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  1. Joah

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Of course, We love you Thanks Arthur, greatly enjoyable.
  2. Joah

    S2 Killed KOS no radio died by someone else

    Hello! Dean Lockwood PoV: We heard Kaz over the radio say this "Okay my hands are up" before going silent, we were already in the forest escorting his car as he recently broke his radiator, as soon as I heard that, Marcus and I ran down and got a position on that rock, we scoped the area and saw no one else but you initiating on Kaz. In your clip, you failed to show your original initiation, as you can see your gun is already pointed at him and you're attempting to make your demands. In the original initation, Kaz stated to us over Discord "Radio" "My hands are going up" before he fully muted. As you can see in the clip, Marcus and I timed our shots to be at the same time to execute you and get Kaz out to safety. Clearly, you stated "If anyone comes up you're dead." If anything, this was a perfect way of dealing with that situation. Hopefully, we can talk things out over discord if you need it so we don't have to bother admins with this. @GrimChronos Have a great rest of your night friend. Sorry, it came to a report. We also are not a hostile group at least (The Mafia) is not. The Mafia was roleplaying with their group when this happened. You also made unfair demands by stating: "If I see any movement or anyone coming near you, you're dead" Which is an unrealistic demand considering he couldn't warn anyone about that. We could technically "Counter-Report" that. I don't think any of us want that, however... You also told your people in discord that "you were dead." If you die, instantly drop comms or go radio silent.
  3. Joah

    Remove Garden Plots from the Build Anywhere mod

    To each their own, there is a major difference between the two. It's not meant to be something that is to come off as offensive. CampfireRPers in my eyes are people that do not enjoy combat. They prefer to be in their own world and roleplay 95% of the scenarios out. They prefer to have internal RP with their own groups and are very questionable of anyone outside of their world. I'm sure just about anyone can agree with that, I hang out with these groups every day as someone who defends some of these groups. HostileRPers - 50% of them, are looking for an excuse to PvP, loot, play the game like it's rust or ARK. After initiating, there are only specific groups that have demonstrated extremely good roleplay in the past few months that are hostileRPers. The other 50% are good roleplayers. There's a reason you only see specific members of the hostile groups leading roleplay. Examples: The Time - Muslims. (This is my personal opinion) are two hostile groups that have made an enjoyable RP experience, but they also have their boys there that at the end of the day are strictly there for the PvP experience when it arrises. Good RP Example of the Muslims: They do an excellent job of spreading their religion, and they are extremely good at what they do.(So far I've had no issue with their Islamic / Muslim lore) Good RP Example of the Time: Slavery that actually has worked out, + a personal example ~ Someone tied truck batteries to one of my mafia guys with loose knots attached to them and gave him a "Mafia's Death". He ended up escaping because of the loose knots. But these are just key examples. To "The District" take no offense as I haven't met you guys in the game yet. - No opinion on you guys yet. From my point of view: The Campfire boys seem on edge lately and have been retreating to server 2 to get away from the hostilities of server 1, It's actually quite an interesting concept, @RavenousRP can actually vogue for this. I'm unsure if anyone else would be able to. Sorry if you take offense to that. To each their own.
  4. Joah

    Remove Garden Plots from the Build Anywhere mod

    There is a pretty heavy difference between campfire roleplayers and HostileRPers today. It isn't very much the same. Hostile RPers = The attacker Campfire RPers = The Defenders It's like Shirts vs Skins? LOL I see the error in what I typed though, I meant "Campfire Roleplayers" my apologies.
  5. Joah

    Remove Garden Plots from the Build Anywhere mod

    I think you misread my statement. It says "Builders" are also aogming plot platforms" so campfire roleplayers. not just hostile roleplayers. But it does need delt with.
  6. Joah

    Remove Garden Plots from the Build Anywhere mod

    Absolutely, this is becoming bad, Hostile RPer's are resulting in emotions and griefing, and builders are AOGM'ing plot platforms. Bless you @Chernon
  7. Joah

