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  1. Aww shucks, guess I could do a quick install/uninstall and grab the ID. Not ideal, but worth if it ensures day one entry (given I get accepted ofcourse).
  2. Hi there, I was wondering where I could apply for the whitelist of the SA server in advance so I'm able to join on day 1 when the actual whitelisting feature gets added to the game. I've tried the regular whitelist application but I had to fill in my player ID from Arma, which I don't have installed currently and quite frankly I'd rather not install it just to get the ID #. So is there anywhere I can post my application or maybe PM it or just wait until a new application form comes available for the SA?
  3. ¿por qué todo tiene que convertirse en una competencia? I confess that's a google translate UO is/was pretty much the first graphic mmo... one of the biggest comparisons with dayz is the full loot on death. If you died in UO your killer could loot you blind... had a key to your house on your corpse? Expect your house empty... it was pretty harsh and those who played in the first few years will always hold a special place for UO in their heart.
  4. JoostVoordeel

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    Yea I can respect that and by no means is it a make or break deal for me. I got to confess that I like to run around in 3rd person as well, but the advantage of seeing things without risk always bugged me. I suppose it's less of a problem on a whitelisted server where not half the server population is sniping and abusing this.
  5. Atleast he gave me some pussy to look at. But yeah cue's the word... *looks at keyboard position of q and c* Frick... can't mask that as a typo and take the sophisticated way out. Also, I saw the 10 replies... figured some of you might know UO and shared the love.. instead it's about pronouncing Gijs' name, which after some thought is quite hard to find a phonetic equivalent in english (that damn G).
  6. Hello there, thought I'd introduce myself. The name's Joost, which is pronounced like toast with a j, for those oblivious of the dutch language and their names. Funny fact is that it's actually ann euphimism for devil, but in reality I consider myself a pretty nice guy. I've played the mod for about 5 months shortly after it was released and always noticed the potential for rp, but never got to that point. I quit because of GW2 and one can only take so many deaths by fence. Release of the SA renewed my interest and this time I thought I'd jump into the rp side from the get-go. I've had some experience rp'ing in MMO's in the past, but nothing ever really came close to the political rp and story driven months long narritives both hosted by players and GMs in Ultima Online. In some ways DayZ really reminded me of that game... and god knows I've been searching for a similar experience ever since EA managed to screw up UO. Anyways, I'll stop myself here because I can go on about UO till the end of time. So greetings and thanks for having me.
  7. JoostVoordeel

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    This is my first post here after some lurking, so I don't expect my post to have much if any weight, but I'll voice my opinion on it anyway. I think the server settings should be set to hardcore, first person just adds too much to immersion to not consider it, specially when a situation turns into a firefight. Also I'd like to see a day/night cycle; I'm not an advocate for a 24h cycle, because that would only make sense if we all played 24/7, but when/if it gets possible to have 8hr cycles I would totally be for it. I see people complaining on the official forums about nights being too dark, but noone uses the flashlight or any of the other light sources, because apparantly it's considered a darwin-award winning move to do so (granted the bug with the light going through walls should be fixed first, as well as gamma exploiting). In regards to nametags/crosshairs... rather not. Just use communications to get to know people and their names (this also opens up opportunities for people to rp someone not so truthful and be able to lie about their name). In the end though it's the people and their creativity that makes the game not neccesarily the server settings and I will most likely make this my 'main' server regardless of the settings.