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  1. **Hearing the transmission, Leonid stops going through his backpack, reaches for his radio and listens in. After hearing the man on the radio speak Leonid pushes down the PTT button** Im glad to hear that, I will be waiting for your transmission. .... thank you ..for giving me a chance. **Leonid lets go of the PTT button and continues going through his backpack looking for his cigarettes.**
  2. **Leonid, hesitantly pushes down the PTT button** Hello... Can you hear me?... My name is Leonid Zarchenko, I was a Resistance Commander for the Somalia Battalion in the Ukrainian Civil War. I am alone in this place and am looking for other survivors... I.. I am looking for a community where morals and values still exist. I have things to trade, can provide security & protection and can contribute to a community. How can I find your people and introduce myself? Leo out. **Leonid let's go of the PTT button, lays down his radio and waits for a response.**
  3. **Shocked to hear a response, Leonid lays down his can of peaches and presses the PTT button in a hurry.** Hello Oleg... to be honest I did not expect to get a response. I'm a few towns south of you, I'm near Sosnovka and can head out toward your way if you plan on staying there for some time to wait for me. It would be great to meet someone... I'm sick of being on my own. **Leonid lets go of the PTT button, sets down his radio, and continues eating his canned peaches.**
  4. **Leonid lays down his Kalashnikov Rifle, grabs the Radio from his backpack strap on his shoulder and pushes down the PTT button** My name is Leonid Zarchenko... I am the Commander of the Somalia Battalion of the Donetsk Peoples Republic.. or should i say "was". The civil war we fought against the Ukrainian Armed Forces is over, they lost...we lost.. everybody lost.... Its funny isn't it? *Leonid lets out a laugh, with a heavy chest, which manifests into a strong cough* While we were busy planning how to kill each other, something else had different plans for us all... But what to do now, cry? No.. there is no room for that, not anymore, not in this world. Before the Civil War we couldn't imagine living under gunfire and artillery fire on our towns and cities, on our schools and hospitals.. but nevertheless, we endured. Now we must endure this, we must move on and find new causes to fight for, but we cant do that alone. *a brief silence pursues* I am looking for other survivors, perhaps we can help each other. I have things to trade and am also looking for work. Its hard for a man to go on without a cause... without a purpose. I will be on this frequency waiting for a reply every day, stay safe. **Leonid releases the PTT button, hooks the radio back on his backpack shoulder strap, and takes a long pull on his cigarette.**
  5. Love it, will bring more immersion and realism... Dope rule!!!!
  6. New Setup! 


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  7. Jason Tamurov was glad to have met you guys.. Shortly after he was kicked out he met some guys and went up north. They ran into a group of bandits and Jason engaged them shooting 2 of them dead. His last thoughts, in the midst of the gunfire and the chaos which lead to his unfortunate death, were of the friends he made and laughs they shared in this lovely place..
  8. *In disbelief of hearing his mothertoung, Jason sets down his bag and listens in on the broadcast. It sounds like military, his own cousin served for the VDV, maybe these are our forces?* Неужели это русский язык я слышу?? Меня зовут Джейсон, меня очень радует слышать родной язык. Где вы находитесь, как можна вас найти? *Hoping to hear a reply, he sets down his radio on loud and makes camp for the night.*
  9. * Sitting near his fireplace in another cold lonely night, takes out radio and pushes down the PTT button* This is Jason Tamurov. Its been 3 weeks since I got here, I keep hearing about settlements from the people I've come across but still nothing.. I kept hearing of a settlement in Pustoshka, but when I got there it was empty.. For weeks I've been alone, roaming around in desperate search of a settlement or community. I'm so tired of being alone.. Is there anyone still out there? Is anybody hearing this? Is there no refuge left...? *Releases the PTT button, and lays down for another sleepless night*
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