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  1. Unnxmed

    S1 KOS Airfield | Possible Stream Sniping

    Me and my squad were on the airfield for about an hour or two before this event occurred. We had initiated on two separate guys in the tent area to the North maybe an hour before. One in a full red tracksuit who went by Elliot and the other guy in full black civi clothing whose name I forget. Shortly after moving into the ATC, I heard shots in the East so I broke away from my group who continued to hold up in the ATC, to go do some recon, when they were approached by Spikey's group. I however didn't know this at the time as I was already across the airfield following the shots I had heard. Whilst running through an open field just outside the borders of NWAF I spotted a group of 3 people running into the airfield from the East who immediately started firing shots at infected. I noticed one of them was wearing a green armband, which I know ICly as what the Muslims tend to identify themselves as, and presumed they were the origin of the shots I had heard to the East as before moving onto the airfield a squad member and I spotted a man with a green armband outside Grishino presumably executing someone. I followed the group of 3 for about 10-15 minutes before meeting up with my squad. I told my squad ICly that these guys were Muslims because of the member I spotted who was wearing a green armband. That is knowledge I know in character. I moved up on the Eastern side with my weapon drawn watching Ravenous and his group slowly moving North towards the tents. Was told over communications to keep an eye on them and that as soon as Spikey was ready, we were going to initiate on the group. I am with the Corporation. I open fired on the group after Spikey did. Just so happened I got the kill shot. I had full view of the OP when Spikey took the first shot. Ravenous ran around in a circle, took out his weapon and I dropped him as you can see in his video evidence. Rule 4.2 states in reference to DEFENDER RIGHTS that defender rights can be shared with anyone you recently role played with. As a result of us meeting Spikey's group before initiating on the OP, according to this rule, we gain defender rights upon an initiation from Spikey. Spikey initiated the firefight whilst our group was role playing with him. This in turn gave us defender rights (See above quote) when Ravenous' group decided to return fire.
  2. Unnxmed

    Staff Feedback: Rover

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: I spoke with him for about maybe 30 minutes about a rule query. Feedback: Was extremely helpful and empathetic towards me and my emotions. Explained to me perfectly the rule I was looking for an inquiry on. I felt frustrated upon entering the help desk and when I left I felt happy that I got to speak to him again so soon after our first encounter ingame. I just hope he stays around longer. Would also like to say that a few seconds upon entering the help desk looking for help, he joined boasting a really cheery and friendly attitude towards which is a really nice thing to see as I have done this before whilst waiting for quite a long time. Suggestions for improvement: 0 improvement is needed in my opinion honestly, he's a great guy and really really helpful in a stressful situation for me.
  3. Unnxmed

    New Official Group Rule Suggestion

    Being a member of Potius Cras better known as The Corporation IG, this rule just seems to limit the way I, personally, can play the game. I would genuinely have to think about leaving my group if I was forced to wear clothing that would get me shot without interaction on a daily basis. I think with matters like this, you need experience in being metagamed. I'm nearly certain it's pretty obvious why this rule would never work within my group and other's like it. Especially with the recent events that led to us finding out that we are referred to as "Potius Cras" by a number of people who have never met us. Even my character doesn't know that the group is called Potius Cras and I'm a member of it. It just doesn't make sense within an RP situation for us to be wearing clothing that we know for a fact would get us shot. No person, ordered to or not, would take that risk unless they have a major death wish. My vote is, understandably, no.
