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  1. Dannon was an exuberant youthful young man when growing up, always going that extra mile to help anyone in need. from a young age he always wanted to be in a public service, not sure what service he wanted to be in he began to volunteer with them in his spare time. He eventually decided it was the army he wanted to serve in and that's what he did. Once through basic training he met the love of his life, though not married he became a proud father of two with his boyfriend Tom, he had made it to the rank of Captain after serving two tours in the gulf and was then deployed in Chernarus with his platoon in relief efforts at the beginning of outbreak. When the outbreak worsened, his platoon was wiped out, he was the only survivor out of 16 men and woman. Unable to find a way home, he has stayed alive thanks to a group he was with until a hoard separated them. he's kept himself somewhat distant from anyone he has encountered since then, though he works with other survivors that he does meet though, he doesn't open up about his past and focuses on staying alive, in hopes that one day he will find a way back home to his family once again. Though for now his next meal and surviving is all that's on his mind.
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