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  1. My family used to live South east of Chernarus in Namalsk. They use to work for a company there that shoved and shoveled snow off the roads for the citizens. Until one year the snow lifted up and people started losing their jobs. So my family decided to start rasing crops to try to make money. It wasn't working to their best benefit as my mother was pregnant with me in 1996, But, it carried over to 1997 which is the year I was born and when snow started hitting Namalsk really badly. I started getting sick and had to vist doctors a lot and with my family not being rich we moved to Chernaurs due to the fact our crops died off. My mom and dad said we was lucky that we made it here as we barely had money from the crops and money left over from airplane tickets. But, luckily we caught a flight that was headed back to Chernarus. So we moved down there and landed at the northern airfield and settled at Berezino. The farmers and villagers told us there was great property on the outskirts to build farms and have a fantastic life! Especially since my whole family was raised up in the west and loved the agriculture life. But I was more into other things such as gaming, crazy fantasy creatures like zombies, werewolves, and vampires! I always adored the widlife, guns, music and exploring!! My father and I would always go out back and milk the cows and explore the woods in Bereizno near Klen mountain!! But we never hiked all the way up as he had bad back problems. I always wanted to go but he didn't let me, until one day he was going to let me but I saw something morbid looking in the face.. It was litterally out back in our yard and my family heard it as well, they stated it was making “strange noises.” My family didn't know what was going on as we didn't really bother much people and lived up on a hill with some cows and crops.But soonly did we realize there were ugly looking creatures walking around and trying to or what it look like eat people. We couldn't believe our eyes because the economy was drastically falling apart. Money done came so scarce and crops became more valuable such as fruits, canned food, canteens, and weapons to defend yourself from these horrible creatures! So I became a gun euthianist and started slowly hording guns and protecting others who didn't have things. I wanted to help save the world from the massive out break!!
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