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  1. Good group of boys here. Good luck on the approval
  2. Damn full server V++ full of bots lmao. Pre sure this is used for DayZRP media not V++
  3. "God damn the 5.0.3 is cringe, y'all really blowing up my radio with you sucking your boss off. Get a new hobby" *As Jake would walk away from his radio you'd hear a song play*
  4. bruh profiles looking like dooky wtf you doin Rolle.

  5. I mean James never said you can't have a relationship with someone from another group. What he means is its a safe assumption that if you're dating a member from a rival group you're probably going to be giving that person some information. It'd be dealt with IN CHARACTER, doesn't have to be OOC driven homie. E-date whoever you want, but if this person is involved with people another group doesn't like don't expect to be completely safe cause your group is neutral. Its roleplay bro people can act on rumors if they want. Seams like y'all dealing with all this shit OOC when it should be dealt with IC.
  6. Who wants to join my neutral group? You aren't allowed to get in our way of completing our group goals though. Still drawing up the idea might make one of our goals to rule all of Livonia so y'all better not stop me from achieving my goals cause we're a neutral party. 

    See y'all in game, can't wait to roleplay 🙂 

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  7. 🤡

    1. Red_
    2. Mademoiselle



    3. JamesRP
  8. POV: So me and my fellow comrades roll up to the airfield and see the infamous Noah Russo himself inside the 3-story. We roll inside and are planning to hold up this celebrity but he tells us of a fire fight with some praetorian guard guys. So I had a run in earlier with them so I was like "Yeah why not" so we follow big bad Noah Russo into battle where we see 3 people on a ridge. We pull up and start getting lit the fuck up like we're in Chicago. I then raise my weapon and get ghost bullets on a juggernaut guy and then fall back and reload. Chris gassed 2 guys and I push over the ridge and gas some innocent fucker trying to bandage. I then try to push back and get domed by Chris Kyle from construction.
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  9. This is the most smooth brain post I have ever seen. No lmaoo. Forums are actually really useful
  10. Yeah man shits like pepega as fuck
  11. Aye case by case lmaoo. Shit is really crazy man. I somehow have 0 warning points still, surprised tbh.
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