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  1. Danke dir sehr für die netten Worte und Landau ist doch auch super! Erinnere mich an ein LAOLA Freizeitbad? ;-) Danke!
  2. Hey theres another Caleb McCarthy here.. http://www.dayzrp.com/User-funnyfacegaming Eagle Eye!
  3. Hope to get you to know someday, but until then I'm sure you're a 10/10
  4. You all seem to be very nice! But since my whitelisting-application got onto #74 of 148, I really can't way to play with you in summer of 2084! Should've dedicated so much more time, if I only knew... Wish you a nice 1/1/2014 evening guys!
  5. Same goes for me. Why didn't they link this wonderful tipps on the application tab? Damn! I feel like I could've done so much better with my application... Thanks Khardia!
  6. Never got to know you but you seem to be a great person inside. Even though I never met you, I wish you the very best for your future.
  7. Thank you a ton guys, and I hope my application will make it possible to talk to you guys in a close future!
  8. That moment when you need to use a popular catchphrase to intrigue the reader into your text so he keeps on reading. My name is Alexander and I've been referred to as "The Headhunter". But let's not talk about me, I've joined DRP by myself and I'm looking for nice people (age 18+) that are willing to enjoy themselves in hours of nice DayZ Roleplaying. I'm myself working in an advertising agency after serving in the military. I was born and I live in South-West Germany in a beautiful city called Heidelberg (google it!, you wont be disappointed!). Here's a picture of me: Thanks for reading through