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  1. Vadim Uralov was born on the 2nd of September 1986 in the city of Kursk in Russia. Unfortunately he was born to a timid and weak mother, and a drug abusing violent father. While he was a child his father's anger reached it's peak when he killed Vadim's mother in an attack one night. Luckily his mother was able to call the police before her death and the police arrived on scene and arrested his father, taking away Vadim to an orphanage in the city. He wasn't in the orphanage very long, but it didn't take long for him to hate it. The workers there were just as bad if not worse than his father with their abuse, but the orphanage had a program set up with a company on the east coast of America where it would promote and encourage American families to adopt Russian orphans. It wasn't long before Vadim was sent to America to live with a new family that had come to meet him many times in the orphanage. Vadim landed in America and was brought to his new family in New York City. Their names were Tom & Nancy McLaren, they were middle class honest people and really showed affection for their new boy, and Vadim grew to love them. Tom McLaren felt strongly about Vadim keeping his original surname, he wanted to give Vadim a better life, but not trample his personal history. Vadim understood and agreed, but this history later came back to hurt him as when he became a teenager he would begin to follow in his real father's footsteps. First he would begin drinking vodka at an unreal amount, then while at bars he would begin to do any drugs he could get his hands on. After a while of this he got into the business of it all and began committing petty thievery, dealing drugs and the occasional armed robbery. It was during this days of being a delinquent he met the woman that would become his greatest friend, Melody Pond or "Mel". The two would hang out together, go drinking and make up numerous different schemes to get some money. After quite a few years the two had climbed the ladder in the business. Vadim had gotten connections with a Russian gang in NYC that stemmed from the Russian Mob. After years of working for them, they hired him to help out in an operation where they would smuggle 50,000 pounds of cocaine into NYC. Vadim got in contact with Mel and asked for her help in the operation, she agreed immediately. The two flew to Chernarus and landed in a private airstrip in the region of South Zagoria. While staying in their accommodation and waiting for the rest of the crew to get there, the world seemed to fall apart in the space of a week. An infection spread quickly and totally destroyed civilization and forced anyone still alive to fend for themselves. Vadim knew his only goal now was to keep Mel and himself alive.
  2. Danny Davis was a simple man born in the city of Jackson, Mississippi. Being from a working class family he didn't have much in terms of wealth so he would find himself working hard to get the very little that he had. When he was only 25 he got into a bad crowd of people that wanted to organize a bank robbery and were putting together a team. Danny thought this was an easy way to get out of the squalor he was living in, he agreed to help out. Of course, the heist didn't go exactly as planned and Danny was caught and sentenced to 25 years behind bars. For years he spent time mining rocks in the Ventress Correctional Facility in Alabama. He made a few friends there including one "Dimitri Kozlov" who was a man from a country called "Chernarus" who had been caught and charged with drug possession. Dimitri told Danny all about his beautiful country and how he would like to go home. After years in the facility one day in 2015 Dimitri received a letter that seemed to brighten his eyes. He didn't tell Danny much, he just said to come to the weight lifting room at a certain time on a certain day. Danny decided to follow his instructions and did just that. Before he knew it he was crawling through a hole in the wall made by Dimitri's accomplices and they escaped the prison. The people brought Danny and Dimitri to the docks of a city unknown to Danny and there Dimitri gave Danny an offer; he offered him a place to stay and a job in Chernarus, as he would probably be caught before long if he stayed in the US. Danny agreed and went with his good friend. Danny found it hard to adjust to life in Chernarus as did Dimitri as he had been away for so long. An unfortunate event killed Dimitri in early 2016 so money stopped coming in for Danny. Danny thought the only thing he could do is rob a bank in Chernarus, as it had gone so well the first time. Of course he got caught trying to rob the bank and was sentenced to another 25 years behind bars on the Prison Island off the coast. There he continued where he had left off and began mining rocks as before. It wasn't long however until a strange infection gripped the land and Danny found his way out of the prison and off the island to freedom once more. - The Fresh Air & Open Outdoors - The Swing of a Good Pickaxe - Smooth Whiskey on the Ice - Prison Guards - Forced Labour - Being Stuck on an Island Dimitri Kozlov
  3. Yes boys lets gooo
  4. gold life bby 😎


