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  1. While playing in the Odezva group CP, I, @NorthNorthEast sign over all rights to my character “Fedor Berezhnoy” to the Group Leadership, any kills under any circumstances by Group Members or Group Leadership will be considered valid so long as I am actively within the group CP. As long as I am playing a Odezva Character that is employed, working or affiliated with the group, or is being placed within the group CP, I sign all rights for my character to the group to be handled at their discretion upon being blacklisted.
  2. I've had this account sitting for a while but never actually met the age limit (when it existed) until recently. I'm eager to get playing and create some great interactions, who knows, perhaps I'll even seek a group or community to get engaged with. If anyone has any advice or tips on how to get started, please don't hesitate to let me know - I'd be grateful! Alec - my persona - is a timid and rather trepidatious French cartographer, who works with the knowledge he has to map out the landscape he encounters, sourcing from maps pre-existing and knowledge acquired from others. Whilst remaining alone in his affairs, he looks to engage careful and staggered alliance with others, to preserve his own safety and to assist others. See you in Chernarus, survivor!
  3. Yeah, I tried looking through that, but I didn't get anywhere, unfortunately. Thanks, regardless.
  4. Hi. I just started playing again recently and I tried to link my discord, but I get this error message every time. I don't remember linking my account, or having another account. I don't know how to unlink it now as none of my emails that I have tried to retrieve this so-called account have worked so far. Help!
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