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    R.I.P Josh World 😔 💔 🙏

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    Wolfpack Frequency [Open Broadcast]

    *Press the PTT* "Finally man, fucking finally. I can now claim the nice wealthy neighborhood of Sinnistok as my own." *Releases PTT*
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    882 days since the outbreak: What are some of your character's accomplishments?

    I still cry myself to sleep every day because of the death of John Johnson
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    Bruh discord really be acting up

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    Elddis Scrap Yard Media Thread

    Irish lads taking people's lives by the dozen
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    um ye
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    Go on Lads
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    Group Implemented base too OP

    Aight so this my 2 cents. So my problem with this base is the fact that, it makes no fucking sense. Did Jesus Christ himself bring this compound down from heaven? Did John Johnson Construction Co. come and build this base from scratch? I wouldn't have a problem if there was at least a reason. When asked for a reason why people have never noticed this massive compound outside Tisy all I've ever seen is it being brushed off and moved on to a different subject. Just think of something please cause it just makes no fucking sense man. Did I also add that this lovely compound is right outside Tisy but also is a 10 minute run to the airfield? Yeah it is. Maybe if you didn't have a massive base that you can store probably 15+ tents inside of, the location wouldn't be a problem but with the new loot spawn rates you guys can just make your runs to Tisy and Airfield all you want. Also what happened to this? Pretty sure many of these "building codes" are being broken here with your settlement. I'll list em out for you. 1. "Has been an approved group for a month without major incidents" - Wasn't approved for a month before getting the settlement, exactly 16 days ago you guys got your settlement implemented which was Nov. 16th, only 13 days after being approved. 2. "May not be built near any high-end loot zones (primarily military bases)" - Literally right beside Tisy and 10 minute run from NWAF 3. "Once the settlement is finished you submit it for Council review. Create a thread in the Council forums where other group leaders can review it and give feedback on the settlement." - No thread was made in the Council forums that I saw at least. So my question is are we even using this thread or are we just fucking going wack. Only other prefab I recall of was Anarchy and they were all the way down in Bay Tikhaya right beside Kamenka, some may say "Well thats right beside Pavlovo Military" Pav is half the size of Tisy and NWAF. Think the entire idea of "Group Settlements" really needs to be reworked. Thank You and God Bless -Yours Truly, JorrdanVC
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    don't care

    1. DannickVC


      Ahhhh dont care

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    Bro I'm abouta buy diamond if I crash one more time man fuck this shit

    1. AidanVC


      @Roland you heard the man. Make Jordan crash = profit 

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    • groovy azu

    Bring back the walk theme. groovy azu

    1. groovy azu

      groovy azu

      I never noticed this status update...



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    CodeLocks Mod

    Its the apocalypse why would there be any digital code locks, we don't even have fucking power. And why and how would digital code locks work on tents and wooden walls? I'm all for making shit easier but its gotta make sense yafeel me
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    • BravoActual

    R.I.P Dustin Hammer


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      He was a good man. He tried his best. 

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    S1: BadRP West of Stary Sobor - 2019-11-30, 06:15

    Jorrdan Versock POV: Probably gon get called in for a report so I'll just post it. I recently log on and @tossVC radios us to meet up somewhere in the triangle. I'm all the way up by Novaya so I run my goofy ass all the way down to Kabanino where I meet @AidanVC who is coming from Stary Sobor. We meet up he tells me @tossVC just held someone up. Had no interaction at all but might get called in so heres my POV God Bless
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    yuuuuh you already know what it is baby
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    End the Needless Slaughter

    @Ryan Shepherd can now roleplay to his maximum capability.
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    Looking for a Princess

    @AidanVC should fit the role.
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    • ChaseRP


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    Ryan Shepherd's GPO Media Thread

    200 IQ Plays
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    • OpticVC

    change your name back to VC john

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    • BravoActual


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    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    good luck roleplayers
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    Gun racks.

    more gun hoarding nah fam -1
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