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  1. Thanks:D im working on the first episode right now and its really hard but worth it.
  2. XDDDD yea i had inspiration from that situation.
  3. Yes thanks guys! It's just a trailer and you are right nothin' is really happening, but I want to make a bigger Serial called DystopiaZ. And yea this is the teaser. I want to make a whole story on the server, hope we will meet IC.
  4. Hello Survivors! I've made a short video today and I would like to share it with you. Give me some feedback if you watched It! Thanks!
  5. My character is a greek man who had his own business before the outbreak. He is a gentleman, and he knows how to treat people, and manipulate them in the way he wants. When he was a child his family lived in Delphoi, and they had everything what a good childhood required. He had a good upbringing, and his family was convergent. He had a small restaurant in Delphoi, but he was lonelly, and he decided to travel the world to find someone who matches him. He traveled to Turkey, and after that he travelled to Chernarus.
  6. Problem solved, thanks:D I've read a few things on the internet but they didn't help.
  7. Hi! When im trying to join a server it keeps telling me this message What should i do?
  8. You mean these lil' houses?
  9. Thxx. where can i find longe range scope?
  10. sajtibandi


    Am i able to put scope on the mosin? In the original DayZ i can't, i know, but on the server there is a mod which contains "more weapons". Does it contain big scope for mosin?
  11. He was a soldier in the army before the infection. The reason why he went to the army is very simple: He felt alone and depressed, and he wanted to go to a place where he could make friends. After he left the army he went to a vacation to Chernarus, but everything went bad. He met a man called Glenn Bankston. They tried to survive together but Glenn got robbed, and killed by bandits. Glenn had a son whose name is Glenn Jr. Bankston, and Matthew wants to find him to tell him this story and take revenge on those bandits.
  12. So i died a few mins ago and i wanted to make a new character, but it said that i have to write a new (500 word) character describe. I have to write new description after every death?
  13. Yea i know how to kill urself:D I didn't know that u can kill urself on the server. Thanks bro:D
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