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  1. Oh my dear glittery lord. I don't know whether to be afraid, confused, or entertained by this.
  2. I got so close! I was 17 then I got sent to 33 because my internet HATES me. With a PASSION. Time to be EVEN MOAR ACTIVE! Hozah...?
  3. I'm apparently 17 now! So close! Also, I think I'll be praying to Brian now. Unicorns FTW.
  4. Considering the undead walk, people mug each other for petty resources, and pink is in... Glitter me with Brian's love, he can't be half as bad as those other deities.
  5. This was it. After so long, so long living generaly happy in the forest, they found him. The hoard was coming, he could hear their screams...or...no... Those weren't the screams of the undead...that was a scream of a person! The young survivor quickly shot off from his hiding place next to a tree, checking that the magazine for his Makarov was full. It was, good. He may need it. As he rounded the corner, he heard several screams now, this was it! These other survi-..."Woah..." was all he could say as he came to the edge of the forest north of Cherno'. "That...is a lot of zombies..." he whispered to the tree he was hiding behind. Dozens of zombies...much more then he had ammo for, at least with his aim, were limping and crawling at different paces towards the three... "AAAAH! NO! HOLY GOD HELP MEEEEEeeegh..." Make that two survivors All this action was located down the hill, in the open. One of them was obviously a man, and seamed to be clad in some sort of military gear...and was that a M4 he has there? "Mmmmmnnnaaaah, don't we want that John m'boy?" the lad named 'John' asked himself, almost moving down from his hill-perch until he remembered, "Ah shit...yah, walkers!" He quickly made sure that he was hidden again as he continued to watch the two survivors below battle it out...wait, two? Oh yah, that other one. John quickly gave the other, lesser armed survivor a once over. Civilian clothes, simple M9, female what he could see of her face, and currently trying not to cry as her last friend got eaten...welp, there goes his new M4. Rest in Peace Ted, you and your full-auto functions will be missed. The girl quickly stopped firing after the man went down, whether it was due to fear, lack of ammo, or wanting to get the hell out of there John had no clue. The minds of women were always mysteries to him. Wait...why is she running this way? Oh yah. Forrest. Safer then the roads. Drat. As John was getting ready to run, he noticed that the woman was stumbling...oh dear. Guess she was edible. Or maybe a doctor. John hated doctors, especially that one named 'Brian'. Brian poked him. The woman seamed to have lost the interest of the hoard, as it seamed to go towards the still dying man. Damn, was he loud. This was his chance! Some good ol' fashioned loot was in order! The woman ran past him little hidie-hole, and he quickly started running behind her. She turned. He smiled. He shot. She gasped, not enough air to scream anymore. Down she goes. Who needs a leg anyways? The woman squirmed as he calmly walked up to her, and kicked away her dropped weapon. "Well now, madame, look what has dragged itself in." he looked around quickly, they were alone. No zombies. No bandits. No heroes. An insane smile spread across his ragged, yet shaven face. "So, how's the weather today dear?" he said, the woman only replied with a whimper. "Not great, 'mh? I noticed, it was practicaly raining men outside..." he said, a gleam to his eye. "P-please...don't kill me!" the woman said, quite quietly. "Oh, my dear, I wish, but you know how this game works." And with that last comment, a strange laugh that sent shivers down the woman's spine, and a crack of the Russian-made firearm, the sane begged no more. //Welp, this is just a general test of my RP insanity. Wanted to see if I could make a story expressing the strangely coming thoughts of someone pushed past their mental brink. Can someone please tell me, like 1-10, how decent this is? ~John
  6. I don't know what to think and believe anymore. God...Allah...Brian...whoever, please help my tender soul, and fractured mind. //This. All of this. Is amazing.
  7. !WARNING! Needs ArmA 2 OA FULL game to work! You get to only not pay for ArmA 2! This game however will be STABLE. We all know ArmA 2 Combined Operations, it's the combined game of ArmA 2, and ArmA 2 OA, but what about that good 'ol free version of ArmA 2 running about? Sure, it has worse graphics, but we're not here exactly for the graphics right? Well...there's no mod support... so how to fix that? How about a 'lite' version of ArmA 2 CO? I don't want to pay for TWO games which are about the same, so here's this little guide for you cheapskates on how to get... ARMA 2:Combined Operations LITE Version (Mod compatible) Just do a quick google search to grab yourself ArmA 2 Free and download it. There's other guids out there with ways to switch up and use aplications to make your game think that ArmA 2 Free and ArmA 2 AO together are ArmA 2 CO, but those are all long, leangthy processes. These TWO STEPS are the ONLY steps you must take to get ArmA 2 OA to act like and have the compatability of ArmA 2 CO! FIRST STEP: Open your ArmA 2 Free folder and your ArmA 2 OA folder. Just their main folders, where the apps are located. SECOND STEP: Find the ArmA 2 Free "Addons" folder, and copy-paste it (Or all it holds, I know some people are iffy about that) into the ArmA 2 OA folder! !SECRET THIRD STEP!: Start up your game. Tada! You are now playing ArmA 2 CO with only half (sorta) of the price! Also, ArmA 2 CO is still on Holiday sale. So disregard this completely. Until the sale is over. Just wanted to put this out for those who have very limited money ATM, so feel free to show your friends, great way to get people into DayZ for even less of a price.
  8. Just sent in my app! Hope it gets through alright! Thanks all! serially, very welcoming community. I love it. EDIT: I think I made my little backstory more like a Bio then anything... (Champions Online terms for yall)
  9. Ullo. Nelson here. I generaly don't play DayZ, but once I found this, a place where being a survivor is actualy acting like a survivor, is something I have prayed for. Great to be here. Now time to get whitelisted. ~J.N.