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  1. Hello my name is Jordan Sanchez. I have recently crash landed on the land I believe to be called Chernarus. On a fishing escape I came across a strong ocean storm. This resulted in me losing control over main functionalities of my boat. I blacked out after falling inside my boat. When I awoke I found myself on a weird mysterious island. In all the fish markets I only thought Chernarus was a old fisherman's tale. If I am where I think I am then surviving is going to be a lot harder than I anticipated. I don't know what awaits me on Chernarus, but I hope it is nothing bad. My only hope is finding a way back home. I think I have the best luck of surviving if I get acquainted with the other survivors on Chernarus. I just hope whoever I meet first knows the way around the land. As I was walking down the road I noticed a person. I was going to try to talk to them, but they looked deathly ill. The last thing I need is a weird outbreak that has happened here. If a outbreak has happened here I need to find some type of supplies to survive this. I just only hope I wont need to kill anyone. Being in the war was hard enough, but I believe it has taught me how to survive this epidemic.
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