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  1. The first thing to check for is if the controller is enabled in-game. If it is, disable it. If it is disabled for both options, post back here.
  2. I have a weird problem in-game. I cannot use the right d-pad + a/b/x/y to select an item nor can I do it by pressing 1/2/3/4 etc. on my keyboard. I am able to do this in game without having my controller connected/xpadder running but when I do I cannot use these buttons so the game is basically unplayable. Any ideas? The controller used to work and this problem suddenly occurs and won't go away with restarting the game or anything. I had all controls set up in-game the exact way of the pictures in the thread as well.
  3. I'm having trouble pasting the info that is in the code. I can map out all of the buttons on my controller but when I paste the code in the box to xpadder, it says "range check error." I have re-mapped my buttons multiple times but my picture looks exactly like yours before you assign the buttons. I have followed all the instructions but I can't figure out what's wrong. EDIT I found an earlier version of xpadder/found a download of the button assignments (where you click the button and drag) so I must have kept messing up on that. Thank you so much for this!