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  1. @Daisyhad a burlap sack on her head, I figure @Mikey's POV is much more clearer than Daisy's.
  2. My POV: We were doing a supply run, me and Ludvik were trying to fix a bug while relogging when those guys came by pointing weapons without initiating, they initiated after a while and cuffed us yelling the OOC comments we were making because the server was gonna restart and they handcuffed us anyways and did not think of us dying during it. noting the unnecessary burlap sack on @Daisyand force feeding too.
  3. Amazing RP from you as always but the real question is: Do you wanna?
  4. Bsigo

    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    I inserted a gif but it doesn't work. big L for me
  5. Bsigo

    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    Can't wait to get kicked out for trying to kill Caleb again
  6. Bsigo

    Caleb destroyer of forrests

  7. Had some stale RP but managed to know new people and had fun with @Lori, @Watchman, @Ingvalid, @Phoenix, @Isaiah CortezPVE, @MiaPVE some wolfpack members and yeah I probably forgot about someone thanks for the fun
  8. Bsigo

    Callum Skies

  9. My brain is malfunctioning @justmate
  10. Bsigo

    [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    Hell nah
  11. Bsigo


    Damn I'd love to learn this type of edits, but my lazy ass doesn't permit me to do it. Nice shit man!
  12. *He'd press the PTT annoyed and bored* "You guys have really nothing else to do huh? Go fuck a goat or something instead of annoying women to dress as your religion imposes." *He'd stop for a second and a gun shot would be heard, he'd then again press the PTT* "Get the fuck out of this country or we'll make you, some goats will do the job right?" *He'd chuckle as he places the PTT on his backpack strap, infected and gun shots would be heard brought by loud thuds every shot."
  13. Bsigo

    Big group, big trouble

    ^ metagaming <.<
  14. Bsigo

    Big group, big trouble

    Weird how I did not see you lol
  15. Yeah same, but server wiped so It will happen eventually!
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