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  1. cry crying GIF

    No... 😭

    1. Conor
    2. PhoenyxxRP


      i love you hug GIF

    3. SquirtleKitty
    4. JackZRP
  2. SquirtleKitty

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: Fae

    Uh oh, I guess I can't complain since it's you Great interview!
  3. @Brodie I actually choked when I heard how you were doing my voice
  4. Tired Wake Up GIF by good-morning

    Me waking up today to all the notifications

    1. DallasRP


      The gods have shined on you. 

    2. Korha


      no u

  5. SquirtleKitty

    A world of Wrong (Fanfiction)

    I... am speechless. At least it was @Fae who was doing the pinching Bring in my other love @PhoenyxxRP!
  6. KennethRP

    • KennethRP
    • SquirtleKitty

    Do not wake up today.

    1. PhoenyxxRP


      kevin hart what GIF

    2. SquirtleKitty


      shocked james harden GIF by NBA

      Everyone telling me not to wake up 

  7. SquirtleKitty

    A world of Wrong (Fanfiction)

  8. cardi b popcorn GIF

    Me watching the report section


    Sometimes it's like this though

    Excuse Me Reaction GIF by Mashable


    1. Rover



      disappointed kevin sorbo GIF

    2. Fae


      real housewives smoking GIF

      me, doing verdicts

  9. I have no video evidence, I was nearby when everything was happening and unless he was on whisper, I didnt hear anything coming from the PD other than my allies.
  10. SquirtleKitty

    Shepherds - [IC Recruitment]

    Looks great! Good luck with this new holy group
  11. SquirtleKitty

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Welcome back!! I missed you love-able dogs!
  12. Trish O'Connor had a pretty average life with her family in Turkey. She would prepare dinner with her mother, help her father water crops and herd the animals. As she grew, she got tired of her plain old life and decided that she wanted an adventure so, when she was old enough she went looking for one. While she was wondering the coast of her small town, she ran into a group of pirates. This was her chance to finally get away from her daily routine and to try something new. Trish joined these pirates after some convincing and entertained them as they went on their adventures through the lands and seas. When their captain struck the deal with the mafia, they went on their journey once again. Only they weren't prepared for their ship to sink and everyone to be scattered throughout Deer Isle. Now she's working to find her captain once again, so that they can continue their adventures.
  13. This is how the rebellion starts. THANK YOU @Realize FOR THAT SIGNIFICANT PAIN/FEARRP YOU'RE THE BEST LAD OUT THERE. No one else was as good as this man in his rp.
  14. SquirtleKitty

    Interview With A Community Member: PhoenyxxRP

    I'll be locked up with you anytime! We're in this together. Wonderful read!
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