  4. Unnxmed

    Potius Cras

    I "Unnxmed" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character.// Signed by Unnxmed / Ulysses
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This character is subject to KOS. Meaning you can shoot and kill this character on sight upon identification as a Corporation Operator. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Status: Alive and healthy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief background : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eddie Carnal spent most of his life covered in blood and surrounded by death. The apocalypse was nothing new for him, all it meant was that he could legally kill as many people as he wanted... as long as he wasn't seen. His particular fondness for death made him an incredible killer. Before the apocalypse, he just upped and disappeared. Nobody knew where he had gone, well... nobody except the Corporation. They had picked him up when they found his safe house in the sewers near a hospital where he had been slipping in in the night to kill patients. Making it look like they had died by an accident when in reality he was torturing them, being careful not to leave any evidence. It is unknown how the Corporation found him but when they did, they lost 10 Operators to Eddie's wrath and ferocity until they finally got a lucky tranquillizer shot on him through the pile of corpses. Since then, Eddie has been an extraordinary asset for the Corporation's assassination needs, even going so far as to be put on multiple 'death' squads, if you will, in an effort to extinguish their enemies. His method of killing and his unique love of death made him invaluable in combat situations. All he wanted was to kill as many people as he could, not caring for his own being which made him unpredictable and inhumanly fast as he rushed down his enemies with automatic fire and a serrated steel knife. He would often have to be sedated in the aftermath of a battle because he would either try to kill his fellow operators or try something so sadistic as to eat the corpses of his fallen enemies. Eddie's childhood is what shaped him as a person.. when he was a boy, his father killed his wife because she tried to kill Eddie. Eddie then testified in court against him, saying that he killed her for no reason, causing him to die by electric chair as means of punishment. During a particular massacre that Eddie had caused from the shadows, he dug up his mother's grave to just look at her decaying lifeless corpse. Though it's never been said, Eddie also killed his grandmother when he was younger, pushing her down a flight of stairs causing her to break her neck. Finally, Eddie has been sent on another assassination mission along with the best combat specialists in the world to Chernarus to eradicate a formidable opponent there. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. This is my last and final post within this community. I have been a part of this community for about a month and a half now. Longer than I play most games to be fair. The only reason I stayed was the people I had met, and ironically I'm leaving for the same reason. I have been temp banned twice since I have joined. Both times my fault of course. I don't dispute that. But the interactions with individuals I have had because of these reports have decided this for me. People make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. I constantly make mistakes in real life and in the gaming community. People in this community need to understand that. This is a game, there is no need to be especially horrid to people because they killed you in game or made you lose that gun you loved or because they said something mean to you ICly. Both times I have been temp banned, I privately messaged the reporter. Both times they either ignored me out of spite or tried to be horribly mean. I have had enough, I love the people I have made lasting relationships with, my group leader, my group mates, they are all so nice and friendly. I love them to bits. But I'm not getting banned again because of some kid who is mad at a video game. It's immature and from my understanding of this community from when I joined, it's supposed to be mature and somewhat sophisticated. In my opinion, more than nought the people I have met have been immature children who take the guise of being behind a computer screen to do things that they'd never do in real life or say the vilest things that they'd never ever say otherwise. It's pathetic. I think it's pathetic. And that's why I'm done for the foreseeable future. I don't expect anyone to read this or to care for that matter.
  7. Unnxmed

    s1 : southeast Novaya Petrovka RDM

    I was running around the forest with another FULL CIVI clothing individual, no armbands, nothing orange. We ran just north of the traintracks and heard on comms of guys on the traintracks opening fire on one of our guys, or so I believed. About 10 minutes later or something akin to that two civi clothed guys (1 matching the description, who I shot dead, and one not matching the description) passed me and my teammate talking about a guy they passed on the tracks. I asked people in comms what they were dressed in and he still matched the description so I shot him dead. I followed the other guy not matching the description into a barn and asked him to put his gun down and surrender. He told me that I shot him for no reason and that he had met me a few minutes ago (he did not) and that he said to me (again he didn't) that they weren't apart of the conflict. I told the man that he was walking through an open firefight and that his friend was an enemy and he said that I was wrong and I quote; "You will be hearing about this" in reference to this report. Anyways. He told me to leave him alone, as he was not apart of the fight. I did so and ran north. That was the last I saw of either of them. There aren't excuses for me killing @Ruan. It was my own fault for not clearing up entirely if he was the same individual my comms had mentioned. As I said, I was not with any orange armband people so I had no prior knowledge of these two men not being who I thought they were. I am very sorry to Ruan himself and his friend with him @DillionD. If I had any other hostile intentions towards him, I wouldn't have left when he told me to. Again, to me, it was a lapse of judgement on my part and entirely my fault.