    S1 Chernogorsk - BadRP/Griefing/Hostage NVFL/KoS - No Pk followed by it

    ^ If they want to keep it open they can. But if you're going to blatant NVFL, [you absolutely should PK], this is an obvious statement, and by you trying to lie to me OOCLY about griefing is not warranted (you stated to me you had a clip of one of the CTF guys giving you permission to take the car) clearly you did not.. You can clearly see no demand is stated saying "If you do not PK I will report" I was saying "You better PK" for the blatant NVFL. I did not blackmail you, and yes, I can agree I said some things that were out of line, but in your screenshot, you can clearly see after getting out of the call with you, I was heated by your attitude/offensive demeanor. No demand was made towards a report. (Derp.) It's clear you were not blackmailed in anyway. You're grabbing at straws of all you did wrong to turn the situation at someone else. I'm done with the back and forth. Final Clarification: In this Discord call, twig and I start a yelling match and it ends up going back and forth. You can tell from the screenshots that the call ends, and I call him a Mongoloid, although uncalled for I was extremely heated with that situation with twig and let my emotions get the best of me. I'd like to apologize straight hand to twig, If he is interested in dropping the report. I'm more than happy to drop on both sides and move on as there seems to be a shit load of reports up right now.
  8. Joah

    S1 Chernogorsk - BadRP/Griefing/Hostage NVFL/KoS - No Pk followed by it

    2nd Edit: Drop the report - I don't have video evidence and this is going to be he said she said back and forth. If the admins want to keep the report open for his accusations that's fine. But I have a perfect response as to why this happened. Thanks in advance.
  9. Joah

