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  1. https://gyazo.com/055f414d7ee7b7e3b2e10c58752d7c1b Imagine if there was 1 server.
  2. Alright, I made this post about 2-4 weeks back in regards to the current state of population. As of right now it's passed holidays which everyone was pointing to as the main reason of population issues. Right now RP is stale at it's just 1 RP hot spot on both maps. In my personal opinion, I think it's time to merge into 1 map again. Chernarus or Livonia, IDC honestly. I just miss seeing an abundance of people and opportunity.
  3. Hello, seeing as I was mentioned in this report I will reply. I was involved in an entirely separate situation behind the hangar with someone else. This report has to do with the dynamic group in front of you. (I was not apart of this direct initiation) I spoke with the two others affiliated alongside the other person that was with me behind the hangar. The people that we spoke to were incredibly respectful and were able to handle it maturely and we moved on. I'm glad I was able to speak to both parties in regards to this as it helps me understand where people are coming from. I however do have to state one thing. This is no different, than this. And its coming from your groups side. (So I fail to see how this is relevant in this). I do appreciate you taking the time to speak to me outside of this report, and to the others as well. You seem like a lovely bunch. Evan is claiming the same exact thing I did with your group then based off you guys talking in your video. You stated that it was double mic'd, and so from there it is dropped. It goes likewise for them. I was in discord and could hear our party double micing to the 4 in front of you to drop an initiation that we had gone hostile. I doubt any side was meta-gaming in this. I believe both parties double mic'd properly to each other. Unless there is evidence to say otherwise. Thanks for the opportunity to speak to you in regards to the situation. I hope this report gets solved peacefully and easily for you and your group in this part of the airfield. I will not reply again unless the admins specifically request something of me or I am mentioned for something. Thanks again lads. I am not present for the “invalid initation” nor “no time to comply*.
  4. Nah me and the boys are around from time to time. We were thinking of doing a group. Not sure yet, but ya good to see you lad . Nice vid. I'll dm ya later.
  5. I mean today, population is bouncing up. It probably is just because of finals. *Shrug* I'm just curious to see how the split will do in time.
  6. Literally stole the words out of my fingers. Report it. Don't silence it if you personally have an issue with it. However, I'd like to point to the rule of "don't be a sore loser / etc" don't take your personal angers out on someone else. Sometimes talking it out with the accused can save all parties a world of annoyance. The op, the accused, and and most importantly the admins. Talking solves a lot of problems for sure . Gl out there.
  7. @Drbeans I've taken holiday into consideration as well. That's a good point, however I think with one or the other, the server would be full currently or at least high population rather
  8. Recently with the choice to run Livonia AND winter Chernarus the population seems unhealthy. Should it be one or the other? Just curious on thoughts and opinions.
  9. Despite popular/unpopular opinion, I personally feel as if the wolfpack has always contributed to the servers success regardless of your position or others. Thanks for your group and your effort. Don't feel discouraged by anything recent as I know you guys have dealt with worse in the past. Groups like this allow the server to have larger groups that push good roleplay and interactions. Always a pleasure @RiZ-kun @Phoenyxx-chan
  10. As someone who has sat and defended prison island multiple times I can only agree with this statement. It should be engaging for the attackers to at least feel it to be possible to attack the place. Prison Island - 1 way in 1 way out. A funnel of death. I personally have not seen the WP's private prefab base. Nor have I cared to want to attack the place. However, I can say if its anything like prison island I can understand the frustration.
  11. I smell the power of Chernarus coming together. Goodluck lads, looking good. Oxen, Kordruga, Ryan Shepherd, and Neom? Hype. ~ Only missing one person and this is top tier. Enjoy your time out there. Looking forward to interacting. @Ryan Shepherd love ya boyo. o7.
  12. JoahVC

    Free the boys

    Look at all those weebs. Glad to see you apart of @Aiko's and @Roland's glorious army. Thank you for your service. :"^) uWu
  13. Heard some interaction chatter between Toss over discord in regards to these lads. Hope to meet you soon boys.
  14. Great additions to the group. Goodluck Charlie Love ya brother. Also America, fuck ya.
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