  8. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This character is subject to KOS. Meaning you can shoot and kill this character on sight upon identification as a Corporation Operator. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Status: Alive and healthy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief background : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Place of Birth: Ireland. Military Training: Training in Long-Range combat. Lethal up to 3000m with scoped rifles. Proficient in all ballistic weapons and bladed and blunt weaponry. Operations Potential: Citizenship in every country on the planet. Deployable immediately across the globe at any time. Specializes in infiltration, threat analysis and Long-Range assassination. Known Setbacks: Recklessness when exposed to emotional distress. Known triggers are religious blasphemy, Cherno-Russians and Russians and a known deceased operator codenamed 'Saineolai'. Motivations: Finding the killer of known deceased operator codenamed 'Saineolai' and the indiscriminate homicide of every Cherno-Russian in Chernarus. Years employed by the Corporation: 8 years (4 of which were spent as a part of project LAZARUS) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. I don't have POV recorded but I can recount the event. Three of us, Caleb, Sterling and I were walking along that road waiting for a pickup (Rick Salvo or 'Alex') and through discord comms, he told us that he had a random guy with him in the car. We were told to do our RP responsibilities like taking blood and then leaving him to do his thing. I told both men to get out of the car from the right side of the car, the driver side and the opposite side to the person who filed the report. I told the driver and the passenger to get out of the car. I then ignored the passenger as both Caleb and Sterling were on his side and I presumed they would deal with him and could deal with him on their own. I told the driver (Rick Salvo) to drop his weapon on the floor. He complied. I picked up his weapon and he moved over to the passenger side of the vehicle. I decided it was too crowded so I gestured and asked Rick to move towards a quieter location near the forest. He complied and I spoke with him for a few minutes whilst I believed Caleb and Sterling were doing their RP with the reporter (person who filed the report). I told Rick the following: "Right, we're just gonna stand here for a bit while I pretend to take your blood and shit and then we'll head back over". Rick replied with varying noises of being in pain which the other people could not hear. I could not hear anything going on over at the car. My only indication of what was going on was my discord comms and when they told me that they had taken his blood and disarmed him, we moved back over. As soon as I was back over at the car, I opened the man's backpack and removed every single weapon he had. I decided this was the best course of action at the moment and I didn't think it required me to say that I was doing it. I then moved away from the car and dropped the pistol which I could not carry and shot it thinking it would ruin. I didn't wanna chance the man coming back to pick it up after leaving and using it against us. I was confused as to why it wasn't working so I asked in comms if it was possible. I was told to stop and I did. Moving back over to the man, he said he knew who we were. That posed a problem so I asked him who did he think we were. I must have misheard or maybe it was in comms but I thought I heard the word Corporation so I panicked. I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. I inquired through comms on the best course of action and was told to let him go. I tried to get his attention by repeating the word "Sir" over and over and I told him to run off into the forest. Then he threw me off, ingame and OOC when he said that we telepathy. I hadn't the faintest idea what he meant at the time. I wanted to let him go. The rest didn't at the time. I ignored him for the rest of time and focused on getting out of there. I didn't intend for this to go the way it did. I apologise.
  10. Okay firstly... I'm very sorry for the way I acted in this situation. There are many excuses I can say that can somewhat justify the way this turned out. I'm a new DayzRP Player... while I was not apart of the situation for, what I'd say was, over half the time, I understand that what I did was not correct. I should've been more attentive to what you were saying in game, my out of game comms got the better of me. I'm sorry. I tried to sort this out with you privately but you seemed to be busy. I hoped to explain my point of view of the situation and explain what, I believe, happened. I think even so, what I did was badrp. I have watched your POV at least 3 times and noticed that my mic seemed to have been cutting before finishing sentences. There are also plenty of things I said that didn't appear in your POV and plenty of things you said that didn't appear in mine. This may be due to my European connection, I'm not sure. Maybe I just wasn't listening. Again, I'm sorry. Just for reference, I was the man who went off with 'Alex' into the woods out of earshot to speak with him privately for, what I'd say was, most of the conversation. I assumed from my position that my other groupmates were conversing with you and my assumptions led me to believe that there was nothing more I needed to add to the RP. When you said that we had telepathy, it really threw me off OOC. I was extremely confused, I understand now that you were referencing the fact that none of us really spoke to you. I apologise for that. I did genuinely feel bad with the way this turned out.
