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  1. Before the outbreak, I was just a middle schooler on a school trip in Berezino, I had lots of friends with me there who I had grown up with, in a matter of months after the outbreak, the outbreak turned me into a whole other person. I had actually learned to talk to people instead of shutting them down because I was bigger and stronger than them. However, I was and still am always on edge, being prepared for the time when an infected will kill me, or maybe starvation or maybe an old friend or maybe even the person I just met and gave hospitality. Now I am a fully grown 18-year-old man looking for a community I can really call family instead of just meeting people and sending them off because although I've talked to them I still can't trust them, or at least not fully. I know have worked my way inland from Berezino taking shelter wherever I can.
  2. Enjoyed your roleplay @OiramRP hope to have some more good vibes in the future
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