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  1. Dzhon was born in Moscow, Russia to a very poor family. He was the youngest of his multiple brothers, his closest brother Kolyan (Chad) was heavily gang affiliated along with his other brothers and over the years got Dzhon (John) also affiliated in gang activity. At the age of 15 Dzhon was selling drugs and running guns through the slums of Moscow. As the years went on Dzhon, Kolyan and his other brothers gained more respek in their gang and began to go out of country to seal big deals with other gangs. One of the deals had them go over to the Russian operated country of Chernarus where they made deals with a couple of locals, while staying there before getting a flight back home to the motherland they got stuck and attacked by the infected due to the frenzied flu. Ever since then Dzhon and his brothers have been fighting for their lives and robbing and stealing to get by, as well as freeing the Russian country of Chernarus from any nationalist dog pigs! If you see this character or any Bohannonvich, prepare yourself for a Bohannon Beatdown™ Pictured: Kolyan left, Dzhon right
  2. you're cool

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      I take that back

  3. I came as soon as I heard.

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      Mr. Bohannon

  4. Bro regular base building literally doesn't do anything but lag the server and make people hide behind walls and not rp. That's a no from me dog.
  5. Good luck and god bless my slimes.
  6. Wow such great roleplay from @AndreyQ and @TurkRP on the airfield today. Really felt the emotion from Turkov being left alone in Chernarus, great internal roleplay.
  7. Looks coo. Like the gifs but not really feeling the logos and sub headers. That's just my opinion though. Good luck ladies.
  8. 🇫🇷

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    2. Rutkiy
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      je ne parle pas du surrender

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      Nu vorbesc rusă @AndreyQ

  9. I don't report because half the time it ends in both parties getting cucked in some way and is just all around fucking petty bullshit on a virtual roleplay server.
  10. Jericho was originally born in Toronto, Canada and lived their until he was about 7 when his parents decided to move to Chernarus for work opportunity. Jericho growing up loved firearms and began to change his hobby into a profession and became a firearms instructor. Doing so he learned a lot about firearms and how to shoot. After the military came to Chernarus after the infection began, he snuck out from one of the enforcement/quarantine zones. He has been living on his own, with a disgust for the government ever since.
  11. I fuck with this heavy but like... When's the 5.56 Beta-C coming back. My roleplay depends on it.
  12. I've only had good interactions with this group. Don't let other groups make you think your roleplay is bad because in all actuality it's good, maybe even better then some of the current RP on the server. Take the feedback and continue roleplaying how you think you should. Have a good day and god bless.
  13. How much is the battle pass? And is there a unlockable in the battle pass to not crash?
  14. Gotta love the big ego hostages who still talk smack while having their hands up. Its just fucking cringe man. And for people saying "AnOtHeR WaY foR PeOpLe tO sHoOt SoMeONe" with the current rules hostages can act like john rambo and you gotta warn them 18 times to shut the fuck up and stop back talk before anything can be done about it. Hostages lately barley value their life because after they are shot for being a retard they are just sent to the coast and gear up and are going to do the same shit over and over again until someone puts in a report. Don't wanna die? Don't lie, easy. And IF I know you're lying, I'm gonna call you out on it and kill you. It's kinda a crazy concept, I know. +1, great suggestion Elmo.
  15. o7, group of 2020 baby
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