  11. Finian's eyes opened slowly and painfully, he'd mistakenly chosen a resting spot in direct sunlight and once the sun had come up and the glare rested upon his face, he awoke to discomfort. His eyes again blurred and his face felt warm. He'd been dreaming of a better time. A mission he was sent on a few years back. At this point he was a ghost, nobody within the Corporation knew who he was except the high-level executives who assigned him the mission. He was given code-name Cu Sith, or Cusith, for its synonymous meaning with harbingering death and for its role in Scottish and Irish heritage. He was sent to Eastern Arabia to infiltrate a sovereign state and assess it's threat level to the Corporation. If the threat was certain, then Finian, or Cusith, was to assassinate all Government foundational leaders to ensure the country's downfall. The Government itself had set up residence in a rich noble-like figure's mansion in the Southern part of the state. A private military company had been hired to protect the surrounding perimeter from trespassers as the leaders knew their sovereignty bolstered resistance from internal and external threats. Finian assessed the mansion from a distance atop a sand mound with his rifle and concluded that the best course of action was to either infiltrate the mansion, kill the leaders and escape without triggering any resistance from the guards or to kill from afar from 3 possible vantage points: atop a car park complex over 1500m away from the target, atop another sand mound 700m away from the target with views into the back garden or atop a skyscraper over 2000m away from the target with thermal imagery for armour and structural piercing capabilities. Whilst deciding the best course of action, Finian heard the most peculiar noise... Panic... The alarm set up at the target was blaring. Something had happened and Finian hadn't the faintest idea what it was. He raised his rifle to his shoulder and peered through the 25x scope he'd made himself. There were bullet holes in the outer walls and in the windows of the first and second floors. Bodies lay across the interior of the mansion. Finian peered closer. The bodies that lay across the interior were the intended targets of his mission, the Government heads of the sovereign state. The mission was over. All the leaders had been killed... and before Finian even had to chance to decide how to complete the mission... he'd been beaten by an unknown assailant. CRACK. The sound of a bullet landing 2 feet away from Finian's right arm. Panic sets in again, he's about to be killed. Finian quickly raises his rifle, turns over on his side, scopes in and looks for his target as fast as humanly possible. It takes 5 milliseconds for Finian to spot the glare of the scope in the Arabian sun. It's about 800m out. As soon as Finian spots the target, he slides down the sand mound he was resting upon into cover. CRACK. Another shot lands a few feet away from Finian. The sheer noise of the impact makes Finian recoil heavily. "This guy is good. He knows how to shoot...". Finian reaches into his pocket for his sunglasses and pulls them out and immediately throws them out of cover. CRACK. Not even 2 milliseconds later, the glasses are dust in the sandy terrain. Finian doesn't know what to do... He knows where the target is, but can he shoot faster than 2 milliseconds after de-covering? CRACK. Another shot lands behind Finian. From the number of shots he's taken, Finian knows he's using an AR and not a sniper rifle like he is. That gives Finian the advantage. One shot is all he needs. Finian closes his eyes and takes a deep breathe slowly in through his nose... He holds the breath for a second and breathes out. Now. He raises his rifle and lays down sliding himself along the terrain. He raises his foot above cover. CRACK. The bullet goes straight through Finian's boot. Click. BANG. The glare from the enemy sniper disappears and the shots stop. Finian isn't sure so he gets up as fast as he can and moves to a different overwatch position. The enemy sniper was atop the skyscraper, one of Finian's potential vantage points. After moving 100-150m away from his last location, Finian raises his rifle once more already aiming at the enemy sniper's last known location. Nothing in sight. He takes this opportunity to move further away from the initial firefight location. 