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  1. I know there are some talented melons among you and I was wondering if any of you use deviantART? I've started using it again. http://witchtrees.deviantart.com/ I'm a writer, as I know a few of you are but mostly what's posted on my deviantART is the poems I write to vent feelings about stuff. There's the first draft of a first chapter of a story I'm working on there as well, but it's not great because it needs to be reworked. Share your profiles here and I'll have a look at the stuff you've done and other people might do as well!
  2. Make sure to stay patient with your application, it usually takes a while but donating means it will be faster. Hope to meet you in-game at some point!
  3. Mazerxce

    Greetings from 'straya

    *tries to resist* G'day Mate *damn it*
  4. Thanks Hofer, I wasn't entirely sure that was where I should put it...
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you would like to play TTT or stalker etc. on Garry's Mod together. I'm an admin on a Trouble in Terrorist Town server but I would like to try playing the stalker gamemode (which is a lot like the hidden mod) with some people. My name on steam is (currently) Lord Täl but that often changes so using my hyperlink is probably easiest: http://steamcommunity.com/id/thexhawk/
  6. I've just been accepted on the whitelist after 16 days of moving from 21st place to 12th to 50th place then acception! I have no idea where I should be posting this, but just wanted to make a thread telling people to not give up on the whitelisting and to be patient. Use the time to get to know people in the community through the forums! It's cool here. Meet the cool people and get pumped! Also if everyone could keep up the good work with seeding the launcher on the torrent, that would be great! Hope to meet you all out there on the RP server real soon.
  7. By all means point out any mistakes you find. Please! I'm not a native speaker but I do my best. I change sentences if I'm not happy with how they progress, I look up synonyms for words I feel I'm repeating too much, and I (try to) make sure to use correct punctuation, grammar and spelling. I'm not entirely sure how it works with spoken text, with the quotes and all, but the way I learned it is like this: When a spoken phrase doesn't end in a exclamation or question mark, you don't have to use a full stop. So ["Hey, how are you", he said] is correct. At least that's what I thought. I'll explain to you sometime what I mean
  8. This is a really interesting story! All that bugs me is the sometimes incorrect punctuation/ grammar use. If you want something proof read/ subbed I'll be happy to do it for you!
  9. Have you had experience with this software yourself? I wanna know if you know about any limitations it has...