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  1. Aidan was born in the West of Ireland, a place relatively unaffected by the anarchy that has engulfed the world and brought about the end of civilisation. Despite that, 'anarchy' is still probably the best way to describe Ireland's western shore, just not the lawless anarchy seen elsewhere. Life there is still peaceful and small villages and communities have sprouted up. The people there are very reclusive which probably explains Aidan's reclusiveness. Aidan grew up without a Mother, childbirth claims many women now following the loss of knowledge and basic medical equipment. His father was also a quiet man, barely spoke and when he did it was when he had to. Aidan quickly developed a remarkable level of self-sufficiency and independence growing up and regularly volunteered to salvage for supplies along the coast, looking for shipwrecks, trading with villages etc. Shortly after his 20th birthday, Aidan was on a routine scavaging run. He noticed a campfire by the coast, a medium-sized vessel was nearby. He regretfully approached the men and upon making contact, he was abducted. The men were pirates and Aidan was taken to Oslo, where'd remain for years, slaving away. A few years ago, he managed to escape and stupidly, not knowing the geography of the region, headed north. There were many hard nights, he nearly froze to death on several occasions, but eventually reached the walls of a settlement called Nynheim.
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