6 minutes pass and the enemy sniper still hasn't appeared. Finian is now 800-900m away from his last location and 700m from the enemy sniper's vantage spot. Finian peers through his scope and sees the top of the tower but no sniper. He's moved... "Drop the fucking weapon. Now." The sound of a pistol's hammer being cocked against Finian's head alerts him to its presence. How did he get behind him..? Finian was so careful... "I said drop it" Finian remembers the man's earlier words. His right-hand leaves the rifle's grip. "How did you get behind me..?" Finian asks nonchalantly. "I'm better" replies the assailant. "Whom do you work for?" he asks sternly. "If I told you that, they'd kill me" Finian explains. "I'll kill you" he says. "They're worse than you" Finian tells him. "Do you have ID?" he says as he frisks Finian for weapons. "Back pocket" he replies... There is a long pause as he reads the Identification... "You're Corporation" he says... Finian's heart starts racing and he knows that his life is now over. "Me too" he continues... and he uncocks his pistol and lowers it from his head. "Fucking Corp... sending multiple operators on the same fucking mission" he says as he sighs. "Stop panicking kid, we're on the same team". Finian's shoulders untensed and his heart begins to calm. Finian slowly turns to meet his assailant's eyes. "Who are you?" Finian finally asks. "Who are you?" he replies with the same question. "Calm down kid" he continues. "I'm not gonna snitch on you for giving away your operator name". "Cusith... at the moment that is..." Finian replied wondering who this mystery sniper is. "Saineolai... but I think I'm known as the Basilisk now". Finian knew that name... Saineolai... He was the legend with the 0 per cent mission failure rate. Sain raised his hand to Finian to help him up from his prone position. Finian grabbed his hand and was hoisted up to his feet. "Thanks..." he muttered. "Don't be too mad that I finished the mission before ya kid, no hard feelings." That was the first time Finian met Sain... and it will not be the last. Finian rubbed his eyes again whilst remembering that fateful day and gazing off into the sunlight of Chernarus. He will never forget. Ever.
  12. Landing in Chernarus under the mask of dawn. Finian awoke with the sharp ringing in his ears caused by the gush of air from the recently opened helicopter door. The radio crackles to life amidst static. "Command, do you read me over?". The radio crackles again. "Loud and clear Honeybird. This is Command. What is your status over?". The radio statics for a moment and then a sharp crack. "Approaching rendezvous point. Extraction of civilian assets will commence shortly over.". The radio crackles to life once more. "Copy that Honeybird, proceed to the rendezvous point and extract civilian assets to HQ over.". With those final words, the radio falls silent once more. Finian rubs the sleep from his eyes and notices that he hasn't gotten that much sleep since the news reached HQ about his blood brother... A wave of emotion begins to approach him as he remembers the details of the news. Finian hits his temple hard with the palm of his hand, not realising his own strength. Despite this, the thoughts don't leave his head. He hits his temple once again but harder and firmly... just wishing he didn't care so fucking much. He misses him... He misses him more than anything... The truth is, he hadn't seen the man in over a year but his time spent with Aran, or Operator Saineolai, was priceless to him and that Russian bastard took that away. "He is going regret that..." lingered in Finian's head along with the recent memories of his mental outbreak at HQ. The only reason he got to Chernarus was because of his very real threats upon the Corporation Executives and his now unparalleled skill with a rifle. That rifle that rested on his lap as he landed in the shithole that is Chernarus. That AWM with the Irish words "Tiocfaidh ár lá" carved just above the magazine slot. These words meant a lot to Finian. They help him remember his own personal ambitions within the Corporation and his people's struggle before the outbreak. Even in the face of the apocalypse, we never ended up getting that United Ireland. Finian sure as hell didn't have any hope of it happening now. Feeling the weight of the helicopter land on the concrete of the rendezvous point indicated that it was time to move. Finian lifted the treasured rifle from his lap and slung it up on his back while sitting on the edge of the helicopter. It was a heavy rifle but Finian had become accustomed to it. There was a specific difference from his rifle to other rifles of that make. Finian, with his knowledge of guns, had replaced heavy internal components with lighter counterparts. This improved flexibility with the rifle and allowed for easier movement across long distances. Moving along the assigned pathways, he passed two masked individuals. From his quick scan of them, he deduced that they were both males, that one was under the age of 20 and the other was over the age of 40 and that they were locals of this land. He kept eyes forward, minding his own business. Directly