  5. Born in 1983, Victor McKenna was the lone child of two working class parents. Life was sure to be ordinary for Victor, he never excelled in class and just did enough to get by. His father most likely would get him work on the docks where he'd work his life away. All of this changed however on the day of September 11th, 2001. As Victor watched the innocent people die that day, totally defenseless, a sense of duty was created in him. In the next few days Victor enlisted in the USMC and was sent to boot camp to be trained. After clearing Boot Camp in San Diego and School of Infantry in Camp Pendleton, California he became an Infantryman in the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. He was deployed in March of 2002 and joined the unit under the MOS Code 0311 (Rifleman) in Afghanistan where the MEU was maintaining the first significant conventional ground presence in Afghanistan. The Marines and coalition forces would later move to Kandahar International Airport securing a new forward operating base which allowed new missions and the ability to build a prison camp that housed numerous Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters. After years of service and active combat operations, Victor rose to the rank of Corporal where he lead a small team of men that became his closest friends and brothers he would die for. This is where he made a connection with [Name to be determined], who would become his greatest friend in the world. In March of 2007 the MEU was stationed in critical areas of Iraq and conducting combat operations in numerous areas. The team worked as part of one of the operations securing the town of Ramadi, a town that was near Baghdad. While securing the town the team's communications were cut by enemy interference who then launched a brutal attack on all operators in the area. Rockets flew, debris and dust filled the air making it hard to breath and even harder to see. The noise in the air made it impossible to hear anything except it but periodically screams would break through the noise. Moments of clarity in this event were scarce, but when they happened Victor would only be presented with the mutilated and disfigured bodies of his brothers. The situation carried on for some time until it was broken by helicopters flying overhead, firing everything they had to disperse the enemy forces. It wasn't long before the enemies began to run, but by then the stress of the situation had gotten to Victor and he just snapped and blacked out. He later woke up in the hospital where he came to find out that he was wounded himself in this ambush, what he would come to find out though is that he was wounded more than physically, but mentally. In the ambush, watching his brothers be ripped apart something in his brain fractured. He began to have wild mood swings, violently angry episodes and immense depressive periods. In the hospital his brother [Name to be determined] joined him, as he was injured in the ambush but survived. They two really bonded during this time and Victor would tell him just how his brain wasn't functioning correctly anymore. One day while telling [Name to be determined] that he would have night terrors and vivid flashbacks, and that he felt cut off from others like he wasn't human anymore a doctor overheard Victor and told him he was suffering from PTSD as a result of the trauma that he had endured in the ambush. While recovering it came time for Victor to decide whether he would re-enlist for another tour or if he would return to civilian life. Victor didn't really have a choice, he said goodbye to [Name to be determined] and returned home to Boston. When Victor got home his problems continued and progressively worsened. He got a job on the docks offloading cargo but found it hard to concentrate on what was happening around him. He still didn't feel human and felt like at any moment he could be ambushed like he had been before. Victor was very violent and standoffish at work and would often have outbursts and fight with his co-workers, which meant it was soon he was fired from his job. With no job he found himself living on the street with no bed to call his own, his PTSD was eating him alive. This continued until 2015 when [Name to be determined] showed up one day in front of Victor and called to him. The two continued as if they had never been separated and began to talk. Victor spilled everything to his friend; his struggles, his illness, his failings at life and [Name to be determined] could relate since he too was experiencing the same problems. [Name to be determined] gave Victor some pills that a doctor had prescribed him and told him to take them, it wasn't more than a few days before Victor felt better, way better in fact. He felt like he could actually function as a human being again, this is when his friend told him about a job opportunity he had heard about from some boys from the old unit. It was an opportunity to join a PMC that was operating in Takistan at the time that was looking to hire experienced soldiers and paid very well. Victor was hesitant at first, but [Name to be determined] was able to convince him, why stay in the gutter without a penny to your name when you can do what you were born to do and live like a king. Victor agreed and shortly after the two joined the PMC in Takistan. As part of the Company they did a lot of protection operations and secured areas that were in the Company's interest, but ultimately the work was very boring, which suited Victor very well. That is until 2017, a strange infection broke out across the world that turned people into flesh-eating monsters. As Takistani civilians began attacking the PMC numbers fell drastically over the course of a few days. What was left of the Company fled east and began to live off the land, hunting for food and looting any military zones they could for ammunition and firearms, but most importantly looting pharmacies or hospitals for medical supplies that would keep the Victor and all like him sane. Eventually they entered a bordering country called Chernarus. They would help any survivors they could along the way, but it seemed a trend that the more east they moved, the more their numbers would plummet. Eventually after about 2 years what was left of the Company made it's way into a region known as South Zagoria in Chernarus, their numbers were terribly low and their medical supplies were all about done. They began to search nearby hospitals for medical supplies but ultimately needed to find a Doctor...
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    life flies,

    This is really badass, nice work man.
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    Bring back the repeater ?

