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  1. Tessa Graham tried to do her best in school growing up. She was always focused on her school and kept her free time for her small group of friends. When she was able, Tess moved to York, England to finish off her paramedic certification. While there she met some new friends, one of such being Riley Pearce. They got close very quickly and decided to take a trip to around for holiday. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out how they planned, and now they're roaming around searching for a new purpose.
  2. Loved you guys RP always! I'm not too sure on the African ritual that I was supposed to be doing (thanks Oxen ). All in all was a great experience with lots of fun hostile/interative roleplay. Fastest death for a character I've ever had
  3. Emily Green was a observant and talkative girl. She didn't have much family, and had even less once the infection happened, so she learned to live by herself. Before the infection, she was starting out her career as a pure dog breeder, learning how to make the purest of breeds for world-wide competitions. She traveled the world to see what was required for each competition and eventually landed herself in Livonia, ready to observe, but that didn't go as planned... Emily was stranded in a country she barely knew for two years, and even then, she still hates the place. It's even more quiet than her life before, no one around her, and no one she knows. She tried becoming one with those "survivors" but it never worked out. Emily felt she needed more than just surviving, she wanted to do something with her life, and work towards a common goal. She had finally come to terms with her long lost career, and was ready to move onto something bigger than she ever knew.
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  5. Lets do this! Time for my horrible Irish accent
  6. Yours is so cute tho @Phoenyxx-chan
  7. Sammy-Jo Ward is one of the many family members in the Donegal Ward caravan site. She goes along with the ride anytime they move from one site to another, and is always ready for another trip. When Scoobie Ward starts telling the family that he wants to go and dominate the Europe's scrap metal, Sammy-Jo couldn't say no to the adventure. While they went about Europe, they picked up many fellows to come along so that the Donegal Ward caravan site can be glorious once again as it was in Ireland. Sammy-Jo's only mission now is sticking with her family, looking for better clothing to keep in her closet, finding left over make-up, and finding a husband.
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  10. Uh oh, I guess I can't complain since it's you Great interview!
  11. @Brodie I actually choked when I heard how you were doing my voice
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  13. I... am speechless. At least it was @Fae who was doing the pinching Bring in my other love @PhoenyxxRP!
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