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  1. Jorrdan


    @Joah  o7 big man. 

  2. Jorrdan

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Ain't gonna lie I mad fuck with the Logo and shit. Good luck boys
  3. Jorrdan

    Call for a holy man

    *He would listen to a voice he recognizes quite well and presses his PTT* "Oh hows it going old man you absolute dickhead. Going around on the public radio asking for help now? You aren't getting your hands on me." *He would pause and look down at his knife* "Don't listen to this man he is no man of god and gives 0 shits about whats happening here, he openly admitted to being a "kid fiddler." This man is in no position to help people when he needs mental help himself. Next time I find you I'll do much worse old man. I Hope that every time you look down at your arm you think of me and how you got scarred and taken captive by a 16 year old." *He would let go of the PTT and take out his gun and take out an infected*
  4. Jorrdan

    Killing Ellie Hoste. [Open Frequency]

    *He would listen to the message and then hold down his PTT* "Pretty sure your father tried to take a 12 or 13 year old girl to become a prisoner on the island, good thing we stopped him the first time but I heard he took her again after that so it seams your father was a pretty obsessive man. And if you are anything like him then fuck me you'll end up down 1 finger just like your father before he got shot." *He would laugh and then respond quickly* "Good job Ellie, yet I don't think we've met, when we do remind me to give you a high five." *He would let go of his PTT and put it back on his strap and keep on moving*
  5. Jorrdan

    Real life picture Thread

    1v5 NVFL
  6. Jorrdan

    RavenousRP's Pimp Your Profile

    Yo these are kinda fire ngl ngl. Make me one big man
  7. Jorrdan



  8. Jorrdan

    The Black Roses // Media Thread

    That was me on my African character lmao.
  9. Jorrdan


    Peep the new Banner 👀

  10. yeah ok, see you in game.
  • Jorrdan

    If You Could RDM One Member Who Would It Be?

    @tosstheball do I have to say much?
  • Jorrdan

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    We did some fucking trojan horse shit with the Black Roses. Snuck into the Prison and stopped a prisoner escort. Good RP @MouseWB. Sorry @The Quarantined..... business is business. As well @lunathecat don't embarrass @Joah or you get stabbed. Thanks for the good RP.
  • Jorrdan

    Remove the Twatch T-Shirt from DayZRP

    I'm a very famous Twatch streamer and I am very offended No but in all seriousness its a really fucking bright purple shirt that you can spot from miles away lmao. I think its something I'd see on a heavily modded PvP server.
  • Jorrdan

    GMAK Staff Application

    This man deserves game master
  • Jorrdan

    S1:badRP/invalidkill in mogilevka 7-15-20191:10ish

    Jorrdan Versock POV: We roll up to the summer camp and there are some lads telling us to leave the area. We were confused as to why they would be telling us to so we go to the summer camp and start to roleplay with a man named "Carter" We finish roleplaying with him and Vincent comes and tells us he has information on the corporation. We go inside into a cabin and some people come out of the woods atempting to listen to the conversation. We roll up to @DeathBeforeDawn and hes singing the song "baby shark" which is supposedly a very known corporation song. So we bring him into a cabin along with @Worldclass and we are stripping them for radios and weapons and while I am doing so I get lit the fuck up by some guy and my boy @Andrew Jackson kills him. So at this point were all on edge. Vincent comes in and starts talking to the guitar guy and I can understand in roleplay why Vincent killed the guitar guy because he was tortured by the corporation and they sang that song I assume. So it was more of a Roleplay execution but still the man was complying. I'm sure @ShazzBott87 is more than willing to talk it out. Hopefully we can resolve this.
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