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  1. *pushes the PTT hoping Izzy would hear* "Izzy this is Ryan, I am down near Novy Sober please come find me!" *He would then shut off his radio*
  2. My characters name is Ryan Jenkins he grew up in New Hampshire in the United States and lived with his uncle and aunt most of his life. His father Max and mother Marie passed away in a fatal car accident on Ryan's second birthday. Ryan was with his uncle and aunt when this happened and obviously was too young to remember the night. His aunt and uncle brought him up as though he was there own son. Ryan lived with them on a little farm in New Hampshire but never was too interested in helping out around the farm or learning the ways of husbandry. His uncle Max had been learning to fly as a hobby at the local airstrip. He flew his own plane, which was passed down from his father. Years later Ryan had graduated High School and had been close to graduating Film School at a local community collage. Days later on Ryan's 22'nd birthday him and his family were at home watching Ryan's favorite movie "Forest Gump" for what seemed like the 50'th time. The movie was interrupted by a state wide warning about A incredibly dangerous virus that had been breaking out through the whole state. Within five seconds Ryan's uncle Max started packing suitcases for the whole family and brought them to the airstrip. His uncle told them they were flying to the farthest place he could think of where he still had family living, Chernarus. Days later when they finally arrived they were met with the destroyed airstrip of Balota and no living human to be seen. Within days Ryan and his family were lost and when searching through a destroyed town were met with two infected who devoured Ryan's aunt and uncle in front of him, running as fast as he could he barely escaped with his life.
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