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  1. Josh grew up in the small town vyshnaya dubrovka, north of gorka. He lived a pretty average life, never really being the popular kid in school. He had one older brother and he was more popular. josh was never recognized by his real name but by “hey, your Florence's brother right?”. Because of this he wasn't really a people person and tended to keep to himself in his room. After his brother graduated and he was in high school is really when he came out of his shell, he made friends, went to parties and got good grades in school. josh got a job at the local Gas Station and that is where he spent most of his time. Having a job like that allowed him to meet all different types of people. Everything seemed to be going according to plan. Until the virus came, one day after a shift when he was walking home he saw a man, keeled over on the side of the road, vomiting up his insides. josh ran home and when he got there his family was gone. Food, clothes, water, everything was gone. They had packed up and left without him. It took a couple days till he figured out what was happening. josh didn't know what to do, he had nothing left. So he started out scavenging everything he could and trying to trade the items for things he needed, clothes, food, weapons, etcetera. Now he travels the quarantine zone trying to make do what he has.
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