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  1. YES! thats it! thanks a lot! if only it didnt have the stamps on it, but oh well! dont thank me, thank Krimbo, the person who made it. Personally if you want it as a wallpaper I would look through that thread I posted, it has a lot more pictures that are more suited for a wallpaper considering the one you wanted was designed to be a loading screen. Alright (thanks)
  2. YES! thats it! thanks a lot! if only it didnt have the stamps on it, but oh well!
  3. Nice, but not the one im on about, the one with the legs of a soldier and survivor in it, with the soldier holding the DMR is the one im thinking of. Alright thanks
  4. Was wondering if anyone had the original DayZRP loading screen as a wallpaper, preferably 1920x1080 resolution? Thanks
  5. We'll see I downloaded RP from http://www.dayzrp.com/t-dayzrp-mod-download the "MEGA" one and cant seem to get a shortcut on the desktop or anything? any ideas?
  6. GUys having some trouble seeing servers on the launcher?
  7. Wait, i can only see 2 servers on the launcher, one is Epoch? Oh you don't even know the half of it my friend oh wait Sumos has already been here...i guess you do know the half of it :troll: hahaha oh yes
  8. Thanks for all the replies guys, very welcoming community already!
  9. Alright man, i sure will! What do you mean?
  10. hahaha, i am looking forward to it Cheers dude
  11. IM ready to carry on my life in Chernarus Excited you see you guys there!