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  1. Growing up in Japan Ken Furukawa was a normal kid, He was good in school and loved to study. Ken also really enjoyed nature, he loved to go hiking in the mountains of Japan. After Ken graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, with a major in robotics he decided to travel and see more of the world. He started with Korea and he lived there for a bit working at a small tech repairs store for a year and a half before returning to Japan. When he got back to Japan he began to learn English so that he could got see Europe and America and not have the troubles of not understanding the culture and people. After 6 months of English classes Ken was very fluent in English. He decided to travel to Europe first, He started in the UK and made his way around Europe from there. Eventually he had made it to Turkey, Ken loved the Kebabs and while he was out drinking one night he ended up talking to this old man who had a different accent to the rest of the people there, Ken thought hes was Russian or something. The old man offered to take Ken on a boat ride the next day so he could see the beauty of the Green sea. Drunkenly Ken accepted his offer. The next day Ken had decided he was actually going on this boat trip. Everything was going great until a bad storm had hit causing the boat to capsize. Then Ken finds himself awake on a beach and the old man is nowhere to be found. Ken wanders inland to find a road, He follows it to the next town. When Ken arrives at the next town he sees an old lady walking in the middle of the street and she is stumbling all over the place. Ken goes to see if she needs help and she attacked him, Ken narrowly escapes her and while Ken is running he runs into a small horde and he realizes what is happening in the country. He runs in to the forest and ever since he has been surviving on his own.
  2. It was me going around updating all the trail maps. You're welcome!
  3. AlecM

    Good boy Sumata

    Always @DancyMrBob
  4. Stan Is a real tough want to get in a fight kind of guy. He got this from growing up in the poor part of Longview, WA. When he became an adult he had been to jail twice for assault but he was just protecting his younger sister Storm. When he got out of jail the second time he found it really hard to get a good job. But none day while looking through the paper for job notices he saw an ad that said "Strong able bodied men needed, reformed convicts welcome!". Stan saw this as the perfect opportunity to turn his life around and start making money so he could help his sister out. For the first year Stan had gotten extremely strong and good with a wood cutting axe that his boss decided to send him and the other strong lumberjacks to South Zagoria for a couple months to learn with some of the best Lumberjacks in the world. Stan jumped at the opportunity to make even more money for his sister and for his first ever trip on a plane. Stan was a little nervous about his first plane trip but he thought whats the worst that could happen. when they were flying over South Zagoria the plane started to take extreme turbulence or thats what they were told but one of the pilots had actually turned and was going crazy in the cockpit the plane had then started to dive and then crashed near Zelenogorsk. Stan woke up upside down hanging from his seat belt, when he had realized where he was there were 2 infected underneath him. He went full survival mode and cut himself out with his hidden knife and easily dispatched the infected. Stan now was in a country he didnt know and had to use all of his hunting and survival knowlege to keep himself alive.
  5. AlecM

    DayZRP 19.7.2

    I just got shot in the leg and now I can limpRP YES!
  6. My Pov: Me and my friends found the base in the barn so we broke down the back 2 walls and tried to blow up the second layer of walls and @Novality killed himself with a grenade. Then @ManipulateMe came and we looked for more axes to brake down the other wall. When we got through the second wall we moved the contents of the big tent into the barrels and crates. then we left with the tent.
  7. My POV I saw a guy at the water pumpy in Dolina we went to see what his deal was but he ran and didnt speak. When he ran @Realize said to follow him to try to talk to him. Maddecent kept running so Realize initiated on him telling him to hold his hands up or we will shoot. He did not so we shot.
  8. It was fun meeting the legendary Chernarus Boxing Champion @Jean and great role-play even in the face of evil baddies chasing us. And @Bsigo is one hell of a trolly shit stirrer but is fun
  9. Is it just me or this update wont let me launch the game?
  10. Hank was a bar tender in a small rural town and had to deal with all the tough guys that come through. He also did a lot of hunting with his friends and has a pretty good shot with a rifle. He did a lot backyard fights in his younger days. He moved to Chenarus from the states because he liked the tough culture. Hank will be nice to people but if he gets annoyed by someone he will not hesitate to deal with them however he sees necessary. Hank did have a family but after the outbreak they were moving through the woods and they got attacked by a pack of wolfs his son Jack and his wife Lindsay were badly injured so Hank brought them to the closest town but then he got robbed by bandits and they took all their supplies and medical supplies and his family died from their wounds in a shed so hes been hunting any bandits and trying to help people in need ever since. Hank is a survivalist he was a boy scout as a kid and his father Hank senior taught him how to survive and his Dad was a apocalypse junkie so he planned with Hank strategies and ways to survive the longest.
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