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  1. Deaytch

    Increase default hotkey slots available

    Leave it as it is. The right gear will add it or just choose what's most important.
  2. Deaytch

    Kamensk military base - adding it to rules?

    This. No need for extra rules.
  3. Deaytch

    Metagaming changes

    To speak on radio, you must have radio. Makes sense to me! Don't see the confusion. +1
  4. Deaytch


    +1 - I like this!
  5. Deaytch

    To Devs: HUD mod

    +1 good idea.
  6. Deaytch

    Ability to wear hats backwards

    Great idea, fantastic!
  7. Deaytch

    Bug report section

    +1 - great idea.
  8. It is definitely there. We can't tell you the passphrase because it's different for everyone!
  9. +1. This is a great idea.
  10. Deaytch

    Incease 1911 Magazine Spawns

    Absolute legend. Thanks!
  11. Deaytch

    Increase Server Slots To 100

    +1. Seems a good idea.
  12. Deaytch

    Shemagh Variant

    Oh this is a good idea - glad the developers are already on it!
  13. Deaytch

    Beans to radio chatter

    -1 as per what was written above.
  14. Deaytch

    Extend character pages family section

    +1 what's family anyway?
  15. Deaytch

    New civilian tents pack up Bug

    Good find. +1 from me!
  16. No need for an APC. Sorry! -1
  17. Deaytch

    Suggestion: New Building Rule

    -1. Not everyone wants to be in a group.
  18. Deaytch

    salam :)

    Welcome pal!
  19. Deaytch

    Bandana head wraps

    Hold it in your hand, left click a few times. That's how I got to use it.
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