behind Finian, was an Asian gentleman believed to be deployed with him. He didn't care enough to ask his name if he was important he'd find out later anyway. Finian could feel his heart racing... His vision began to blur and the pit of his stomach curdled with each heavy step of his combat boots. He felt like he was collapsing and he knew why... "This place... this godforsaken place... took my fucking brother!". He regained control. His heart raced faster. His vision no longer blurred and the pit of his stomach still curdled... but with something else. Rage. Finian's grip on the leather sling of his AWM tightened. The weight of his step was reinforced by his commitment... his anger to find who did this to him... to his brother. An operator assigned with greeting both Finian and the Asian gentleman began to speak: "Operator Ulysses, Operator Denrei. Welcome to Chernarus forward base, we're excited to have your skills added to the Chernarus Operator pool." Within seconds, Finian had blanked the man and continued walking straight, stepping past the barrier and the men behind it. "Operator Ulysses wait!" Finian didn't care. He was sent here by his own volition, not by some Corporation lapdog. Within minutes, Finian had entered the forest just outside the rendezvous point and was gone... Both the man greeting them and Operator Denrei knew not to fuck with him at that point...
  13. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This character is subject to KOS. Meaning you can shoot and kill this character on sight upon identification as a Corporation Operator. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Status: Alive and healthy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief background : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Working his way through freelance security, extremely overqualified, Finian was known to be quiet and everyone in the business knew he worked best alone. Approached and recruited by a Corporation infiltrator, Finian became a legend with a rifle. With his skill and infamy growing and Corporation executive greed overflowing, Finian was recommended into the code-name project LAZARUS within the Upper Echelon of the Corporation. Project LAZARUS involved the infiltration of high-risk targets of Potius Cras and the extermination of all Corporation threats within in the shadow of Potius Cras. This is when Finian met his blood brother... Saineolai. The only other accomplished and legendary assassin within Project LAZARUS. Both of these Long-Range experts were often tasked with the same missions in competition with each other. Sometimes Sain completed the mission before Finian and sometimes Finian completed the mission before Sain. Unlike most rivalries, Sain and Finian's was purely competitive. Their bond grew and before soon, Finian idolised and adored Sain. So much so that Finian somewhat grew obsessed with Sain. When Saineolai was executed and word reached HQ... Finian couldn't. Finian couldn't breathe. White knuckles from clenching his fist too hard, and gritted teeth from the effort to remain silent, his hunched form exuded an animosity that was like acid - burning, slicing, potent. His face was red with suppressed rage, and when anyone tried to even talk to him, he swung around and mentally snapped. Because of his renown within the Upper Echelon, the higher-ups couldn't say no when Finian demanded to be sent into Chernarus to replace Saineolai. He was gonna find the fucker who killed Sain. And he was gonna make him pay. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Place of Birth: Ireland. Military Training: Training in Long-Range combat. Lethal up to 2000m with scoped rifles. Proficient in all ballistic weapons and bladed and blunt weaponry. Operations Potential: Citizenship in every country on the planet. Deployable immediately across the globe at any time. Specializes in infiltration, threat analysis and Long-Range assassination. Known Setbacks: Recklessness when exposed to emotional distress. Known triggers are body shaming, religious blasphemy and a known deceased operator codenamed 'Saineolai'. Years employed by the Corporation: 8 years. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latest mission log : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This character is subject to KOS. Meaning you can shoot and kill this character on sight upon identification as a Corporation Operator. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Status : Alive and healthy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brief background : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born halfway across the country, Aran was smuggled by his parents, former [REDACTED] scientists, to [REDACTED], the northern-most region of [REDACTED]. Nothing is really known about his parents before their leave of [REDACTED], but we do know that they found something they shouldn't have done. What they discovered was the [REDACTED] chemical agent in the [REDACTED] and discovered its unique properties of [REDACTED]. They somehow escaped and eluded capture by [REDACTED] for some time whilst raising their newborn son in constant fear of being kidnapped and experimented on or simply [REDACTED] for knowing too much. At the age of [REDACTED], both parents disappeared and were never seen again. There are theories as to what happened, but all is known about the fact that it. definitely. was. not. pleasant. How was a boy of [REDACTED] supposed to survive on his own? He wasn't. That's why they came for him. They feared he knew too much, despite his age, and if left untreated they feared he would derail their plans entirely. They took him and burned.. everything to the ground. Nothing was left of his parents' work or his parents for that matter. Taken to [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED]. Aran was subjected to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] let [REDACTED] take over [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] 7 [REDACTED] [REDACTED] medication [REDACTED] [REDACTED] inhuman [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] resulting in [REDACTED] abilities and heightened [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Place of Birth : [REDACTED], [REDACTED]. Military Training : [REDACTED], [REDACTED] in [REDACTED]. Ballistics weapons, hand to hand, bladed weaponry and heavy weaponry training. Operations Potential : Citizenship in every major country on the planet and some select few primary targets of [REDACTED]. Deploy able immediately across the globe. Specializes in [REDACTED] operations and [REDACTED] [REDACTED] recon, [REDACTED] training with [REDACTED]. Assets : Excellent manipulator. Trained in all basic forms of combat, including [REDACTED]. Professional training with all forms of transport issued by [REDACTED], the head office of [REDACTED], [REDACTED]. Deadly with all ballistic weapons. Deathly loyal. Adaptable in all situations. License to use ANY MEANS necessary to complete Operation [REDACTED]. Trained in electronics and maintenance and specializes in microelectronics. Known Setbacks : Abysmal people skills, is not sure what emotions to feel in certain situations in regards to empathy possibly due to lack of social interaction during [REDACTED]. Reckless when determined. Works alone. Grievous team player. Years employed by the Corporation : Since the age of [REDACTED]. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latest mission log : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Begin log 201 : 0800 hours : Higher ups listed me on the travel logs with all the other OPS for the Chernarus situation. Reinforcements for ground troops and maintenance or some crap. There are at least a dozen other OPS just like me on this list.. well not like me but they're OPS.. I'm not an idiot, if they're sending me, they're desperate. I'm about to ship out from HQ in an hour. I get the job done, no questions asked. Hell, I'm not sent in to ask questions. I'll do it and I'll do it my way. End log. Begin log 202 : 1400 hours : Landed in Chernarus Outpost, 1200 hours. I've been checking over equipment and doing some basic recon, without it hindering on my mission. A lot of OPS went MIA out there. I know that's partly the reason why I was sent. I'm not just an electronics specialist and they know it. I'll check the equipment and get my weapon ready cos I know they're gonna send me out sooner or later.. to shoot and kill anyone in our way.. which i'm an expert at. End log. Begin log 203 : 2200 hours : Basic recon yielded interesting results. Encountered several civilian 'groups' while reconing the NWAF. A group calling themselves 'The House' approached me and played friendly. I tried to get as much information out of them as possible. I played coy and told them nothing, they don't even know my codename or that I'm apart of the Corporation. Currently stationed at Military Base (Tisy) in the North, awaiting further instructions from the higher ups. Other than that, I managed to gain information about a strong stable signal radio tower that 'The House' and other groups use to relay information across Chernarus and the world atop a hill aptly named 'Green Mountain'. I must investigate further. End log. