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  1. Komba Bombawa is a 17 year old boy from the Koindu area, Komba grew up in a rich well prospering family that owned a diamond mining business in the Kono District. Being in a wealthy family Komba didn't have to worry about much he got everything he wanted and everything he needed except there was one thing he was missing which was entertainment. Komba's grandfather told him stories of various adventures exaggerated or not Komba always listened after-all it was the only thing that satisfied him for entertainment. Out of the many stories told by his grandfather the most interesting one was about his time in the Ndogboyosoi War and his time in the Sierra Leone Civil War. Komba's grandfather always mentioned his birthdate was a sign that he was born a fighter and that he should learn to use a rifle of his choice from his grandfathers personal collection of munitions from there Komba learned how to fire and handle weaponry from pistols to rifles. By age 15 Komba's grandfather had passed and led Komba into a depressive state not knowing what to do with his life anymore. Komba noticed the news of organizations using children as instruments of war though infuriated knew he couldn't do anything by himself but later that night his grandpa had spoke to him in his dream with a single sentence "Who said you are doing it by yourself". Komba for the next two years used his wealth to his advantage buying child soldiers off organizations hands and gave them two choices "You either leave my side and return to your families be safe and stay off the streets and enjoy life or you fight alongside me to ensure that whatever happened to you whether you were brainwashed, kidnapped, or bribed never happens to another child in Sierra Leone again" Komba had created his own Rebel faction full of young teenage Sierra Leoneans and had succeeded in keeping children away from war but also realized he was also recruiting children into a rebel group and it took a toll on his mind. At 17 Komba and his rebel group were tracking down a european child enslavement dealer who had been working with one of the more dangerous groups known for going through various lengths to achieve victory. Komba had tracked the dealer down almost easily and had realized that it was a trap he then tried to contact his group through radio but the signal had been jammed Komba managed to take down several men before being captured but realized they weren't shooting to kill they were aiming to injure. Komba now captured saw where his rebels had gone and were all lined up in front of him. Komba let out a cry seeing a multiple flashes of lights from the executioners barrels. His rebel friends were now gone and he could no longer contact or call in backup Komba forced to watch attempted to bite off his tongue but was instantly knocked out after the executions of his friends. Komba woke up and felt something covering his eyes and his wrists stinging from the irritation of the rope he was tied up by "This ones a fighter good for labor especially here in Chernarus we can sell him to a farmer or something" a man said close by but muffled the man continued talking "We had to put him in a separate room cause he kicked Dmitri in the testis when he was checking on the kid to see to his wounds". The air had smelled like the beaches in Sierra Leone but different and a loud crashing sound would hit the side of his room like a shower faucet hitting the side of a bath tub. Komba knew he was in a boat of some sort not small but medium sized like a little yacht but fatigued and concussed from the hit from earlier Komba fell asleep once more. Komba woke up to gunshots a man had came into the room he was in and untied and took his blindfold off of him. "There are these fucking rotting things running at us from the shore and most of my been chewed on by them like a torn up dog toy I know this isn't something I should do but I need your help and we have very little time to get off this boat before they get on the boat take this pistol and assist me will you". Komba confused took the pistol and followed the man outside and into the woods. Komba lacked the strength to keep running and had been woozy from the hit to the head causing him to fall behind the European man and left in the middle of the woods.
  3. dude we fucked that zombie in the streets https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1753723340 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1753723134
  4. Rocko Fiero is a 19 year old white male who is from Brooklyn, NY. Rocko Fiero was a boy when his mother threw him out into the streets at 16 years old to fend for himself because she no longer could not afford to feed and clothe Rocko leaving him helpless in the dangerous streets of the Bronx. Rocko learned how to fend for himself becoming the so called rat of the Bronx, Rocko knew the dangers in thieving from rich men but he also knew the benefits as well. One day Rocko aged 17 came across a man with riches beyond imagining and at his luck the man was by himself going into a crowded area so he took his chances and dug through the mans pocket to find a gold pocket watch successful with stealing such a prize Rocko inspected the pocket watch and opened it to find a note that said "Head to New York, NY if you want to do business" Rocko being confused with the message and unsure if it was for him but then realized the engraving on the pocket watch that spelled out "H. Lockwood" and had realized who he stole from and what opportunities could lead into the future. That boy now 2 years into the future is now a full fledged member of the Lockwood Mafia doing the dirty work and spying on other possible threats towards the Family. Rocko's ties with the Family were great and that led to him being a body guard for the God Fathers son Dean Lockwood on their trip to Russia. Due to the inconvenience of the family being split up because of the so called outbreak or end that was happening in Russia Rocko's goal is still set in mind to keep the remains of the Lockwood family alive no matter what price due to his undying loyalty towards Hampton Lockwood.
  5. The character that I would like to play on this DayZRP server is Timothy Beverly a 17 year old male who before the outbreak lived South of the current area on an island outside of Cherno with his family and out of the family the person he looked up to the most was his big brother, Timothy or aka T as he likes to be called as a nick name enjoyed hockey and planned to play it for the rest of his life and turn it into a career until the outbreak began and Timothy and his family were raided but managed to escape from the raiders with his older brother and both for their family members everywhere they wander. Timothy always follows his brother wherever he goes and respects him as if he were his father figure or somewhat alike mostly because of the age difference between the two being quite far apart. Timothy's older brother is named Luke and he is an accountant he happens to share the same love for his younger brother hence always protecting him from any harm that comes their way. Timothy's personality is what you would call mischievous always cracking jokes even at the wrong times but always trying to cheer up his older brother when he is in a bad mood and is generally a calm and nice person when encountering others. Searching for family is what T and Luke's main goal is so that they can once reunite with their family members again and they won't give up until then looking everywhere until everywhere is finally searched but until then T and Luke have to take care of themselves to achieve that certain goal looking to befriend any along the way.
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