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  1. AlecM

    DayZ Update Thread

    Is it just me or this update wont let me launch the game?
  2. Hank was a bar tender in a small rural town and had to deal with all the tough guys that come through. He also did a lot of hunting with his friends and has a pretty good shot with a rifle. He did a lot backyard fights in his younger days. He moved to Chenarus from the states because he liked the tough culture. Hank will be nice to people but if he gets annoyed by someone he will not hesitate to deal with them however he sees necessary. Hank did have a family but after the outbreak they were moving through the woods and they got attacked by a pack of wolfs his son Jack and his wife Lindsay were badly injured so Hank brought them to the closest town but then he got robbed by bandits and they took all their supplies and medical supplies and his family died from their wounds in a shed so hes been hunting any bandits and trying to help people in need ever since. Hank is a survivalist he was a boy scout as a kid and his father Hank senior taught him how to survive and his Dad was a apocalypse junkie so he planned with Hank strategies and ways to survive the longest.
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