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. "".... Luke Tadhg Lawrie-Ferguson or just Tadhg.. not that it matters anymore with everything gone to shit.. I was a student but that doesn't matter either I guess.... It was my own fault for taking that offer from that rescue group with the complicated abbreviation and the mislead hope of finding a safe haven somewhere in Canada.... God knows why they couldn't just fly over the Atlantic to Canada instead of backtracking over the top half of Russia towards the northern half of Canada.... I blame God for this disaster.. probably another one of his 'divine interventions'. To be honest I didn't even want to keep going after the crash.. I didn't care anymore whether I lived or died.... I'd lost everything, my home, my family, my friends, my people even.. I'd be surprised to find another pure Irish person out here in the middle of nowhere.... It took me forever just to find out what the f**king place was called.... Chernarus apparently.. what a shithole.... Anyways.. back to the beginning.... I was doing just fine with my plain normal life.. with my plain normal days and my plain normal nights.. with my plain normal food.. and my plain normal friends.. but then everything just got worse and worse and now i'm stuck with my plain normal nights in some f**king forest in a tent not knowing if i'll die in my sleep.... I vaguely remember the warnings on TV and the talk of a weird infection popping up in some Russian satellite.... It was just my luck to end up in the country the zombie virus started in.... I couldn't tell if it was all fake news or media trying to get attention and viewers.. but honestly at the time? I didn't care.. I was pretty rural at the time and I basically never watched the news.... When people started dying and coming back to life I started freaking out, getting food and water stocked up so I wouldn't have to go outside.... It was when friends and family started dying that I had a somewhat mental breakdown in which I locked myself in a secluded part of my 2 story house and sat in the fetal position for a few days without food or water.... Thankfully I got over that before people, and the dead, came knocking at my door.... I had no weapons, nothing to defend myself and no guns anywhere in the country, unless illegally acquired, and no idea what to do in case of more than one undead showing up.... The Irish army and the Gardai showed up to take people to safety but I knew enough from movies and TV that it is definitely not safety in numbers without regular checks of infected.... I decided to stick tight for a while, make sure that going with the army was a good idea but when I didn't see or hear anything for about a week from either the Gardai or the army I figured that the whole safety in numbers thing backfired really fast.... I had a car and enough fuel to get half way across the country, the only problem was knowing what way to go and what ways were safe.... There was no way I was gonna find or get a weapon so I just had to make due with my car and whatever I could find in my house.... I was finally stopped by that group I mentioned earlier, they weren't official but they had three helicopters with about 23 survivors including the group itself of 3 pilots and 4 soldier-like people.... There was no other place for me to go so I went with them.... Everything else is a blur.... The helicopter I was on had a malfunction somewhere over Chernarus and when we landed beside the nearest runway lights and we got surrounded by.. I don't even know how many zombies and the group had to scatter with me running towards the nearest clutter of trees being the forest I now currently operate out of and the rest running god knows where along with the ringing of gunshots as I sprint as fast as I could not caring for anything else other than my own survival.... That was when the second mental break happened and I sat in the furthest part of the forest, I could find, in the fetal position whilst jumping at every single little sound.... Thankfully I wasn't followed by person or by undead and sat in that forest for what seemed liked an eternity but was more than likely 10-16 hours.... When I tried to retrace my footsteps back towards the helicopter, all I found was corpses.. the helicopter had gone and so did the people on it and the people protecting it.... I'm sure some of them are still around to this day or maybe they're all dead but from that day forward i've spent all my time in this forest with the supplies I brought with me and anything I could find in nearby houses or buildings.. I haven't met anyone yet but I constantly hear gunfire and see lights off in the distance.... I have to survive.. I HAVE to survive.... That's what I tell myself these days.. I need to find a weapon or a gun and I need to find people who I can rebuild civilization with.. hopefully.... Ha, i've never been one for hope and i'm not gonna start now.. I'm just gonna live my life and if I so choose? Live it alone.. ""
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