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  1. 🙂

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      Not sure what that means, but it seems positive 🙂

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  2. Venerus was born with Callum Skies, his twin, in different orphanages and they never knew of being twins, Venerus is a highly unstable psychopath and pyromaniac. He'd try to burn anything that is flammable or non flammable, even a damn wall. He never had a job neither any school teaching or teaching at all, speaking for him is almost hard and usually just makes noises instead of speaking. (Mostly text RP based) Venerus isn't anti-social or anything, he actually loves staying around people...and hurting them...making them feel pain. He was sent in a high security prison in Chernarus, accused of burning down an orphanage at the age of 7 years old, the orphanage where Callum Skies was born. More maybe soon.
  3. Was waiting for this interview and I'm surprised it wasn't done before. Very nice read indeed.
  4. So Psycho

    Dark moments

    Don't do it! Let me do it for you atleast
  5. As always, my man Watchman doing great stuff keep it up!
  6. I play on this server, I'm from the southern parts of the EU and I get absolutely zero lag issues beside the global server lag. Unless you have shit connection lag shouldn't be an issue.
  7. It's still here...👀

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  8. Eh, camp is not gonna be created anymore since the two doctors made a new character and they're now playing in a group.
  9. What the...

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      It won't be here for long, ignore it...

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      So Psycho


  10. I don't remember why gun racks were removed, but if they were it must have had a reason, maybe if they get fixed it would be good to have them back but if adding them means server instability, no thanks.
  11. Special thanks to @Jorrdanfor making the profile picture for me!

    cause I'm a noob

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      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      oh gods.. damn edgy potattoioe

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      I have that gif in my library.. but better ofc.. looks good tho! 

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    He gave you credit in the description btw.
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