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  1. Growing up in a small town is either a nightmare or dream depending on who you ask but for Johnsie Margold it was the latter. He was a simple guy his whole life really, never tried to purposefully hurt anybody that hadn't crossed him first, and many folks didn't. While Johnsie might come from simple roots in a small town that doesn't mean hes uneducated, graduating high school wasn't to much of an issue for him; he never did great but he never failed neither. Not like he needed the diploma either way as his Father had been a welder by trade and he had been teaching Johnsie everything he could since the boy was old enough to hold the torch. This passing of the torch was unfortunately both metaphorical and literal as sadly his father passed away shortly after graduation this left a mark on Johnsie and spiraled him into depression it was in this depressive state that a friend from school reached out and invited him to go on a trip with him and his family to Chernarus. After arriving it was a great escape from the sadness he had felt back home, However his joy was soon replaced with terror as the world seemed to burn around him after the start of the infection.
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