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  1. Jimmy was born in Sfaka in a place called Altis, his parents were originally from Ireland so he learned both English and small amounts of Irish, from an early age he was forced to learn how to thrive on his own due to the fact his mother died during birth and his father was executed for crimes committed, He did not go to school due to the fact he did not have the money so he was lead to a life of crime where he stole and fought to survive, during his teenage years he lived in Kavala where once he reached the age he was recruited by a gang and began to fight wars in the south of Altis in an area called war zone he spent his time here to which he was then known as a veteran of the Island. One day the opportunity came up where a couple of Jimmy's gang members invited him to a plan to make money, the idea was to transport 750 M4-A1's to the isle of Chernarus his gang members and him were offered a large sum of money to transport all of these guns from large groups within Chernarus, they used a helicopter to access the region, when they arrived they distributed the weapons the group tried to overtake Jimmy's gang in an attempt to scam them out of the money they had worked for, they were outnumbered double however due to previous experience they were able to take down the majority of the group Jimmy being the last alive out of his group then adventured throughout Chernarus meeting the people and learning the culture using his manipulative personality to his advantage. After adventuring the region in solitary in search of something more Jimmy came across the outbreak, first seen as a creature in an abandoned shack within the forest, it tried to attack Jimmy and managed to bite him however after he went to meet with villagers nearby to seek medical assistance he was told of the infectious tendencies of these bites and that he would already be infected if he was vulnerable to the outbreak. Jimmy's main goal during the outbreak is to survive and make allies that will be beneficiary to himself because of his narcissistic, manipulative and confident personality.
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