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  1. Martin here, with a slight mental disorder that I hardly like to share, you can find out about me the more you know me, it is unknown and I like to think it makes me a special person. Doctors and voices in my head try to shut me down but I DO NOT LET THEM mwahaha. I usually behave most of the time because I know I can get myself in trouble, like this one time I tried to escape prison with one of my fellow cellmates but we ended up getting caught so now we know what punishment feels like. Backtrack a little bit, I had a nice childhood visiting places when I was young and winning a lot of contests so I know I am a skillful guy but sometimes people can take me back to some dark places and then I have to turn things up a notch. Anyways, I came to Chernarus in search of my second half when this chaos occurred months into my search. Now I seek the whole place for my lost love and my GUITAR because I used to play guitar and I love showing people my talents. My love did actually like everything I did such as being a lifesaver and doing martial arts and I thought to move in with her or make her move in with me and just have an awesome life together. Now with this post-apocalyptic world, I don't know where to start! Hopefully, I can solve the pieces to this puzzle and get my life back together.
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