that even though CLF has few hideouts - we don't use them to hang around. We are constantly on the move, preferrably on foot through woods rather by cars and main roads. We also don't like to show/introduce ourselves openly, we might give a hint with some phrases but that's it.
  13. Wait, so servers hives were separated to protect economy... But adding NPCs with always available gear to buy won't damage it? In the end you will create a sort of centralised economy with fixed prices in a apocalypse enviroment... I agree human traders won't ever work, on the other hand it would also be nice to have trading possibility... In my eyes there is no good way to solve it, the best option is to leave it as it is.
  14. So much Yes, we have cameras which are only for live RP while pens (which are hard to find) allow to place notes, Exchange information and many, many more. This item in my eyes would be justified to be free since it expands RP aspect greatly and its a RP community after all.
  15. @Hofer, @Bryan @Brayces, @[email protected], @Roman, @Dew, @Finn, @Burak - If I left somebody out, then I'm sorry - my memory fades with the age ? Thanks for this evening, it gave me the positive, but amplified vibe from my past DayZRP.com experience. Much appreciated. @Morytania @Eagles @Millie Nice meeting you! ?
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