    S1 Chernogorsk - BadRP/Griefing/Hostage NVFL/KoS - No Pk followed by it

    Server and location: S1 - Chernogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019/6/16 (10:00-11:20 AM GMT???) (Confirmed: 5:45 AM - 7:15 AM EST) Your in game name: Dean Lockwood Names of allies involved: Jay Spartan [Various CTF members] Name of suspect/s: Mercenary Group that calls themselves "Contractors" Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 2 CTF's Vehicle Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: BadRP/Griefing: So I wake up and I hear the CTF outside complaining that some guys outside are dismantling their car and attempting to "sell the parts" when they already destroyed the car parts / etc (bad roleplay and griefing). This was one of the CTF members cars. The accused is claiming they have a recording of one of the CTF members having permission to keep the car. If this is true, I'd like to see the entire clip of him asking to keep the car, and the CTF member specifically telling him that it is okay to take the car. If so, the griefing portion of this can be dropped. (Not some half-trimmed clip of a conversation regarding a portion of this conversation- The whole clip). After being told that it was these guys outside causing a bunch of drama, the Mafia left to deal with them. We held up one of the boys from "The Contractors" after concealing his identity. (This was the start of the initiation) - Note: This was an obvious bait to start PvP rather than roleplaying. This was a horrible example of how this server should run and this group should be severely looked at as they are wanting to become an official group. [PvP Baiting no RP involved] This, of course, seems a little much like a lie, considering they destroyed two cars... not just "one" that they were told they could take. [Griefing Summary] Boyo claimed to have "Evidence - "Video Evidence" of the CTF saying he could have the car, and he is blatantly lying as he destroyed two cars. None of the CTF guys initated on him at all during the time that this was happening. The only people that initiated on them was the Mafia and this was long after his claim. He is blatantly going to lie on this report about having permissions and already blatantly lied to me about "having permission to take the car" Their story does not add up. First, it's "We were given the car". Second: "We're stealing the cars" Third: Nah we were just trying to sell the cars. These guys had an intention of destroying property to grief and PvP bait the CTF members by creating horrible RP. When confronted with a group that can actually handle them. The story suddenly changes and they run off into the city and "Never heard of anything that happened about the cars" The parts were taken off the car and destroyed to the side. So if they wanted to steal the car, that was pretty stupid. If they wanted to sell shit, kinda sucks selling broken parts. If they were given it, why didn't they just drive off with it. These guys are obvious pvp baiters to the roleplayers and it's quite annoying. Hostage NVFL: The mafia was on decent good terms with the mercenary group that calls themselves "Contractors", we took this guy into a building and questioned him about his affiliation with them. #1.) He blatantly lied to me saying he wasn't apart of the contractors. We tied him up and found him with the dark-blue armband and told him to stop lying to us, we noticed his voice and armband. He still proceeded to act stupid. We gave clear demands stating that if anyone gets involved with this situation you will be shot.(TO THE HOSTAGE ONLY) (His boys were running around with no arm-bands at all making them virtually impossible to notice if they were apart of a group or not and just shot one of my boys Zayne in the head after a clear threat was made. The guy inside that we decided to kill in a trade for the opposing group making this decision. We actually tried to de-escalate the situation as we have had great friendly interactions with these boys multiple times today. Today I saved one of their men from getting held up, I could clearly hear the leader of their group saying "Dean's a cool guy, we're good with the Mafia." Noticing that this could very well be the same guy, I tried to de-escalate the situation by telling him that he may have his weapon back and everything if he just told me that he was apart of the mercenary's and we can simply go our separate ways. He then proceeded to threaten us with "If you know what's best for you, you'll just let me go." so he had an attempt at trying to RP there, then one of his boys just shot one of mine. So I executed him. The dude refused to PK in a blatant NVFL situation. If he would've pk'd I would not have thrown up this report at all. The opposing group did not attempt to RP the Hostage situation out and just did mindless dog brain PvP in a blatant bait to push us into a PvP Situation. (Griefing the Cars) [The NVFL Summary] Has nothing to do with the hostage lying, it's the fact that we gave him 3 opportunities to live, and ways for him to get out and instead, had no value to do it and just kept threatening us with "You better let me go or else high horse attempts" - Just wanted to pvp rather than talk the situation out. His intentions were clear. If you have an intent to die, PK your character. Do not act like you are a god. That is not what an RP server is about. It's a bit disheartening how it's gone downhill this way and is an emotional tantrum for those who have to deal with it. If you're going to act like you have the upper hand and you don't take a PK in that instance, you are acting like you are god. Knowing that you will die. We were happy to give you up to your boys and let you go, even if it was going to escalate into a gun fight. Which your boys did not initiate back onto the CTF guys or myself. We gave the hostage every right to value his life, and even gave him a multitude of ways out, to de-escalate the situation. [No-Reinitation by the "Defending" group Summary] You boys had 0 knowledge of who took you, hostage, only IC info you got was "put your hands up" and "my hands are up" and this was only from the mafia, you guys attacked two of the CTF guys that happened to be in the area just looking around. And you KOS'd / Killed them. As a group, if you are unsure of your enemies, you must "initiate on them" and make your demands clear as day. You had no knowledge of what was going on from the surrounding world, and you guys were clearing using OOC comms / Teamspeak / Discord, to meta-game information to one another and were not using VOIP. The new rule states that you must talk in the game as if you were talking to someone over the radio in real life. Odd how your boys were quiet the entire time. BadRP/KoS: This group had 3 different groups interact with them in a PvP situation I did kill the hostage that refused to value his own life as we would've let him go if he just told us the truth in our demand. He was powergaming attempting to act like the bigger dog of the situation with his life in danger trying to play horrible lies after we already told him we knew he was. However, I ran away and no one was able to confirm or deny that I killed the hostage as no one was there to see it. One of the boys stated "Put your hands up or you will be shot upstairs" I replied with. "Okay, my hands are up and complied being 1 man vs unconfirmed amounts. I came downstairs saying this situation could've been resolved peacefully had you gentlemen not baited with lies. Immediately while they had me, hostage, they just KoS'd me out of emotional rage as I guess they were speaking oocly inside of Teamspeak regarding the situation. They brought no RP to the table at all and were just running around shooting acting like dogs without a leash. Terrible RP. Horrible interaction. (CTF) or Chip's guys can confirm this. This group personally had good relations with our group and it makes 0 IC sense as to why an uncontracted group who already clearly stated that they deny contracts against us, would attempt to PvP bait and give little to 0 RP interactions. Seems to me these boys were just bored and had nothing to do with their night. Note: I messaged one of the leaders of the group pissed off stating that this is an RP server, not a PvP server if you want to PvP hmu, and we'll go to a PvP Server. ( I do apologize for this as I was heated with the terrible roleplay presented to me - he ended up calling me and raging before the conversation even could continue and proceeded to hang up - baiting a reaction via text, as you can clearly see.). [The KOS Summary] One of their boys shot me while they had me, hostage, while fully complying after they told me to put my hands up and not being able to identify who I was during the gunfight. They shot me after I said, "I wish things could've been talked out, rather than baiting others into a fight." I was then immediately shot after I complied to their demands. They had no clue who I was, or who executed their friend. They made 0 attempt to negotiate/interrogate. I was told, "Put your hands up and you won't be shot". I obviously complied being the last one left. This group acts more on emotions than they do in roleplay, we are not the only group affected by this. There was 0 knowledge that was I was the one that killed the hostage let alone them knowing that I was apart of the group that executed the member, and they made 0 attempts to figure it out. (AKA) Used OOC comms/metagaming to figure it out. We were only spotted in the canals, away from the hostage, as we snuck out the back side away where no one could see us intentionally. Their boys never initiated on CTF, who never shot at anyone let alone initiated. They killed two CTF members on KOS, without initiating for information/demands to the CTF boys. And killed a hostage who was fully complying to demands and was ready for RP. FINAL EDIT: This group is not an official group and did not attempt to re-initiate (On chip's guys CTF who are not apart of our group that initiated) in any way or attempt to make countering demands in regards to the situation or to make themselves known as the enemy hostiles. We do not just shoot random people on the street. This group also did not talk in VOIP around the building to confirm if the person inside was their hostage or not, they had 0 knowledge of what building he was in / etc or what the enemy was wearing. Just a comms from the guy saying "I'm putting my hands up" This is not the first issue I've had with this group, as they also AOGM'd my guys on Cho's stream after taking advantage of a crashing situation, I can clip this if the admins would like me to. I'm unsure if I returned before NLR, however, I did not go near the gunfight or near my dead body, I simply went to take pictures of the griefing as proof. There are plenty of other groups who have been baited into "multiple contracts" that these people are using as excuses to initiate onto other people that never existed and have poofed into existence. If admins are curious about this I will contact you privately and get you the individuals who made these claims directly to me. Twig, was on a call with me and ended up exploding/yelling at me over his discord, and hung up on me, which lead me to say some things via text which were quite angrily expressed. Such as below. https://gyazo.com/6134dfacaca347b183453f67ac6cb4b4 - I openly apologize for this, as this could be considered OOC hate? If I need to be punished for this I understand, as it was a mistake on my end. However, if I am to be punished, his character should be permanently pk'd in return at the least.
  10. Joah