    Did someone say repeater and revolver combo??? +1
  8. I think the server is at a nice balance as it is and don't see the need to change it. Certain things are rare enough that I have to seek them out such as food where in some cases I've been at the brink of dying when I find some. Making things even 100% rarer would make the server a 24/7 looting grind rather than a roleplay one. -1
  9. You just need to find yourself a band of Irish gypsies to teach you bare knuckle boxing. Remember every pint adds some power to your punches and shit talk is required to win a fight. For real though, it's all about power punches by pressing shift when you punch. When you hit them with one they're stunned keep throwing and throwing but just know after 2/3 they can break stun and start hitting back so be careful of that.
  10. Yeah totally agree, let's remove all characters who even have a trace of a sense of humour and make the server like a reenactment of the movie Office Space. Only then will my immersion be top notch!
  11. I do the same thing only usually there's a gun in my mouth
  12. Arthur Kensley was born on the 2nd of September 1985 in the city of Oxford in Southern England. He was high-born, being that both his parents were professors in Oxford University. During his childhood Arthur would find a love in combat sports after accompanying his friend to a Boxing Club in London. His fascination with combat sports did not end there though, he trained in Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling and Taekwando. By the time he was a teenager he was quite skilled in a fight, which he didn't get into regularly as his parents pushed him to do right and study. Through school Arthur would find his next love; History. He would love to read about ancient Kings and their battles and conquests and would play them over in his head. One day, while walking home from the shops in Oxford, Arthur seen a poster for the International Medieval Combat Federation (IMCF) that was going on, he followed the signs immediately and took a look as to what was happening. There he found a mash up of his two favourite things; Combat and History. People dressed as Knights with blunted weapons and fought one another in championships, Arthur loved this idea and immediately signed up for a gym that trained people in the sport nearby. When Arthur came to be a man he made his parents proud. He studied in Oxford University and had a doctorate in History. Meanwhile he was still fighting in competitions for all martial arts, but his preferred competition was IMCF. In April of 2017 Arthur was contacted by some of his former classmates that there was to be a study done in the small country of Chernarus. There were the ruins of castles in the country that Historians believed still hadn't had all their relics unearthed. Arthur signed up to be part of the crew of Historians and flew into Chernarus. In late April they began their studies in the South Zagorian region and started digging ruin sites to find artifacts. After a couple of weeks of study it was clear that something wasn't right however, as Arthur woke up one morning he found the common-lodging empty and assumed everyone was already at the site. Arthur began the walk to the Castle site but the atmosphere was unnervingly quiet. Reaching the site, Arthur looked around and found nobody, he began to call out for his friends and heard a noise coming from one of the towers. Arthur began to climb the tower, still calling out for his colleagues, as he nears the top of the tower he is jumped by a familiar yet strange figure that throws him to the floor. Quickly looking up, Arthur sees the scratched up and disfigured face of his old friend Henry who bolts at him again for another attack. After a short scuffle Arthur finds himself tiring, while the beast shows no sign of fatigue. As it runs at him one last time, Arthur grabs the beast by the collar, twists it around him and throws it over the battlements. As the beast flew through the air Arthur felt satisfaction, but that was quickly interrupted when, as Arthur was letting go of the beast's collar, it latched onto the sleeve of his shirt and pulled him along with it. Arthur flew over the battlements, but with the motion the beast lost it's grip of his sleeve, fell quickly below and cracked it's head open on a ruined wall. With the momentum however, Arthur found himself flying through the air towards a small shed nearby and landed almost perfectly centre, going through the roof and landing on the ground below. He woke up a while later dazed and confused, not knowing who he was or what he had been doing. He opens the shed door and walks out, stumbling towards a ruined wall and climbing over, he continues down a path until he comes to a pile of rocks. Something in the rocks was shining in the sunlight, so he approached. It was a beautiful shining sword that sang to him. Arthur approached the sword and pulled it, releasing it from a grip in the stones and he raises it above his head. He lets out a shout and readies himself in a fighting stance, examining the sword carefully. Arthur wasn't sure where he was, or what brought him here, but he was certain of what God had tasked him with, he was to be King.
  13. People think firearms are king  🙄


  14. I have personally watched quite a few streamers be banned for the kind of comments the OP stated that were said by other people on multiplayer games. When I am around people who I know to be Twitch streamers, I don't say any kind of derogatory word just out of respect for their career and how fast it can go away from saying an "r-word", "f-word" or whatever word. Lets not forget that most of us are here because we seen DayZRP being streamed on Twitch, it would be a stupid decision business-wise to push content creators away from the server. I don't think rules are particularly needed for this problem, having some respect isn't that hard
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    Suggestion: Shotguns & Shells

    I don't think it's unreasonable to say Police used shotguns. +1
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