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  1. Joah

    To the Wolfpack

    *Dean would turn on his Radio and reply to the original statement* "Dobrý den!" "Hello there! It's weird how everyone seems to chime in on these frequency's. Ironic really" "My friend, your words are never wiser, start traveling in packs, you're gonna need them if you want to come out into the world." "Men on the past have debts not yet paid, However I'll read you a nice poem to express our concerns" "This is the debt I pay , Just for one riotous day, Years of regret and grief, Sorrow without relief. Pay it I will to the end — Until the grave, my friend, Gives me a true release — Gives me the clasp of peace. Slight was the thing I bought, Small was the debt I thought, Poor was the loan at best — God! but the interest!" "In words those can understand. We were people in the past that were abused in our sight for assistance and care" "Lended assistance and our backs stabbed" "Now we're back and stronger as one, three groups come together that were once undone" "Nashledanou mí přátelé" *Dean would turn on an MP3 player and place his radio down to it as he would walk away*
  2. Joah

    S1: No Time To Comply / NW Airfield Outskirts

    @Voodoo As expressed in my original comment, I have no recording. I don't care to do it anymore. As much as I should, I just don't care that much anymore. Thanks for looking over this report.
  3. Joah

    S1: No Time To Comply / NW Airfield Outskirts

    @Realize Hello! and congrats on your game master. Dean Lockwood PoV: We initiated up x7 of us on 3 opposing members. We said "Do not move hands up, everyone hands up right now. Hands up or you will be shot." Everyone initiated. It was major chaos to, lots of people yelling. Instead of complying he laid down in the ground with a weapon out in the grass. so we shot him. I believe that is enough reason to kill him. #1.) Not complying to demands. That's why so many people shot him. #2.) Ghillie in grass = huge danger , could be one of our lives not following our directions. Thanks m8. No video evidence, sorry brother.
  4. Joah

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Hell ya bro was great.
  5. Joah

    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    My man
  6. Joah

    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    Good to see you again Mr. Shepherd
  7. Joah


    The bells have been rung.
  8. Joah

    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    Mac Tire Interesting. Sign me up. Dean Lockwood is back.
  9. Joah

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    @Jorrdan You boys will do fine without me
  10. Joah

    S1 - Bad RP/Gear RP

    Dean Lockwood PoV: I saw people crowd around Brody and take stuff from his body, Then someone "shit on his head" while he was napping. (I Laughed) I tried to grab what I could while others robbed him / Gear RP'd I suppose.
  11. Joah

    S1:badRP/invalidkill in mogilevka 7-15-20191:10ish

    Dean Lockwood PoV: We had a bunch of guys run up to us telling us we needed to leave the area. This gave us more reason, NOT to leave the area as we wanted to investigate. I guy with a guitar comes up and gives us a few laughs we RP with him for a bit. I find out the camp is being surrounded by random people. We immediately start taking everyone who came around the camp hostage identifying each person. Two of my guys go inside and start questioning. I hear one gun shot, then a ton of gun shots. With two individuals being killed in the process. Dude with the guitar and someone that tried to kill one of my guys. As this is happening I see someone up on the hill aiming a VSD at us during an active firefight, (I shoot him). Not sure if the guy happened to be apart of the situation or not, but you shouldn't be aiming a sniper at someone in an active firefight. @Worldclass and I spoke this out on discord and everything was good with that. We're more than happy to speak to @DeathBeforeDawn. As far as the kill goes, it was Vincent that killed the guy with the guitar (he was not a mafia member at the time) we recruited him after. Tony shot someone for shooting at one of our guys. That's my PoV. Hopefully this can be resolved peacefully.
  12. Joah

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks for the RP tonight. @Corporation Looks like things are getting heated again. Missed you boys, haven't seen you in awhile. @tosstheball always a pleasure homie.
  13. Joah

    [S2] Vybor - RDM/TrollRP/GearRP [2019-07-13 :04:00-04:30 AM EST]

    I request this report to be dropped. Talked it out with the accused. All good. Thanks.
  14. Joah

    [S2] Vybor - RDM/TrollRP/GearRP [2019-07-13 :04:00-04:30 AM EST]

    Wrong Scarface @NotMrPink [Edit]: That person has been removed from discussion, Thanks @NotMrPink
  15. Joah

    [S2] Vybor - RDM/TrollRP/GearRP [2019-07-13 :04:00-04:30 AM EST]

    Server and location: Vybor [S2] Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): [2019-07-13 :03:30-04:30 AM EST] Your in game name: Zola Ade Names of allies involved: @Willow @zsmith1111 @NotMrPink Name of suspect/s: Unaware Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Unfortunatley no, but there should be enough Innocents involved to prove the Troll RP / Gear RP. - The KoS was Specifically on me someone who was not initiated on nor did I Initiate. who had not shot / etc. Logs will show that I did not shoot, I was just blown to pieces. No demands were made no one told me to put my hands up. Detailed description of the events: Me and 2 of my guys were together and we met a group of four people. @SquirtleKitty , @Willow, @tosstheball, @zsmith1111 A large group of people screaming at the top of their lungs started coming out of no where and start sexually harassing @SquirtleKitty @Willow, with the statements of, "we're going to put the two of you together and make an oreo." (To be clear. This is not what the report is for, it's just what I was hearing) They then proceeded to come up to us calling us "Muslims". Our group is not openly known as Muslims and we have no clue where they were getting this information. After about 5 minutes of listening to these guys scream none-sense, they actively avoided speaking to us to RP and just started throwing insults and how they liked the things that were on our bodies and how they would look better on themselves. For about 2 minutes we listened to a guy named "Tony Montana" go back and forth with one of the accused and they agreed to a "fist fight" for the thing on his back. While they were fist fighting 2 men of the opposing group came out of no where and starting hitting them with knives / fists. - Didn't initiate or anything. They just ran up and joined in. After they killed Tony, @NotMrPink opened fire on the 2 having gained defensive rights for them openly murdering someone we recently RP'd with and were actively rping with. I was stunned by the situation and started backing away saying "wowowow what is going on". Again they did not initiate on me, I never fired a shot, I was just shot dead. Apperentley this is not the only issue as @ScarletRose had bumped into this group right before we did in Zelenogorsk and they were doing the same exact thing to them with the trollRP. Someone has told me it is people on alts being trolly /acting obnoxious. There was no role play here and it was a horrible example of how the server should work. I honestly felt like I was playing on a rust server. After they killed me, NotMrPink, Tony Montata, they proceeded down the road and held up @SquirtleKitty / @Willow. The people I assume they must've been chasing..
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