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  1. Deaytch

    My Luck

    Sorry to hear this. Plays.TV is your friend here; I use it, minimal impact to performance. Unfortunately, we have to protect ourselves in this way because of those who don't abide by the rules.
  2. Deaytch

    Let us wear ruined gear again!

    I clicked no originally; now that I have read and understood. I'd like to change that to a +1 please.
  3. Deaytch

    Combat Logging

    +1 to this suggestion. As a victim, you may be on your way back to camp (per say) and want to log out there, on your way some douche-bag tries to take you hostage, you talk your way out and off you go. You had a limit to how long you could RP tonight, but have to stay up another 30 minutes because someone forced you to RP...
  4. Deaytch

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    Trying to get my hours up! I'll be applying as soon as I do.
  5. Jake walking and listening to faint crackling on the radio, tunes in to the right frequency to hear clearly "I hope you are okay stranger, if you could give a faint location of where you currently frequent we could leave some supplies in a building for you." Jake releases the transmitter, placing the radio in his pocket to listen out for a reply.
  6. Wasn't myself but yeah, agree with you.
  7. They showed poor RP. Really poor RP.
  8. Deaytch

    Base Building Mod

    Ah, I see. Thank you!
  9. Deaytch

    Base Building Mod

    There is a "codelock" mod that is available? Seems to work fine elsewhere. Is this not possible for here?
  10. Deaytch


    Best base location?
  11. Thanks for your response. 270 nails is not needed for "survival". We only had one car at this point, so it seems you knew we had more than one car? It'd be interesting to see logs from the previous day at approximately 7-10PM GMT 6th May 2019. That's when we had two cars - so it would be interesting if one of you came beforehand too. Again, this is speculative but for survival, you did not need all that was taken. Just because you hear no response, a base with full walls up without holes or bits missing is clearly not abandoned. Regardless, I get you CAN go and raid bases - that's fine, but taking way more than necessary.
  12. Deaytch

    Community opinion

    I completely agree with this! You are spot on. Too many people are coming from KoS mindsets and it's annoying as hell.
  13. I don't agree. I believe one big group with enough players to man it almost 24/7 would take over; the bridge would be known as theirs and that's it. Leave it as it is, a bridge never existed in Chernarus - so it's an island, let's swim over or maybe in 3-4 years time of development get a little boat to get across.
  14. Though the idea is nice, I have to -1 this. I swam across once, it took ages, I almost died - I went around it, had a good look and some initial ideas on what was possible. Then I swam back and never looked back. If a group were to "live" on the island, it would be great RP for them. I would like to see that. A bridge, would bring everyone there - I feel it is a nice little area kept for those who are willing to swim over.
  15. Deaytch

    Please, Dear God, Increase Whitelist Difficulty.

    As someone who has been here under a month, this I agree with! Also a clearer understanding on base-raiding etc.
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