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  1. David Burns is a 29 year old Mexican American from Detroit Michigan. Throughout his childhood, Davids father would physically and mentally abuse both him and his Mother. As David got older, he felt hopeless like his life would be centered around this asshole. David thought he had two options being in this circumstance, Joining to Military and getting away from his Parents, or killing himself. Luckily, he chose the former. David had countless Firefights in the middle east when he was deployed, making him very skilled with weapons. However, after 4 years of deployment, David wanted to get out of the dangers of ground fighting and get into the sky. David was then deployed as a Radio Intercept Officer in an F-14 Tomcat for 2 years. David got to Elektrovadsk, Chernarus through his work as a Radio Intercept Officer. David and His wingman Joseph were in-charge of scouting areas and checkpoints in support of Natos Defense. However, 3 days after being deployed, David and Joseph were shot down by CDF Anti Air. On April 19th, 2017, David barely made it out of his crashed F-14. As it burned in flames, Joseph struggled to get out of his damaged seat and burned alive. Being Crash landed in the heart of Chernarus, David made his survival inside of the thick forests. David found a cabin to make home, and was able to start a bonfire with his military bag. Luckily, his military bag had a lighter, an M9 Beretta, and a flask with some cold whiskey in it. After hearing bombings for days straight, and seeing his wingman die, David had developed PTSD. However, since the bombings stopped and Chernarus has gone dark, David has been going city to city and looking. Due to Davids previous deployments, he has no problem dealing with firefights. But when it comes to Zombies, David will be quick and silent, because if they're startled, David freaks out.
  2. I am roleplaying as Allen Diaz. Allen is a young 27 year old man. Allen is from the big city South Zagoria, Elektrozavodsk. Allen struggles to talk to people in a stable manner, always stuttering or slurring. He tends to act tough, but his toughness only goes so far until he doesn't know what to do. Allen will often approach a situation cocky, but turn sensitive and wholesome after talking to someone for a while. Allen was studying his heart out to be a Lawyer, because he felt that was the only profession that was good for his set of skills. He was socially awkward, and struggled learning through High school, but he was always good at telling somebody off or going back and forth with somebody. He was in his 6th year of college, did 2 years in sales school, but changed his mind of what profession he wanted. Started striving to be a lawyer and got 4 years under his belt, close to a bachelors degree. His reasoning was because he never had the personality to sell somebody something, but he DID have the personality of knowing when to tell somebody they're wrong. Then, the outbreak happened. Allen grew into an angry man, only having himself and his conscience to debate with. He went from fighting with people, to fighting himself in his own head, slowly making himself crazy. Allens paranoia forced him to get a gun, and protect himself. He is itchy with triggers, but still has his lawyer senses of "reasoning" and will always hear what somebody has to say. His journey started in South Zagoria, Elektrozavodsk, where he was born. When he found out about the conflict, Allens first move was to get out of there. He didn't acknowledge any sort of outbreak, because he felt it was all a ploy to get the community stirred up. During the first week of the conflict, his feeling were completely altered when he heard the bombings from his lovely apartment. His initial reaction was to get into his car and drive down the coastal highway, making his way to a boat and getting out of there. He was met with nothing besides Military convoys and flurries of people he knew. With his car and all of his belongings being congested near the military outposts, he had no choice but to abandon his car and head into the woods. He brought a backpack containing important belongings like his college degrees, favorite clothes, but being in such a rush, Allen forgot his gun. After being in the forest for a few hours and thinking about a plan with all of the crazy folks in his town, he decided to head back to his car. Allen was met with gun shots and screams, but still pushed forward to the military checkpoint. He started seeing people break into sick humans and attempt to attack the military folks. Allen was ultimately frozen by the sight, and ran back into the woods. He was able to learn survival tactics since the outbreak, but nothing enough for him to survive on his own. He was forced to live in an abandoned house not to far away from his original home in Elektrozavodsk. He spends a majority of his time growing fruits and vegetables from his garden, but will occasionally get risky and hunt around military bases. Allen is mortified by the sight of zombies, so going into populated areas isn't easy for him.
  3. Any ways on how to help with the "Bad version, server rejected connection." error?
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