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  1. Do you still have fun roleplaying?

    I don't bring my desktop to college, so I only get on during breaks, but pretty much everyone I liked to RP with on this server got purged by either their own hand or by staff. I never liked dayz, I liked playing dayz with friends, so... I'll give it time.
  2. Tanoa is beautiful. It really isn't that expensive, don't buy coffee for a week. Start saving 1 Dollar/commiecurrency a day and you'll be fine by the time it releases.
  3. too much gambling?

    If you want to RP put your hands up. You won't get shot 95% of the time.
  4. Can I have my white list swapped?

    It's pretty late for most people, if you want a quicker answer I suggest the help desk on TS otherwise it might take till morning. Typically a single account per IP is allowed. This helps eliminate the "oh it was my brother who KOSed on my account" bs. Goodluck! I realize that logging in and out of accounts on steam is a bit of a hassle.
  5. Can I have my white list swapped?

    Why do you have multiple accounts in the first place? That raises questions of if an account might have VAC bans on it and the like.
  6. 4 Hour Cooldown Ridiculous

    Should have been careful. Take the time to re read the rules and cool down. They're there for this reason.
  7. 1 Hostility Per Execution?

    Agree with OP, the rights shouldn't be so easy to get, but they are necessary in many story arcs. Some people just need to get ended.
  8. What is positive contribution?

    Staff has done a disservice to the community by removing him. Plain and simple. For all the talk about him being toxic? Staff disappointing half the community on a daily basis is toxic. For the rest of the yes-men in the community, you are complicit.
  9. What is positive contribution?

    You may be blunt, but you are being blunt towards those without the power to ban people unilaterally. Thumper was standing up to the metaphorical "man" and got fucked for it.
  10. Ask the admins

    To Rolle, Q1: Why was Thumper, one of the most productive and healthy members of the community banned?
  11. Subjective < Objective?

    Agreed, out with the new, in with the old.
  12. Subjective < Objective?

    Yea, but horsemen? Do they count? We used to have lawyers fighting on the PvP side in staff, as rampage said, the "devils advocate". IMO pvp players are more in tune with the rules as we are the ones pushing them and the ones actually in contact with them. It's hard to really get the nuance of combat rules poking wolves with a pitchfork.
  13. Subjective < Objective?

    #rampageforCEO2k17 But really, Mod staff was solid, since SA started I have not seen the same quality in report verdicts or in community relations. There were also staff from both sides, campfire and PvP, now, not so much. If PvP oriented players don't have a voice in staff, you get bullshit like Jimmy.
  14. Myths and Legends (Make Lore?)

    Write lore that leads to events/has an effect on gameplay/will bring in players. Forum RP is not really a crucial thing that needs staff resources devoted to it.
  15. 24 Ares (Open Freq)

    *PTT* Where are you? How many bullets do you have? *Transmission cuts*