    S1: KoS in Chernogorsk - 15/06/2019 02:13

    PoV: I was apart of the defense of Chips camp. I spoke with @Hex over discord after we both died over OOC and we shot the shit and had some laughs. I never got a kill so I got le-rekt by @Hex. \o Absolute madlad. However, I don't think this report was warranted as it was an active firefight. I did also tell you boys that there is no such thing as a "Time Limit" on a fight. I personally think it was a good fight and would like to thank the time for the interaction. Thanks @Eagle @G19RP @Hexand all the other boys that were there. I was hella bored.
  11. Joah

    Build Anywhere [Major AOGM?]

    This is exactly what I mean, You're 100% correct. I agree with this 10 fold.
  12. Joah

    • Joah
    • Kordruga

    what. the fuck. is this.

    1. Kordruga


      Don't look at me 

  13. Joah

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

  14. Joah

    Allow diamond donor rank access to everything in the item shop.

    So, sorry for seeming suck-up in regards to this, however, I would like to shed some light on this type of situation. So, I'm Joah, the owner of Synergy Roleplay. One of the largest Gmod communities on Garry's Mod. A lot of people assume that because we're server owners, we make millions of dollars per year, however, this is not the case. I personally usually owe 10-20k in taxes on my community by the end of the year and barely make enough off of it to call it a "full-time job". Sure it allows me to live, but it allows me to scrape by. As for the voluntary basis, Garry's Mod requires a MUCH larger staff team and it is incredibly hard to do with minimal numbers and I only really pay my "Web Developer/Programmer/Lua Coder". With that being said, understand that you should take your "development work" as an experience related thing rather than a "I should be paid thing." The term "Starving artist" is a very simplistic term and I understand it very well. I have a degree in Video Production and Digital Film. One of the most useless degree's someone could have ever achieved and have yet to make a single cent from it. I understand your frustration but it seems like making this public in incredibly disturbing / concerning and this should've been something you should've taken to @Roland privately. He's not greedy, he's just trying to make a living like anyone else. That being said, thank you to the developers, mods, game-masters, and admins for doing the work that you do. Without you guys. This would be impossible. And thank you, Roland, for the beautiful community.
  15. Joah

    Build Anywhere [Major AOGM?]

    Anything man.
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