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  1. Last time persistence was on i had a nice little base, a locked shed...In elektro, had a few bags of stuff aswell as some guns, wasnt looted the entire few weeks it was there You would be surprised what you can do with the limited tools currently in game
  2. I've actually been killed by brass knuckles, was low health from accidentally poisoning myself, 2 punches and I died
  3. I'm in the boat of can't snipe for shit, but it does pack a punch id choose the repeater, fast enough, holds alot of bullets, and some players do KO at close range from a shot but mosin ammo is easier to find in my opinion, especially in coastal cities
  4. Or only detonate when you walk off it, rather than walk on, that way it could be disarmed if you notice yourself step on one, but stop immediately
  5. In the video I seen by woBo, the only thing that detonates it is players, not zombies, vehicles or gunshots also if you disarm 1, the second time you arm it there won't be a countdown, so could blow up in your face
  6. monolith1985

    Potential change to the 3rd person view? (ADDED VIDEO)

    Even that FOV looks abit wider than the default. I keep mine set as is. I kind of like the new view, kind of don't, looks like it would be awkward when running around. I'd prefer abit further out, but pulls in when the player is close to a wall And definitely don't think they should remove 3rd person, I like being able to look at my characters customisation, as well as when travelling that view just feels more comfortable
  7. Looks good, but would of preferred something abit more local
  8. I found too much loot whoring and robberies, puts me off going on because lately im on my own, in the northwest, so I know someone will rob me just because all you need is 2 people to initiate safely. and half the time it's because I have a fire axe, or any kind of vest or just something in good condition. I also think it comes from people being bored, trying to stir the pot to get some action
  9. 1 thing I'm wondering about, and I'm probably ly wrong on this 1....but adesh travelled several hundred miles...to raise goats? Seems like a small goal for a big ambition. Maybe if he travelled to takistan to persue other goals, but ultimately ended up with a lower than desired job, yet it still grew on him and used his ambition to make it work for him. Just a thought Also in regards to the bag thing, could be quite hard to survive, unless wearing a vest for extra pockets, but that would take away from the civilian hunter look you seem to have. So maybe a leather or burlap sack would be better Otherwise an inter sting character
  10. monolith1985

    Upcoming items - .54-.55

    Liking the new school, hopefully people will stop calling the office a school them rooms are much too tiny for teaching lol
  11. I find the gas masks abit unsettling, but the payday masks are creepy, definitely wouldn't get too close to anyone wearing them, but I would be hesitant about someone wearing any other face mask, like bananas Though my character does wear the white breathing mask, it doesn't look hostile and has practical uses, such as not getting a mouthful of zombie bits in the mouh when killing them
  12. I always liked the gaz limo in the mod, looked like a nice black muscle car sort of thing, with 4 doors. In theory once the v3s is fully working and all features implemented small vehicles should come in bucket loads, similar to how they can add more clothes now with ease
  13. monolith1985

    A New Safe Haven

    Sounds good, never been to GM due to all the bad reports but hope to stop by. And hope it doesn't get ruined by constant bored bandits looking to take over
  14. monolith1985

    A New Safe Haven

    I like the idea, sometimes hard to find a good place IC and shouldn't KOS be at a minimum now since logs are in? And you OP you said you would protect people you know? What about new visitors?
  15. Only bad bandit is one who just kills or robs for the hell of it I got the drop weps 10 secs, and they took everything down to my shoes, told me to run away, I asked for a bandage and/or their old melee weapon so I can protect myself against the zombies, they said nope and threatened to shoot me if I didn't run, so I left, 5 minutes later, I near bled out from a zombie hit was disappointed to lose all my gear, but was raging at the horrible interaction and bad RP A good bandit would interrogate you if they actually had a reason, or keep a slave, or convert you to Islam against your will lol